Chapter 6 – Don’t Tell Me It’s Him?

He looked over towards the source of the sound. At the entrance of the 3rd floor, an old man who had white hair, white brows, and a white beard was staring him.

Chu Feng knew that he was an elder who guarded the Martial Skill Building. Although he seemed to be almost a hundred years old, the elder’s strength was very strong.

“Thank you for your reminder, but I have my own plans.” After respectfully saluting to the elder, he walked in.

[TN: By saluting, it meant the Chinese salute of cupping one hand over the other.]

“Ahh, another arrogant disciple.” The elder who was guarding shook his head with disappointment.

He had seen many disciples just like Chu Feng and most of them ended in failure. The ones that failed lightly fixed their ways, but the ones that failed heavily completely walked on the wrong path and forfeited their good future.

But even so, when the elder saw a new face coming in, he would kindly remind them to avoid any more disciples going on the wrong path.

Chu Feng walked around on the 3rd level, and he quickly picked a skill book that he liked and brought it up to the elder to register it.

“Are you sure you want to train in this Illusionary Palm?” The elder looked at Chu Feng with doubt.

“Mm.” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

“Did you look over the description of this skill?” The elder continued to ask.

“I have seen it.” Chu Feng smiled once again.

“Yet you still choose it? This is the hardest one in the entire Martial Skill Building.” The elder really did not understand.

“This is exactly the one that I want to train in.” Chu Feng still hung his smile on his face, but his gaze was abnormally resolute.

“Sigh, the youth these days really don’t know their limits.” The elder sighed, but he still registered for Chu Feng. After giving back the skill book, he added, “Remember to know what point to stop.”

Chu Feng nodded, representing that he accepted the advice. Although the elder was always doubting Chu Feng, Chu Feng had a very good impression of him and he felt that he was a responsible elder.


But just as Chu Feng turned around, a familiar body rubbed his shoulder and passed. It was Duan Yuxuan and his face was extremely ugly.

Chu Feng did not know him well, so he didn’t think any more about it. But just as he prepared to leave, he heard whispers behind him, and then he also understood why Duan Yuxuan was depressed.

“Isn’t that Duan Yuxuan? I thought he already had a rank 4 skill book, so why is he here choosing another skill book? Or is the rank 4 skill book on Yang Tian Yu?”

“You don’t know? In the feast last night, the inner court elders reminded them that the rank 4 skill book cannot be shared and only one person could train in it. ”

“After they heard the elder say that, the both of them just looked blank. Then, they finally confessed to the crowd. It turned out that they weren’t first in the exam and there was another person that killed the forty Fierce Beasts.”

“So something like that happened. But why did they admit in doing it at the start?”

“Ahh, who knows. Maybe they wanted face, but this time they really lost all of it.”

“True. But who was first? I don’t recall that someone was so strong in the outer court?”

“Forty Fierce Beasts…And there was even a rank 4 in one of them. It really is unimaginable on how tough that person would be.”

As he listened to that, Chu Feng smiled and shook his head while walking to the next floor. He really wanted to start training.

The 4th floor was the same as the 1st: It was also overcrowded. The new disciples were currently choosing the skill books so these were the older disciples.

Chu Feng looked over. Although it was said to be a floor, it could be better said to be a martial arts training ground. There were at least a thousand people training with mechanisms and their yelling extended in all directions. It was quite spectacular.

Also, other than the thousands of mechanisms in the main hall, there were countless private rooms which were also for training.

It was a pretty good design. The ones that liked to be lively could join in with the people in the main hall and they could help each other as they sparred.

The ones who enjoyed the silence could choose a private room and train there by themselves. After the stone door closed, they would be isolated from all the disturbances.

Chu Feng did not join them and he went straight to the 6th floor. It was similar to the 3rd floor but it was a lot more quiet. There were also a lot more places for training.

Chu Feng entered a private room. After closing the stone door, he bowed to the mechanism pillar because he knew that the pillar was going to be ruined by him.

The mechanism pillar was made out of steel and wood so it was extremely sturdy. If it was attacked, it would automatically dodge.

The dodging speed changed according to the opponent’s attacking speed. Unless one perfected in cultivating a martial skill, it was very hard to damage it, thus it was the best equipment for training.

“Illusionary Palm. Using the power of the wind from the palm to formlessly control the enemy.”

Chu Feng looked over the cultivating method for the Illusionary Palm. Then, he went in front of the mechanism pillar.

*whoosh whoosh* He suddenly extended his hands and he saw that his palm created two traces. They attacked towards two points on the mechanism pillar.

*swoosh swoosh* But just as they were going to land, the pillar swayed left and right, dodging Chu Feng’s attack with lightning speed.

At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be at a slight loss, but then he quickly smiled with relief, “Interesting.”

