Know Miles Kwok, know G20, know China, know the world – Part Four


After Wang Qishan finished his phone call with Wall Street, he regretted.

I am saying to you, Mr. Wang. Do you think you are the only Chinese who has a friendly relation with Henry Kissinger? I have known Henry Kissinger for a long time. He was once on board my private jet; he visited my Pangu Hotel a couple of times; he lives just close by here in New York. Tell me, who you have known best in America does not have the acquaintance with me?

I have asked nearly all your acquaintances in the US, “Why do you like to have a relationship with Wang Qishan?” Their answer was straight and simple: “Because he can help us make more money in China or enter the Chinese market, that’s it”. Bloomberg is no exception, although he has praised you as the most powerful man in China.

When you, Wang Qishan, have become rubbish or a burden in the world, no westerners would come close to you any longer. They are so realistic, you know that.

What has struck me most – I have learned something from it -I remember years ago the three most influential foreign families in London: the families of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Al Gathafi, and Nicu Ceausescu.

When his son Uday Saddam Hussien made his appearance on London streets, he seemed to be the king of London. At Hilton hotel or Parkland Hotel, all his own properties, at Cambridge, Oxford, he was the center of public attention.

Days before the demise of Saddam Hussein, Oxford was the first to keep a distance from his family, asking them to take the money and leave. In the end, all their assets in Britain were confiscated.

That was when I first saw the cold-bloodedness of the western world, but at the same time, justice was with them.

The second family Gathafi from Libya -Oh, my God! -At that time Britain, France and the whole of Europe had treated Gathafi almost as god. Compared to them, I was just a person of the lest importance. The night before my meeting with the Rothschild family, I was almost sleepless. He had invited me for breakfast, after which we became good friends.

I also witnessed Gathafi’s collapse in Europe. When he was in trouble, all his family assets in Europe vanished without trace.

And third Ceausescu- how influential he was in Europe at his prime. His lovers in London could tell people around. You all know how he has come to his ending.

Mr. Wang Qishan, you are too naive. You are powerful in China, fooling people around with Meng Jianzhu, because you have guns and cannons. If you gave a bit of your power to me, I would have been much powerful than you, millions of times more powerful!

A US official said to me recently, “Wang Qishan is a very smart person.” I told this official, “I don’t think so, not because he is my enemy. Let me tell you, a smart person will not accumulate so much money for his kids. If he was smart, he would not have let Bloomberg say in Singapore that he is the most powerful man in China and in the world. A smart person won’t make so much money for his own subordinates like Tian Guoli, Tian Huiyu, Zhou Liang, Kang Diao, and his family members like Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie, in addition to HNA Group, and so apparently. He created Bohai Leasing Company Ltd and HNA Group. Do you think he is smart with that? A man of great wisdom looks slow-witted. Wang Qishan has his little cleverness, but he is both stupid and corrupt. A man without humane beliefs or respect to heavens can never be categorized as a man of wisdom.” This official agrees.

And I continued, “Wang does have his small cleverness. This life he has many women and none of them have betrayed him. Wasn’t that remarkable? I agree. He is never tight with money. When these women asked for a million, he gave away ten million. And he does maintain a good relation with all of them.”

“Like Ms Gao Yanyan and Ms Yang Lan – please come bring about court charges against me, mistress! When Gao’s husband comes, Wang leaves; when Gao’s husband leaves, Wang comes. He treats all these women well. All his secretaries and subordinates have been promoted to important positions and made lots of money. He has treated them in a brotherhood. None of them has betrayed him. So I said he is remarkable.”

Wang Qishan follows his own rules, but they have nothing to do with the rules of justice. He has played low. A man at his position shall have some historical viewpoints; he shall not be content with brotherhood and good relationship with women. Does he have the great wisdom? Or is he a smart person? NO!

When Wang Qishan made the personal phone call to Wall Street, my idea is that this man is getting old, and his prime time is over. He has problems with his brains now, if not cancer.

And with the brains of Meng Jianzhu, he is also mentally ill. What he has done in Malaysia and the Philippines, the Laos, and Burma, with Operation Mekong, his speeches in the Middle East, his arrogance in Turkey Europe – he is nothing but a gangster.

Meng once said, “Jho Low, under my protection in Shanghai – no one could even tough him! My armed police – special police unit will provide protection. Wherever he goes, he shall be treated as state leader. He can open special accounts in the banks. His safety relates to state security. No one shall ever touch him!”

You see, he truly acts like a gangster in my country town, talking big and bullying people in my name.

Meng does not have to talk things big this way. Why? Because he also plays low, without lofty goals in life or respect to god.

Jho Low will be Meng’s disaster. Everyone seems to have a sure and disastrous enemy in life. In the case of Bo Xilai, his disastrous enemy is Wang Lijun. In the case of Zhou Yongkang, his disastrous enemy is Meng Jianzhu. And Wu Zheng, Yang Lan, too.

Meng must die in the hands of Jho Low.

In relation to Malaysia, could Jho Low be caught and brought to justice in the US?

Let’s wait and see.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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