Know Miles Kwok, know G20, know China, know the world – Part Two



Now back to the topic, let’s talk about G20.

Dear friends, I want to ask you a few questions. Simple questions. From some of China’s important events in the past decades, say the Shanghai Communique, visits of Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin to the United States, China’s admittance to the WTO and Beijing winning the Olympics votes in 2001, we can say this year of 2001 was a golden time for China’s being welcomed into the democracy of western civilizations. These were the gifts from the United States, and the west.

2001 and 2008, these are the important years. The demon Wang Qishan won his reputation in 2008. Hell or paradise, he was selected to be a vice-premier. Then we saw the development of HNA Group.

During the same period, Xi Jinping made his name known onto the international arena. From 2008 to 2012 and from 2012 to 2018, these two periods, very important events happened like the WTO entrance and the Olympics Games. The U.S. now regards these events as shameful, when they felt deceived by China.

As the result of WTO and Beijing Olympics, China has made historical achievements. And at the same time, it has created some of the worst disasters in history, environmentally, humanely and politically. Because they have the money, they become more reckless.

To a great extent, the United States has its stupidity. The Americans have spent 17 years to help them out. But what have they got in return? Deception; environmental, humane and political disasters, as well as recklessness in the rule of law; fears in Taiwan and Hong Kong; stricter control on media.

Things like the disappearance of photographer Lu Guang in Xinjiang, which has attracted widespread attention in the west, the one million Muslims in concentration camps, and the names of so many who we have mentioned at the 11.20 Press Briefing.

Do you think the CCP can solve all these problems in three months? This is my first question.

Secondly, can all the problems accumulated in the past 17 years within the CCP be solved by just one contracted agreement?

Thirdly, the so-called trade deal this time – even the tariffs were all cancelled, returning to what they were months ago with their WTO practices, do you think China will stay the same for another 17 years? Will the Unites States give China another 17 years?

Fourthly, when President Xi Jinping goes back to China after the G20 summit and put his deal with Donald Trump into practice, I mean the deal on the table not under the table: in three months, no added tariffs, China buying more of US agricultural products, energy resources like gas, petrol, protection of intellectual rights, stopping hacker attacks, etc. (And many others under the table which we can’t see.), do you think President Xi can keep his promises?

Fifthly, if President Xi succeeds in fulfilling the deal, who will be the biggest winners? It’s Miles Kwok and all the Chinese people. This is the same as Emperor Song Taizu’s “removal of military power by means of cups of wine”. That’s China’s surrendering to the United States, “Friend! Put down your arms, and let’s drink the cups of wine.”

If that is the case, President Xi will be a great man who makes history. Those people at the G20 summit will all become great historical figures, including the ridiculous Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang. I would like to pay him a visit from time to time if that was the case. And I am sure Ms Yang Lan would also “come to his office to look for keys” – (funny proverb meaning having a sex intercourse ).

Sixth, if President Xi fails to keep his promises, who will be the biggest losers or winners? The same, all the Chinese people and Miles Kwok will be the winners. Why? Do you think the United States would say YES to their inaction?

Seventh and last question, dear friends, is 3 months a long period of time? We have waited for 70 years; 3 months is easy waiting for us. What will happen in three months, do you know? Remember my 3 questions here.

Where did Donald Trump go before the G20 summit? Whom did he meet? Check the US newspaper of those days, in the west, California, the Malibu fire. President Trump is extremely smart when it comes to dealing with China in trade and other issues. I think, he must be the winner in this respect. This is my first question.

My second question – Peter Navarro, one of Trump’s most trusted advisers – Did you see him two weeks before the G20 summit? Where’s he been and what has he been doing?

Thirdly, I am telling you that, look, what actions the United States will take with its military and other policies in the issues of Taiwan and Hong Kong, intellectual property rights, monetary polices?

I can tell you responsibly that this G20 summit is the greatest gift to us from heavens. Last night I told some of my funds managers that I would like to bet with US$ 5 billion, with the earnings to be donated to the Rule of Law Fund.

I told them that an agreement would be reached at the G20 meetings, after which the stock markets will go higher. Then after some problems in the US are solved with that, the markets will go down to a level beyond anyone’s expectations, like the machine guns shooting 5000 bullets per minute. No managers dare to join my gambling.

About China A stocks or H stocks, to Chinese investors, if you can win something when the market goes up for a while, grasp it and run fast. After three months, you will have no opportunity to get away from it.

I have warned my funds managers with similar words.


(To be continued … )

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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