From that day forth, other than eating and sleeping, Chu Feng would always be in the Martial Skill Building and he trained non-stop.

The Three Thunder Styles, created by the founder of the Azure Dragon School. Although it was extremely mysterious, it was also extremely hard to cultivate in.

As for the Illusionary Palm, there was a reason why the elder called it as the hardest skill to train in the entire Martial Skill Building.

However, after training for a while, Chu Feng slowly understood the nature of the two skills.

The Three Thunder Styles. It was extremely tough and fierce. It was as fast as lightning, and as strong as thunder. Every move and every style could take the life of the enemy, and it was very mighty.

The Illusionary Palm. It was actually the complete opposite. Replacing the reality and attacking when they get caught off guard.

Although it wasn’t as valiant as the Three Thunder Styles, it was still quite the skill and they were different in their own ways.

After a good ten days of minimal meals and sleeping, Chu Feng finally grasped the two types of skills.

Although it couldn’t be said that he perfected the Illusionary Palm, there wasn’t much difference to it. On the other hand, he only successfully trained in the first two style of the Three Thunder Styles.

But even so, when Chu Feng successfully used the 2nd style, he was shocked by the strong power.

On the 3rd floor in the Martial Skill Building. The elder who guarded was still the same and Chu Feng was returning the Illusionary Palm.

“What, did you reach a dead end?” The elder looked at Chu Feng with a bit of mock in his eyes and the corner of his mouth showed that he was a bit proud of himself.

Chu Feng did not reply and just smiled. But in the elder’s eyes, Chu Feng’s smile meant that he silently confirmed it.

“Go to the 1st floor and start from the rank 1 skills…” Taking back the skill book, the elder reminded with goodwill.

“Thank you elder.” Chu Feng saluted and took his leave.

“He knows when to back off, so he still understands a bit.” Looking at the departing back of Chu Feng, the elder nodded.

The Martial Skill Building was not open for the entire day. When the sun setted, the Martial Skill Building would close, and at that time, all the elder guards would need to check the skill books and the mechanisms.

“What’s this fuss about that needs me to personally go and see?”

“Elder Ouyang, you have to check this out. I haven’t seen such a strong disciple in such a long time.”

On the staircase, a middle-aged man was leading a white-haired elder and they were heading towards a private room on the 6th floor.

Within the private room, the indestructible mechanism pillar was full of dents and it was almost able to be scraped.

As he saw at the mechanism pillar, the white-haired elder’s face became extremely heavy and he looked at it carefully.

“This is…” But as he found out that there were shallow palm marks one after the other on the mechanism, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

With his experience, he could instantly tell that the pillar was damaged by the Illusionary Palm. But in the inner court, there were very few disciples that could train the Illusionary Palm to that degree.

Also, those who were able to already left to experience the outside world and pretty much none of them remained in the Martial Skill Building to train.

After some deep thinking, the eyes of the elder suddenly lit up and he said with shock, “Don’t tell me it’s him?”

Chapter 7 – Spiritual Medicine Hunt

It turned out that this Ouyang elder was the elder that registered for Chu Feng.

However, he also had another identity. The director of the Martial Skill Building.

He felt that the one who damaged the mechanism pillar like this could have been Chu Feng, but then after some careful thinking he felt that it wasn’t right.

After all, Chu Feng had only trained the Illusionary Palm for ten days. After only ten days, it was impossible to be able to use it to such degree.

“Elder Ouyang, look at this.” Just as he was thinking hard and unable to understand, a call came from the private room right next to his.

But the pillar just now wasn’t even the important part. Ouyang was astonished once again, because the mechanism pillar in the adjacent private room was completely destroyed.

“Three Thunder Styles, the 2nd style.”

“No one from the outer court can train in this skill.” This time, Ouyang’s face became serious.

Three Thunder Styles. It was a skill that only the core disciples could train in. Now it appeared in the outer court, which more or less meant that there were core disciples that leaked this skill to the outer court.

But after some more precise thinking, he felt that it was impossible. The rules of the Azure Dragon School were very strict. If someone privately leaked the skill book out, it could be found out very easily. The core disciples wouldn’t be so foolish to do those kinds of things.

“It is possible that…” Finally, Ouyang found a trace of possibility. He said to the elder behind him, “Request for Elder Su Rou.”

At the same time, Chu Feng was cultivating in his own room.

After two hours of refining, he continuously refined three Saint Spirit Grasses. If someone saw that scene, they would certainly be speechless.

Even for masters, to refine one Saint Spirit Grass required at least one day, but Chu Feng didn’t even need one hour.

Also, the Saint Spirit Grass the Chu Feng refined would all be absorbed by the dantian and nothing would be wasted.

