Know Miles Kwok, know G20, know China, know the world – Part One


Dear friends,

I am going to tell you that few people really understand what’s happening in China, especially about the political life of CCP officials.

Only some film directors learn something about that, like Feng Xiaogang. Why? Because around them are many beautiful girls or actresses who often tell about their stories with these officials.

In China, there is the Chinese Communist Party – CCP, the vicious CCP. Those CCP officials are capable of nothing but hard with their tongues and mouths, good at telling lies, like its Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang yesterday at the G20 press conference in Argentina.

Yesterday at the press conference in Buenos Aires, Lu Kang was supposed to invite his Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the stage for remarks, but he wrongly said, “Now we’d like to invite Miles Kwok to the stage”. Isn’t that funny? He was asking me to the stage! Does he have any problem with his tongue or mind?

So with CCP, there have been too many jokes. If someone really has a deep understanding of the CCP, he can make as many movies as he likes.

Let’s talk a little more about G20. I have to hide something from you now, as I can’t talk too much.

As you can see from my videos about Jho Low, what has happened proves what I have revealed about him was true. No one knew about Jho Low one year ago, but I have told that he is an illegitimate child of Meng Jianzhu, now under protection in Shanghai, and things about Parkland Hotel, Abu Dhabi, 1MDB, how he was involved in financial deception and was under US investigation. No one believed in what I said.

No one knew about his relation with Najib or about those numbers. We have seen a Wall Street Journal report yesterday about 1MDB. In the following weeks, there will be more reports coming out about this.

The author of the popular book published recently about Jho Low came to me for an interview. I asked him three questions.

First, when Jho Low made his first appearance in business, he was only a young man of twenty years old. Why did Najib, as prime minister of Malaysia, trust Jho Low?… because of his fat, his height or his family wealth? I think, in Malaysia, 90% of people are taller and bigger, and many are wealthier. Why he has trusted Jho Low, and entrusted his wife, children and the whole family’s fate on this young man, to create 1MDB with him, and join this cooperation with full resources of the whole country? What is their relationship?

Second, why Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, Hollywood, and the supermodel from Australia have all trusted Jho Low? —including several nations in the Middle East which have been involved in his deceptions.

Third, why even the United States has not been able to catch him after he was convicted. After the collapse of Najib, Mahathir, with his strength of a whole nation, failed to get him back from China. His request for Jho Low’s deportation was rejected. Why?

Jho Low is under protection in Shanghai, his treatment the same as state leaders.

I told this friend, “Your book is the most popular this year, a best seller, but you have failed to tell about the key points”. This friend was astonished.

I can tell you the answers. The reason why Jho Low won Najib’s trust is his background with Meng Jianzhu, China’s intelligence agency and the Ministry of State Security, first department of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as heads of Hong Kong and Macau. He also has the endorsement form Jiang Zemin’s family.

Najib has believed in Jho Low, as he has betted on Meng Jianzhu, Jiang Zemin, and CCP’s overseas intelligence network. He was willing to be trapped in their BGY scheme.

Jho Low has a trump card in his state of residence. No one knows he was born in Shanghai, and no one knows whom his father is. He lived in Malaysia with Najib’s endorsement. Wherever he went, he, and his family, was escorted by police, treated as a state leader. Even when he was out for sex play with girls, he was escorted by police.

Jho Low did whatever he wanted in Malaysia; he could take Chinese into Malaysia and hold them in custody. He was involved with many foreign investments in Malaysia. He could take part in any funds in Malaysia. These investors cooperated with Jho Low because they had trusted the Malaysian government.

People saw that Najib acted as his secretary. Besides, they saw his connections with Chinese officials like Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan and the intelligence body in Shanghai. They also saw his relationship with Wall Street bankers. With the endorsement of government powers in China and Malaysia and these banking individuals, he has won his investors.

A Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a friend of mine, used to be a world class billionaire. Once at a meeting with me in Paris, he told about Jho Low who, in front of him, made a phone call to Meng Jianzhu , then head of China’s police force.

He took out a picture of Meng from his phone and said to me, “That was the man. He was telling me: come to China! I will treat you as a state leader. I shall impose a martial law for you at Chang’an Boulevard. Tell me what you want to do in China. Build a Hotel? Tell me which city? I shall have the mayor or party secretary to accompany you for an investigation tour. Jho Low, a member of my family … please take good care of him for me! You will make money here. In case you lose money, I shall pay you back.”

Can you imagine? The general secretary of CCP’s Political and Legal Committee talks things this way! And imagine! If he calls Najib in Malaysia, Najib would rush to his call even though he was busy in the toilet, with relies like “Come! Please Come! Malaysia is your second home!”

The Crown Prince asked for my advice, “Shall I go to China?” I said, “Please go!” He asked again, “Do you know Jho Low? Who is he?”

I told him, “He is the killer of officials and billionaires. He is the disease – AIDS of money and power. Whoever has connection with him shall die instantly.”

He did not believe me. This Crown Prince ended in disaster because he had not taken my advice. He ended in disaster because of greed.

The Hollywood film director Michael who directed Transformers also came to me with his friend, another director, for advice when they planned a film called “Wolf of Wall Street” in cooperation with Jho Low. I told them to keep a distance from him. My friend thus gave up his cooperation.

He now lives next to me, in another building here in New York. He has extended his sincere thanks to me for my advice, saying “Miles, if it had not been your advice to stop me, I would be in disaster too.”

Another female model also took my advice to cancel her commercials cooperation with Jho Low; she has also extended her gratitude for taking my advice.

(To be continued …)

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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