Let’s forget about the trade deal. Everything is fake.


Dear warrior friends, you may have noticed that Reuters and a few other American news outlets reported on the Sino-US trade deal to be signed soon, while the Global Times and so-called insiders from the White House said of no possibility of any deal.

Yesterday and the day before, Saturday and Sunday, when I was in Washington meeting some friends to talk about the issue, they had worries that there was going to be a deal.

I have told them over and over that there is little possibility for any deal. We hope for a deal and pray for the signing ceremony to take place. What does that mean? And why it sounds to be self-contradictory?

Because if the CCP signs the deal, it will be a suicide for them. Therefore, they won’t sign the deal. Then why we pray for a deal? Their suicide would save lots of lives; why not let them have a deal?

From the first day, I had made it very clear that the so-called Sino-US trade deal is a ridiculous joke. It must come to nothing. But I have said to many warrior friends that negotiations for a deal would finally cause a break-up between Donald Trump and the CCP leadership cored by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. They will become enemies.

You know, as politicians, leaders of the two countries want to take advantage of the trade deal to get what they want. Neither Trump nor Xi has the absolute power to say YES or NO. There are other factors like the balancing of power, the environment to push the things ahead, their individual political vision, and changes of international situations that will affect the ending of the drama.

Deal or no deal, as I have said many times with American and European friends, we can foresee no reasons that the Sin-US relationship will become better and better. When there is no possibility for any good relationship, there is little possibility for a deal. As the relationship is getting worse, President Trump must make a choice at some critical point. Before Trump was impeached, I had told of a 90% possibility that he would be impeached, but I also said that there is no possibility that Trump would be removed from office.

The impeachment is a big thing. It gives President Trump enough time to think about the future with the CCP with more patience. Trump has to take into consideration the impact on the US society as well as the stock market. Of course, the CCP’s stock market is only a casino. To the US stock market, President Trump hopes for a push. So the wrestling between the two sides is something like a game of the cat and the mouse. Trump is the cat; the CCP is the mouse.

Another important thing, that is the US presidential elections in November 2020. Before and after the elections, everything around the deal could be dramatic: social environment, the world’s situation changes, etc. Whatever the result is, deal or no deal, it will only be good news for us, but bad news for the CCP.

This is my basic judgment.

From what we can see today, the cat and the mouse, in the game of Xi-Wang’s CCP fighting against Donald Trump, have made their appearance to the front. Xi-Wang are using their silent forces in the US to counter Donald Trump, making troubles here and here, inside and outside the US. Their strategy is a combination of the BGY Plan and 3F Plan.

Is the strategy successful? You have seen the incident of Soleimani of Iran. That is not an isolated case. It relates to the impeachment of Donald Trump; more importantly, it relates to the conflicts with Israel, Syria, Yemen and the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Even more importantly, it relates to the interests of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UVE, and finally to the CCP’s strategy in the supply chain of oil and other resources. And please don’t forget Japan.

Please remember, 80% of petrol from the Middle East passes through the Malacca Strait. When the oil is out of Hormuz, it does not go to Africa; it goes to Asia and Europe. Most goes through Malacca Strait.

The CCP’s Belt and Road along the Malacca Strait is their lifeline. The CCP has turned it into a route for robbery. In the end, all countries along the Belt and Road must stand up against their common enemy-the CCP. This is basically reality.

In 2013 when I attended a private meeting in England, I told the audience that in the next 10 to 20 years, the focus of conflicts in the world is a confrontation between communism and capitalism, land civilization and ocean civilization, the communists with no faith and the Catholics and Christians with faith. No one can change this. There is only one ending: one side shall be eliminated. No conciliation is possible.

Therefore I say the coming trade deal, if there is one, is temporary as a side product that the politicians can make use of. It is a fake deal that could never be implemented.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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