Even martial cultivating masters couldn’t do that. It was said that if a normal person refined a Saint Spirit Grass, it was already very good if they could absorb 50% of the spiritual energy.

“It seems like the price for getting your power is extremely huge.” But even so, Chu Feng was a bit helpless.

It was because after refining the three Saint Spirit Grasses, he didn’t even feel a single trace of having a breakthrough. He even felt that his dantian was empty!

If he was a normal person, and he if completely absorbed the spiritual energy from the three Saint Spirit Grasses, he would have pretty much went from the 4th level of the Spirit realm to the 5th level of the Spirit realm.

That indicated a problem. Although the Divine Lightning gave Chu Feng strength that exceeded normal people, to rise in cultivation levels, Chu Feng also needed to pay the cost that exceeded normal people.

Spiritual energy. Although Chu Feng could condense it, but even with months of non-stop cultivation would not be as good as a the spiritual energy contained in a single Saint Spirit Grass.

This showed the price that Chu Feng had to pay if he wanted to raise his cultivation level. It would also be a huge problem in his future.

“Ahh, is this the so-called ‘There are detriments to all advantages’?”

Chu Feng really wanted to refine the two Saint Spirit Grass as he looked at them on the head of his bed. But, he didn’t do that because he prepared to give them to Chu Yue.

“Chu Yue should be stepping into the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon. These two Saint Spirit Grasses should give her a hand.” After some hesitation, Chu Feng put away the Saint Spirit Grasses, blew the candle and slept.

The morning on the next day. Chu Feng already woke up early, so he pocketed the Saint Spirit Grasses and wanted to find Chu Yue.

But sadly, the inner court was really too big and the amount of inner court disciples was rumoured to be even more than the amount of outer court disciples. There was at least a hundred thousand inner court disciples.

Within the vast group of palaces that filled the eye as far as it could see, to try to find a person here was like fishing a needle from an ocean.

“Brother. Say…Do we join an alliance or not? This is the Spiritual Medicine Hunt, and more power comes from more people.”

“Once you enter an alliance, it’s really hard to get away from it. In the future, if the alliance has troubles, we would get dragged into together.”

“That is true. Whatever, let’s register at the plaza first.” Two young males that seemed to be brothers passed Chu Feng, but their conversation made Chu Feng very happy.

“Seniors, you just said that the Spiritual Medicine Hunt’s registration is starting?” Chu Feng went up and asked.

“That’s right. Every year, the time of the hunt is always different so this year’s was earlier than last year’s.”

“You seem to be a new disciple this year? If you want to register, come with us.” That senior was fairly friendly.

“Sorry to trouble you two.” Chu Feng politely smiled and he was quite joyful.

The so-called Spiritual medicine was medicine that contained spiritual energy. There were different types, and spiritual medicine was divided into low quality, medium quality, high quality, and top quality. The Saint Spirit Grass that Chu Feng had was a high quality spiritual medicine.

The Spiritual Medicine Hunt was a welfare for the inner court disciples by the Azure Dragon School.

In a certain area on the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, there were large amounts of spiritual medicine, and that area was called the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

Spiritual Medicine Mountain. It was originally the forbidden lands of the Azure Dragon School, but every year, they would open it up and all inner court disciples could register and join.

It was called the Spiritual Medicine Hunt because the Spiritual medicine had spiritual natures. They could hide in the ground, run away with extreme speed, and they even had strong attacks so it was quite difficult to pick them.

The current Chu Feng needed spiritual medicines the most, and the more the merrier. Conveniently, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt started, and it could be said to be an enormous good news.

“Junior, it seems that you haven’t joined in an alliance yet. Are you preparing to hunt by yourself?” One of the brother was looking up and down at Chu Feng.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” Chu Feng didn’t understand.

“I’ll be honest. This hunt is not something that can be done by one person, so I suggest that you join in an alliance.” The two brothers kindly gave him advice.

The so-called alliance was an organization created by the inner court disciples. Because these organizations could pull the relationships closer between disciples, the Azure Dragon School did not oppose it, and instead, they encouraged it.

“I’ve just joined in the inner court, so I don’t understand the things about alliances too well. I wonder which alliance in the inner court are strong?” Chu Feng asked with curiosity.

“Haha, you’ve asked the right person. Us two have done a lot of investigation on many of the inner court alliances.”

“According to our investigation, there are around a thousand or so alliances and the title of the strongest belongs to the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.”

“The World Alliance has the most amount of members, reaching at least five thousand people. Over there, there are a few people that have ‘World’ behind their back and they are members of the World Alliance.”

“There are less members in the Sword Alliance, but there are still at least a thousand people. The sword alliance is a bit special. If you want to join them, you must have trained in the martial skills that use the sword as power. The people over there who have a black iron sword behind their back are members of the Sword Alliance.”

