Links of Qasem Soleimani closely with Communist China for evil means


Let me tell who this Soleimani was, and his links with China. Some people say he was kind of person like Meng Jianzhu or Wang Qishan; that is absolutely not right.

I can tell you, if I want to compare him to someone in China, he was Iran’s Jiang Zemin. He was the real China Jiang Zemin of a new generation, a general who has lived with the top leadership of four generations.

The establishment of Kunlun Bank was initiated both by Soleimani’s family and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Without his personal approval, not a single barrel of petrol from Iran can be exported to China.

Soleimani has a house at the South Bay in Hong Kong, South Bay No. 20 or 21 as I can remember. My house is also there at the top of the mountain; the neighboring two magnificent houses there belong to his family. Most of his family members live either in Hong Kong, or Shanghai, or Beijing. They have houses in Japan as well and would live there occasionally.

When Kunlun Bank was set up, it had an investment of US$170 billion; now it is valued at more than US$280 billion, totally controlled by Soleimani and Ali Khamenei. President Hassan Rouhani was not even able to get his hand there. He knows little about the insider operations.

So within the system of Iran, there are two armies. Soleimani controls what we call the loyal army. Who are following him? All the three most important figures in the loyal army have been killed: the minister of intelligence, the minister of military equipment, and the minister of natural resources.

This incident, I mean the military drill by China, Russia and Iran, was supposed to swift the attention of the United States. Was it successful? Yes, of course, it was a great success!

Where the attention was directed to? Beijing! Very successfully, it has shifted the US attention to Zhongnanhai, the CCP’s official residence in Beijing!

Dear warrior friends, do you know how powerful Soleimani was in Iran? He was the number one boss in Iran. Klamenei’s guard corps of 20,000 soldiers could be up to nothing without the management by Soleimani. Khamenei has no capable personnel in his own family. All of Soleimani’s family members, his children and grand-children, live in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. They have special privilege there. They never come the Europe or the United States. They are not permitted to come here. I am the right person to tell their stories.

After this incident, what do you think could be the consequences? Let me tell you. The CCP has not been able to swift the world’s attention from China to Iraq in the Middle East. If the United States has the intention to strike Iraq or any other country in the Middle East, it is just as easy as picking things from his own pocket. It is easy as an invitation to tender.

The weapon used to strike the Iraqi airport is nothing of any high-tech secrets. It is facial recognition that a few other countries can easily achieve. Soleimani himself did not use a cell phone, but his followers did. His airplanes have computers; his cars have computers; his surrounding environment has physical objects.

Now we have satellites, drones in particular. This time, the drone used for the strike was not the Predator; it was X-47. X-47 can recognize an individual’s personal features, his infrared framework – the temperature of the human body- These are the features, not just facial recognition. It can see you clearly in the air, waiting for your appearance.

When you have made the appearance, anyone in your team can be a target. When they are out, their vehicles, their body parts, everything, could be recognized. The CCP has played with facial recognition for a long time, even in the United States, and in the military.

If the US had wanted to take actions, the black-hands of the CCP could easily be caught. There is no doubt about this. Russia, China, Japan, England, NATO and France can all do this, 100%. Israel can do this even better. I am not sure if Canada is able or not. This technology is commonly used by the above countries.

The CCP also has the ability, even better to some extent. But who is the target? The CCP has no guts to strike anyone. But the US has the guts. Anyone could be eliminated, no matter how far they are. When I say “eliminated”, I don’t mean that the US is supreme in the technology.

In my live broadcast on the 30th and 31st, in Phoenix and Los Angeles, I said that something great was going to happen. If China, Russia and Iran dare to have the military drill at the Strait of Hormuz, two important things will happen. They must happen.

Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Djibouti, the Strait of the Red Sea, Hormuz Strait, Malacca Strait – the sea lines for 86% of the public oil – the strategic importance of Syria, the ports of Egypt, the Bahamas, what does that mean? If the CCP controls these sea lines, the US and Europe could be over. Japan could be over. Do you think they would just let this happen? Never!

I mentioned in my 2017 whistle blows that the CCP regime has hoped to do this for a long time. The CCP is very clear with its strategy: internationally, we play with the poor people, all the poor and bad people in the world are our friends and brothers. The Americans only play with the good people and rich people. And we are going to use these bad and poor people to counter the Americans. These poor and bad people are in the Middle East, Africa-China Asia Africa Alliance, you see, and Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, right?

Domestically, the CCP only play with the rich and bad people. They only play with the so-called rich second generation or younger generation of the CCP officials. They only play with Chen Feng, Wang Jian, Jack Ma, Wang Jianlin. They don’t play with the poor people. The CCP wants to eliminate or control the poor people. That has been its policy, never changed.

In my 2017 whistle blows, I have said that the Strait of Hormuz is a huge gunpowder barrel, and also the tomb of a great empire. You have seen that if the CCP dares to go there, the first important thing will happen.

The second most important thing is related to the One Belt One Road Initiative. That is for currency expansion, or RMB internationalism. Before the RMB internationalism, there must be a military and political conquest. Otherwise, who would like to use RMB? Currency is the result of success in political and military expansion. If you want your currency to have power, you must be first to be the number one boss in politics, economics and military. Currency is the result of military and political conquest. This is common sense. The CCP must go for it.

If the CCP takes its steps forward to do so, we are going to see this: The Americans would target the CCP; The two sides will have a fight.

And with this, we come to understand the Sino-US trade deal. The Americans truly hope for a deal and I hope for a deal too. Hurry up, CCP! Go for it. If an agreement is signed, this means a new Opium War in peace time. This will give the US and its western alliance a legitimate reason to beat the CCP.

Like in the case of Soleimani in Iraq, the US would first designate the Iranian Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and then order a strike. You have seen their people encircling the US Embassy in Iraq, and the world has paid its attention. Do you see that? Then the US sent its military there and eliminated him. It was reasonable and legitimate.

The same will be with the CCP. If the CCP dares to sign a single word in the trade deal, things will work out that way. If the CCP does not keep its promise, technology war, financial war and military war will all come along.

In a few weeks, you will see the legislation put forth by our Rule of Law Fund. We are now waiting for the signatory. If there is a signatory, our proposed legislation will be adopted. We have Plan A and Plan B. We know the CCP would have two hands as well. So we are fully prepared.

This is the significance of our Expose Revolution. We have successfully dragged the battleground to international waters. We have formed an international alliance to eliminate the CCP. The final step is for people within the CCP regime to stand up against the CCP and bring it to hell!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by Cloudy Seagail


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