Know Miles Kwok, know G20, know China, know the world – Part Three


Days ago in Washington, a friend of mine asked how I think of the G20 meetings. I told him my viewpoint, same as above.

This friend gave me a very important point, saying, all the problems in China and US relations in the past decade arose from CCP’s money laundering as well as dissemination of its vicious ideology by people like Li Shenzhi, a left Maoist from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hu Xijin, chief editor of Global Times, and especially Meng Jianzhu, secretary of the CCP Political and Legal Committee, and Wang Qishan, secretary of Central Discipline Inspection Commission.

“Wang has his influence in Wall Street New York and London, besides Hong Kong”, he said, “Wang has his special abilities in finance. The United States has felt the threats from him. ”

I told him: Bo Xilai had underestimated the cruelty of these people like Wang, and their practice of Thick Black Theory, which resulted in his catastrophe. The same was with Ling Jihua who naively ignored their conspiracy and overseas influence.

Whatever happens, we shall bring an end to CCP’s rule and its officials as state traitors in China by 2020. They have kidnapped the Chinese for too long.

By then, we shall look again into the case of Bo Xilai, the death of Ling Gu (son of Ling Jihua) in the traffic accident, the case of Zhou Yongkang, besides others, and we will trace the whereabouts of the tens of millions or billions of dollars confiscated with these cases.

This friend of mine, who has just met with a subordinate of Jack Ma, asked what really has happened to Jack Ma.

I told him: to speak the truth, Jack Ma has been forced to hand over everything. I am not going into details of what it means by “everything”. They announced that Jack Ma is a communist party member, leaving him no way out for escape. As I have said earlier, his family members, same as families of other entrepreneurs in China, have been confined from leaving the country. Or they cannot leave the country together with their families for a tour overseas.

With the case of Jack Ma, the Ministry of State Security has its arrangement, and that includes how the government will manage his money. Jack Ma is not free to just give out his money and leave. He is forced to manage the money by himself and make more money out of that. This is no better than raping him.

“Yes! I have raped you. But you must keep your manners, and do your makeup. Next time when I am to rape you, you need to look more beautiful. This is the fate of Chinese entrepreneurs: raped, but forced to speak out their sex pleasures.”

I am telling you, Jack Ma, you have your South China Morning Post defaming me day after another. You have spent lots of money, recruiting killers for my assassination. In the end, see what you have been up to, raped by CCP. You have raised your ass while looking for keys; but they raped you from behind. How deplorable you are!

Historically, Chinese people have looked down upon businessmen because they mostly put profits ahead of morality. That was a historical tragic. But we see some reasoning from the traditional thinking. Those deplorable people have their points to be deplorable.

In 2014, I have told about similar reasoning to my friends in London, when there was a book just out of print about Jack Ma, asking this question: “Is Jack Ma a genius or liar?”

My opinion was, “Jack Ma is a liar,” and at the same time Jack Ma is a fluent genius in the hands of the CCP. He is a tragic liar.

Dear friends, please think, 70% of Chinese private enterprises or entrepreneurs have been socialized by the government, their wealth taken away. The numbers are frightening. Do you think that, in three months with the G20 agreement, the CCP would return the money to those private businesses? Would the CCP return the money to Jack Ma, freedom to the arrested photographer Lu Guang in Xinjiang, and thousands who went missing under mysterious circumstances, as I have listed on the wall at the 11.20 Press Conference? That is impossible.

I give an example, the case of Wang Jian. I am telling you now, another time, that the truth behind the death of Wang Jian must be brought to light. Things can be easily done in four steps:

First, unearth the coffin and examine his body. We already have contacts with the US Customs, which you can check online, about his case. This is the key step, and we are doing this right now.

Second, investigation by FBI – No one can stop this from happening. Today when I am saying this, we are not submitting a request; it is something that is under way.

Third, the morgue in France where they laid down Wang Jian’s body and the two drivers involved in transportation of his body, the three people at the scene of the incident – no one can change the facts. We have videos as firm evidence to tell the story.

Fourth, the money – the whereabouts of Wang Jian’s wealth after his death, his Wechat messages for three weeks before his death.

When these four points are brought up together, they will become firm evidence to support the accusations, and the truth will be brought to light.

When we exclude the possibilities of death by aging, sickness, and suicide, the only possibility is murder. Who has murdered Wang Jian? Sun Jinghao? Pei Nannan? Tian Ding? Or Heous Hua Bin? – the CCP? The answer is clear, very clear.

When the truth is publicized, do you think Chinese entrepreneurs would have fears of their own fate?

Why the shares of Wang Jian have to return to HNA Group? Who are the real fathers and mothers of Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie?

I know that Mr. Wang Qishan, before my 11.20 Press Conference, made a phone call to ask the Chinese government to stop the conference, but failed in his attempt. The Chinese government rejected his request to stop or put pressure on my press conference in the name of the government or country. This is the first time I have revealed this, friends.

China’s Foreign Ministry refused to put pressure on the US government to stop the press conference!

After the 11.20 press briefing, the uneasy Wang Qishan made a phone call personally to his Wall Street supporter, I am not going to name who, and with reference to the White House, expressing his fury in three areas:

First, Miles Kwok has posted a photo of my family onto the wall, and this severely violates our privacy. See, this man has killed millions, and he is not happy with my putting up his family photo there. People in the White House have laughed at Wang’s complaint.

Second, Wang said, “I have to say something about Guan Jun, as many people have taken him as my illegitimate child.” I did not say at the press briefing that Guan Jun is your illegitimate child, Mr. Wang, I only said “a mysterious figure”. People in the White House only laughed at this too.

Third, Wang said, “some of the flight records put up there were false, some correct.” Hey! Comrade Wang! Clap ! Clap! You have helped me a lot! You only have to confirm the truth of one record!

Only one percent is evidently sufficient if it proves to be true, and you are doomed!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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