“They are called the strongest not only because they have a lot of people. The important part is that the founders of the two alliances are well-known in our Azure Dragon School.”

“Those two people became core disciples ten years ago. The core disciples these days are very well-known people, and with them as support, very little people dare to act against the people from the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.”

“Brother, you’re a bit wrong. Although the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance have strong power, I think that the strongest is the Wings Alliance.” Just as the elder brother was describing vividly and colourfully, the younger brother had an opinion and interrupted.

“Although the Wings Alliance are strong, they have too little people. ‘Two fists cannot fight four hands’, and if there really was a conflict, they could not be the opponent of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.” The elder brother shook his head.

“That may not be so. Although the Wings Alliance have little people, they are like dragons within men and they have the ability to attack a hundred with one. I feel that even if the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance joined hands, they might not be able to defeat the Wings Alliance.” The younger brother retorted.

“What is this Wings Alliance?” Seeing as the two of them did not rest in their debates, Chu Feng got more and more curious as he listened.

“Junior, listen to me. The Wings Alliance are the legends in our inner court.” Seeing that, the younger brother held onto Chu Feng and started to narrate as his saliva splattered everywhere.

Chapter 8 – Coincidentally Meeting Chu Yue

“The Wings Alliance rarely recruit members, but when they do, the people they recruit are like the dragon within men.”

“Although the Wings Alliance only has thirty-two people, within the inner court, they are very well-known people.”

“Also, their hearts are one, and they look at each other like an extension of their hands and feet. Whoever dares to make a move against the members of the Wings Alliance, no matter who it is, they will have their revenge.”

“Two years ago, a third-rate school in the Azure Province harmed a member of the Wings Alliance. The one that exterminated the school was also the Wings Alliance.”

“That strong?” Listening to that point, Chu Feng was also astonished. Although a third-rate school could not be compared to the Azure Dragon School, it still had quite some power. To be able to exterminate them showed that the Wings Alliance were very strong.

“Also, although the founders of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance are very strong, but compared to the founder of the Wings Alliance, there’s a huge difference.”

“According to the rumours, the founder of the Wings Alliance entered the inner court at the age of 11, became a core disciple at the age of 14, and was the #1 disciple at the age of 16 in the Azure Dragon School.”

“But sadly, he is no longer in the Azure Dragon School. In the year that he was sixteen, he left this place and no one knew where he went.” As he talked about things like that, the younger brother seemed to be rather regretful.

“Who was that person called?” Chu Feng was amazed even more. Core disciples were important figures of the Azure Dragon School and every one of them could be said to be geniuses in martial cultivation.

The founder of the Wings Alliance became the strongest within the core disciples at the age of 16. How outstanding was that person?

“His name is Zhang Tianyi.” The younger brother said his name one word at a time.

“Zhang Tianyi.” Chu Feng remembered that name because he was qualified to be remembered by Chu Feng.

“That’s right, I heard that our inner court beauty Elder Su Rou is also one of the members of the Wings Alliance, and she is also one of the strongest within the core disciples.”

“Also, other than Elder Su Rou, within today’s core disciples, there are a lot of people who belong to the Wings Alliance. All of their achievements are not inferior to the founders of the World Alliance or the Sword Alliance. Isn’t the Wings Alliance strong?” The younger brother continued saying.

“If you say it like that, then this Wings Alliance is really strong. Are there any special symbols for the members of the Wings Alliance?” Chu Feng was getting more and more interested in this Wings Alliance.

“It’s rare to see anyone from the Wings Alliance, but on their chest, they would wear a small badge, and a pair of wings are on that badge.”

The three of them chatted as they walked, and soon, they arrived at the plaza that was filled with people. It was the place to register for the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

Actually, the so-called registration was writing your own name on a wall scroll then taking a token. There were no elders there.

“Junior, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt starts tomorrow. So, I’m thinking that you should join in an alliance and request for shelter.”

“I’ll give you a word of advice. Don’t think of joining an alliance like the Wings Alliance because we won’t even have a single chance in our lifetime.”

“No need to even mention the Wings Alliance. The World Alliance and the Sword Alliance are not easy to enter as well.”

“So, if you want to join an alliance, you need to keep your eyes open.” After registering, the two brothers started to take advantage of the mood again.

“Please give me some pointers.” Seeing that the brothers were so friendly, Chu Feng couldn’t bear to not give them face.

“Although the stronger alliances are harder to enter, you cannot choose a weak one. For example, you should never enter those who say how good their alliance are to one person after the other. Those alliances could not even protect you and you would only get bullied.”

“Like that girl who’s giving bamboo sheets to everyone. With a glance, you could tell that she’s from some weak little alliance and they’re here to trick the new disciples.” Saying that, the elder brother pointed towards a purple-clothed young female from nearby.

Looking over to the direction that he was pointing at, Chu Feng couldn’t help but look blankly. That purple-clothed young female was Chu Yue.

“Chu Yue!” Seeing her, Chu Feng yelled excitedly.

After hearing Chu Feng’s yells, Chu Yue turned her head to look. When she saw Chu Feng, she also was joyful and as she waved, she yelled, “Chu Feng!”

Chu Feng wanted to find Chu Yue, but he never would have thought that they would meet at a place like that. So, he hurriedly walked over to Chu Yue.

“Ahh, he’s finished. Another idiot has been tricked. We’ve wasted our time after talking to him for so long.” Seeing that, the pair of brothers looked at each other with their four eyes and shook their head.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally entered the inner court, this is great! We can finally start training together.” As she looked at Chu Feng’s purple clothing, Chu Yue was so happy that her heart could jump. From the bottom of her heart, she was happy for Chu Feng.

“Chu Yue, what are you doing?” Chu Feng was fairly curious as he gazed at the bamboo sheets.

“Oh, you still don’t know huh? Chu Wei created an alliance in the inner court called the Chu Alliance.”

“All the people from the Chu family are in this Chu Alliance. But even so, there are still too little people in our alliance.”

“So, taking advantage of this year’s new disciples that are entering the inner court, I want to try to pull some more people to enter our Chu Alliance and increase our power. After all, if the Chu Alliance has a good development, in the future, it will help our Chu Family greatly.” Chu Yue explained while smiling.

The Chu Wei that Chu Yue mentioned was a young elder brother in the Chu family. He was twenty years old this year, and ten years ago, he entered the Azure Dragon School.

However, Chu Feng did not have a good impression on that Chu Wei, as Chu Wei was one of the people that bullied him a lot when he was younger.

“I’ll help you.” Although he didn’t like Chu Wei, Chu Feng didn’t want Chu Yue to work too hard.

“It’s fine, it’s really fine. You don’t understand the situation in the Chu Alliance so I can do it myself.” Chu Yue smiled while declining, then asked with concern, “That’s right. Chu Feng, did you register in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt?”

“Look at this.” Chu Feng smiled, and took out the token for the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

“That’s great! This time, I can go with you and catch the spiritual medicines. I’ll tell you this. Catching the spiritual medicine is a battle of wits and bravery and it’s very interesting.” As she mentioned the Spiritual Medicine Hunt, Chu Yue seemed to really look forward to it.

“Chu Feng, I’ll be getting busy. At night, come and find me. I have something that I want to say to you so you have to come.”

Chu Yue saw another new disciple walking pass, so she quickly stuffed a bamboo sheet into Chu Feng’s hands and walked over to that new disciple and introduced the Chu Alliance to him.

Seeing Chu Yue insisting like that, Chu Feng didn’t force the issue. On that bamboo sheet, the location of Chu Yue’s residence was written on it.

Walking in the plaza and scanning through the crowds, he found out that there were quite a few people who were like Chu Yue that advertised their alliance.

But very little people cared about them. Since everyone wasn’t an idiot, unless they couldn’t enter the stronger alliances, very little people would choose to join small alliances like that.

The so-called Chu Alliance only had Chu Yue herself recruiting members. Even the founder, Chu Wei, did not appear. It showed that only Chu Yue thought about the Chu family.

Night came so Chu Feng went to Chu Yue’s residence as planned. Chu Yue was walking back and forth outside the residence and it was obvious that she was waiting for someone.

When Chu Yue saw Chu Feng, she put both of her hands behind her back while skipping and jumping her way over.

Although Chu Yue was one year older than Chu Feng, she was still at the prime of her youth. Not only was her appearance beautiful, her character was also lively and cheerful.

In the Chu family, Chu Yue could be said to be a clown. No matter if it was the old or young, they all liked this little strange girl.

As she arrived in front of Chu Feng, Chu Yue opened her hands and said while laughing, “Hey, hurry and pick it up.”

Between her two white palms was a Saint Spirit Grass.

Chapter 9 – I Testify for Him

“Chu Yue, this…” Chu Feng was speechless.

“Yes, this. This is for you from me, and it’s my supplement for this year.” As Chu Yue spoke, she forced the Saint Spirit Grass into Chu Feng’s hands.

“If it’s like that, I can’t have it. Did you forget that I still owe you two Saint Spirit Grasses?” Chu Feng pushed the Saint Spirit Grass back, and as he said that, he pulled one out from his pocket.

“Chu Feng, you didn’t refine the Saint Spirit Grass?” Looking at the intact Saint Spirit Grass, Chu Yue thought that it was the one that she gave Chu Feng.

“Mm, I’ve already broke through so I don’t need it for now. I might as well return it back to you.”

“How can I take your Saint Spirit Grass? These are yours, so hurry up and take it.”

“Chu Yue, I said that I would return two, so I will return two. Didn’t you promise as well? You’re making things very hard for me when you’re like this.”

“But you didn’t even use the Saint Spirit Grass that you gave me, and instead, you give me yours. Isn’t that just me taking advantage of you?”

“Chu Yue, I understand your kind meanings. In the entire Chu family, besides my elder brother and my father, you treat me the best. Just view this as a younger brother showing you respect.”

That was said from the bottom of Chu Feng’s heart. Everyone in the Chu family pushed him aside, so it really moved him when Chu Yue could treat him with kindness.

Seeing that Chu Feng was so determined, on Chu Yue’s face, colours of shame emerged on her face as she said quietly,

“Chu Feng, you doing this really makes me feel very ashamed. Actually…This Saint Spirit Grass isn’t from me. Chu Guyu asked me to represent him to give it to you.”

“My brother?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but look blankly for a moment.

Chu Guyu was Chu Yuan’s blood-related child and he was Chu Feng’s elder brother.

He was training in the “Lingyun School”, the #1 school in the Azure Province. He was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of seventeen and he was the strongest person in the Chu family’s young generation.

Although Chu Feng wasn’t Chu Yuan’s blood-related child, Chu Guyu still treated him as his own younger brother, and he was one of the most respected and loved people by Chu Feng.

“He was afraid that you would be burdened, so he instructed me to not say that it was from him. But now, I have to say the truth.” Chu Yue’s face was red, and it could be seen that she was really ashamed.

“Chu Yue, even so, I still have to thank you. Although this Saint Spirit Grass may not be from you, your feelings from all these years towards me are. Like I said, just take it as your younger brother giving respect to you by giving these two Saint Spirit Grasses to you.”

“Besides, you’re going to enter the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon so this Saint Spirit Grass is more important to you. Because of that, don’t refuse this Saint Spirit Grass.” Chu Feng still firmly continued to put the Saint Spirit Grass in Chu Yue’s hands.

“In that case, I’ll only look at this as me borrowing a Saint Spirit Grass, but I can only borrow one because I can only afford to give one back.” Seeing Chu Feng so insisted, Chu Yue gnashed her teeth and she could only take one of the Saint Spirit Grass.

In reality, what Chu Feng said was correct. Chu Yue was going to enter the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon and at that moment, it was a crucial stage. This Saint Spirit Grass was indeed very important to her.

“Done.” Chu Feng smiled.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, Chu Guyu had a letter that he wanted me to give to you.” Chu Yue took a letter out from her waist.

As he accepted the letter, Chu Feng felt a burst of emotions. He hadn’t returned to the Chu family in five years, which meant that he hadn’t seen his father and his elder brother in five years. He did not return because he felt that he was too shameful to see them.

But in the five years, his brother and his father would write him a letter almost every single month. It showed how those two thought of Chu Feng.

“Okay, read the letter when you get back. Hurry up and follow me because today is a good day!” Chu Yue grabbed Chu Feng’s arms and pulled him towards the residence.

But before even getting close, Chu Feng started frowning. He heard lots of familiar sounds in the residence and those were all people that he did not like.

Indeed, in the instant that the door to the residence opened, there were thirty-two faces there. A large portion of them were familiar faces, and almost all the members of the Chu family who were disciples of the Azure Dragon School were here.

As for the few strangers, Chu Feng could guess where they came from. They must be the new members of the Chu Alliance.

“Everyone! See who’s here!” Chu Yue yelled happily.

When the gazes of the crowd were cast over to that direction, Chu Feng could feel that they was filled with disdain and hate.

“Oh, I wondered who it was. Isn’t it the person who performed outstanding deeds to our Chu family?” One youth walked over to Chu Feng.

It was Chu Cheng, and he was Chu Zhen’s elder brother. He entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as Chu Yue, and he was also in the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

“Chu Feng, you’ve done the deeds. You know that?” Chu Cheng pointed at Chu Feng and his gaze was not kind.

“Chu Cheng, what are you talking about? Today is a rejoiceful day so don’t speak nonsense.” Chu Yue quickly spoke.

“What’s wrong Chu Yue? You’re not letting me talk about all his deeds?” Chu Cheng shot Chu Yue a glance, then looked at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, did you know that you’ve done the deeds? Damn. You’ve done great deeds.”

“You’ve stayed as an outer court disciple for five years in the Azure Dragon School and you have disgraced the Chu family. But even so, you still have face to join in this Chu Alliance gathering. How thick is the skin of your face?”

“Chu Cheng, shut up.” Chu Yue was a bit angry, but before letting her say anymore, Chu Feng pulled her.

Chu Feng’s face did not change, but at the end he lightly smiled and said, “You’re thinking too much. I have no interest in your gathering. I am demanding a payment here today.”

“Payment? What payment?” After hearing those words, Chu Cheng’s face instantly changed.

“That’s quite funny. A person taken in my Chu family is actually demanding a payment from the Chu family. Do you not know who gave you what you have right now?”

“That’s right, too shameless.” At the same time, the people from the Chu family started criticizing Chu Feng.

Chu Feng ignored the words of the crowd, and as he walked into the residence, he said,

“A few days ago, a certain person made a bet with me, and bet that I wouldn’t pass the inner court disciple exam. He even said if he lost, he would give the yearly supplemented Saint Spirit Grass to me.”

“Chu Zhen, you didn’t forget about that right?” Chu Feng stopped in front of Chu Zhen.

Chu Zhen was sitting on a chair while chewing on some fruits in his mouth. However, the corner of his mouth twitched and his face was extremely ugly.

Of course, Chu Zhen did not forget the things that he said that day. Since he was afraid that Chu Feng would mention that matter, he honestly stayed here. Or else, with his temper, he would have searched Chu Feng out for trouble already.

“Chu Feng, you need evidence for your words.” Just at that time, a young man next to Chu Zhen opened his mouth.

In the residence, most of the males and females were as old as Chu Feng, but this young man was not. Indeed, he was Chu Wei.

“Chu Wei is correct. If you made a bet with Chu Zhen, you need to pull out the evidence or else you are only spitting out false accusations.” Chu Cheng yelled out first because he was Chu Zhen’s elder brother.

“That’s right, take out the evidence, or else don’t think of walking out here today.” After Chu Cheng, pretty much everyone from the Chu family in the hall started yelling.

Even the non-Chu family members also joined in. Although they were not be part of the Chu family, they could tell that Chu Feng’s position in the Chu family was very low. If his own family was looking down on him, then naturally, they would as well.

“I testify for Chu Feng.” But just at that time, Chu Yue who did not speak for a long time suddenly spoke.

Chapter 10 – Failing to Honor a Debt

At that instant, the hall went into complete silence and all the gazes were cast towards Chu Yue.

“Chu Yue, what did you say? You cannot speak such nonsense to testify.”

As Chu Wei said that, his dense gaze was filled with implications of warning. His meaning was very clear and it was to make Chu Yue say the truth.

“I am not speaking nonsense. That day, when Chu Zhen and Chu Feng made the bet, I was there and it was even Chu Zhen who let me be a witness.”

After that, Chu Yue was not afraid of Chu Wei at all. She stood next to Chu Feng, as if hiddenly telling the crowd which side she was standing on.

At that moment, not only Chu Zhen, even Chu Cheng, Chu Wei and most of the Chu family’s faces were starting to change.

They never would have thought that Chu Yue would do this for Chu Feng and she was even willing to go against the entire Chu family crowd.

In reality, even Chu Feng felt a bit surprised since by doing this, Chu Yue would offend a lot of people. But other than that, Chu Feng felt moved.

“Chu Zhen, are you failing to honor your debt?” Chu Feng continued to pressure him. With Chu Yue as a witness, he did not believe that Chu Zhen would deny it.

‘”I…” Chu Zhen’s face was extremely ugly and he did not know how to reply.

Every year, the family only supplemented one Saint Spirit Grass. Other than the one, they did not have any other chances to get such a good spiritual medicine.

He just got his supplemented Saint Spirit Grass and Chu Zhen was preparing to use it to make a breakthrough into the 4th level of the Spirit realm. How could he give it up to someone?

“Hmph, so what if it’s true?”

“You entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as Chu Zhen. He already entered the inner court two years ago and you are a full two years late.”

“What, after using that much time to enter the inner court, you’re still arrogant? You want to extort Chu Zhen’s supplement?” Chu Cheng coldly smiled and cunningly argued. As Chu Zhen’s elder brother, it was obvious that he wouldn’t let Chu Feng take away his brother’s supplement.

“Don’t tell me that. Your brother should know what is happening.”

“If you are failing to honor your debt, just admit it. I can forget about it. But you need him to personally admit that his words are like fart and they are absolutely untrustable.” Chu Feng did not let him go.

“You…” With those words, Chu Zhen was really gnashing his teeth out of anger yet he could not refute him since it was true.

“Haha! Jokes! Failing to honor a debt? Have I ever mentioned anything about that?”

“You can have Chu Zhen’s Saint Spirit Grass, but you need to admit in front of the crowd that you are a useless garbage. An idiot that needed five years to enter the inner court.”

“Everyone, am I correct?” Chu Cheng yelled loudly.

“That’s right, Chu Cheng is right.”

“That’s right, if you want to take the Saint Spirit Grass, you need to admit that you are garbage. As long as you admit it, then we’ll just give it as pity to a beggar.” Chu Cheng raised his hands and yelled, and naturally, everyone yelled in response.

In the Chu family, excluding Chu Yuan, Chu Guyu and Chu Yue, pretty much no one liked Chu Feng and they all wanted him out of the Chu family.

So no matter how excessive it was, as long as it was related to Chu Feng, they would support it. They all wanted Chu Feng to feel horrible.

“Chu Cheng, don’t create trouble without a reason. This is a private matter between Chu Zhen and Chu Feng so all of you are not qualified to interrupt.” Chu Yue scolded.

“We are not qualified, yet you are? You are the elder sister of Chu Zhen, but even so, you supported an outsider. Are you still even part of the Chu family?” Chu Cheng maliciously and fiercely refuted.

“I only look at the case and not the person. In any case, Chu Feng is not an outsider. He is part of the Chu family.”

“You clearly know whether or not he is part of the Chu family. However, I can tell you that Chu Zhen is your own brother.”

“You don’t even bother to reason!” Chu Yue was so angered by Chu Cheng that her entire body was trembling.

But just at that time, Chu Feng put his hands on Chu Yue shoulders, and moved her behind him.

Although the current Chu Feng had the same smile as always on his face, his gaze became serious and he said calmly,

“I will only ask you one question. Will you give this Saint Spirit Grass to me or no?”

“Ho.. Chu Feng, don’t say that we are making things hard for you, but you really are not qualified to take Chu Zhen’s Saint Spirit Grass.”

“How about this… I’ll give you a chance. Duel a bit with Chu Zhen. If you win, that shows that you are qualified to take away this Saint Spirit Grass.”

“Chu Yue, don’t say that I’m not speaking reason. I’ll even take my own Saint Spirit Grass out. If Chu Feng can win, then these are all his.” While saying that, Chu Cheng put the Saint Spirit Grass from his pocket onto the table.

Also at the same time, Chu Cheng shot a glance at Chu Zhen. Chu Zhen instantly understood and he also put his Saint Spirit Grass onto the table.

“Chu Zhen, you’ve entered the inner court for two years, and you’ve also cultivated two skills.”

“On the other hand, Chu Feng just entered the inner court. Don’t you feel ashamed dueling with him? You just aren’t willing to give it up.” Chu Yue still felt that it was unfair towards Chu Feng.

“Shut up. You don’t have any part in this.” Chu Cheng threateningly pointed at Chu Yue, then narrowed his eyes and looked at Chu Feng,

“But, if you lose, bring your Saint Spirit Grass out. Do you dare?”

At that instant, all the eyes landed on Chu Feng and they were waiting for his reply.

If Chu Feng refused, they could humiliate Chu Feng and say that he was a coward. If Chu Feng agreed, Chu Zhen could openly give Chu Feng a lesson.

No matter what, Chu Feng was in a dangerous spot. They only wanted to see how Chu Feng would be humiliated.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Chu Feng smiled and agreed.

“Good, you have the guts. But let’s say this first. Fists and kicks don’t have eyes, so you cannot complain about any injuries.” Chu Cheng’s smile became even more despicable.

“Enough with the rubbish. Come at me.” Chu Feng put his own Saint Spirit Grass on the table, then walked to the middle of the hall.

“Chu Feng…” Chu Yue pulled on Chu Feng, and those flickering eyes were urging him not to duel with Chu Zhen.

But Chu Feng pushed away Chu Yue’s hands with a smile and said, “Trust me.”

Seeing that, Chu Yue couldn’t help but have a blank look. For some reason, she had a feeling that Chu Feng would undoubtedly win this round.

Chu Feng and Chu Zhen walked towards the middle of the hall and everyone surrounded them. They didn’t want to miss out on Chu Feng’s humiliation.

“Chu Feng, it seems that you want the riches but not your life.”

The Chu Zhen that hadn’t spoke in a long time finally had a smile on his face, but his smile was very evil.

Being forced into the embarrassing situation by Chu Feng made him very unhappy. Since he had a chance to teach Chu Feng a lesson, obviously, he wouldn’t restrain himself.

“Hoho.” Chu Feng lightly smiled then said, “I just wanted to say those words to you.”

“You talk too big. Today, I’ll let you know how weak you are.”

Suddenly, Chu Zhen’s left feet stepped forward. One could only hear a boom before his entire body ran with flying speed.

Both his arms were moving and his punches were flying everywhere. Powerful aura came from his body and he was like a wild Fierce Beast as he headed towards Chu Feng.

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