Know Miles Kwok, know G20, know China, know the world – Part Five


Dear companions,

Don’t worry! Those who have done evil must be penalized. Over the past year, we have seen so many of them, either imprisoned, or arrested. Please look back 10 years, those holding high official positions in China’s political scene in 2008 – how many of them are still in power today? Those Chinese government officials in 2006 – how many of them are still alive?

When I first started my whistle blows two years ago, several high ranking officials questioned me, “Hey! Miles, are you sure you are going down that way? ” I said to them, “I know the possible consequences: either murdered by them, poisoned to death, or just die for it.” “Is it worth?”they asked. “If my death can bring about freedom and democracy to the Chinese people, I am willing to risk my life! Absolutely! I have been waiting too long for this.”

And I have prepared to wait for another 10 years. How old is Wang Qishan? How old is Xi Jinping? Do you think CCP still has its life in 2035? No 2035 for them, not even 2025!

Friends! Victory shall belong to us! For sure! It’s only what price we have to pay, in what form, and when. But victory will surely come; it must come before 2020.

I once talked about the year 2020 in Washington D.C.; and people there laughed at me. Two years ago, they said they don’t believe. But today when I am telling them the same thing, these US officials all agree, “We all believe in you, Miles!”

I have to hide something from you; but you will see them later. G20 is an arrangement by god; 11.20 press briefing is a help from god. All our companions today are shouldered with a mission from god. All of you, friends, form the most important part of our efforts towards that victory. We deserve this victory.

The doom of Jho Low, Fu Zhenghua, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, and Wang Qishan, is all the same an arrangement by god.

Just think, in the era of President Hu Jiantao, even if Hu Jiantao or Premier Wen Jiabao was caught and put in prison, what would happen to China? Not much change, I guess. There might only be some turmoil within the party.

Only now is the time. On the very first day when I started my whistle blow, I have said that in today’s China, only these 5-6 persons or less than 10 persons have kidnapped the 1.4 billion population.

According to statistics by the US government, my whistle blows in the past two years accumulates to 560 gigabytes of data, including files with Youtube and Twitter. The US government has downloaded, studied in full and carefully every detail of my whistle blows.

As I have said, problems in China are mostly caused or controlled by these 5-6 individuals. If these individuals are eliminated, China will be liberated and go onto the road by the rule of law, and the Chinese people will have freedom, democracy and the rule of law. All US experts in this field who I have met agree to what I have said.

This is an arrangement by god. By eliminating a few individuals, China is liberated, a vicious system is eliminated, and the whole world is saved. This is the best opportunity gifted by god.

Go and ask – how many Chinese hate the Chinese government? 99% Chinese like to see its downfall. Historically, we have never seen such a phenomenon. 99% people in Hong Kong and Taiwan have fears.

I have said in my whistle blows that the fear created by CCP is our opportunity. Now I want to add, the fear created by CCP is a gift from god. Every single resident of Xinjiang’s 50 million population wants to see their collapse; every single resident of Tibet’s tens of millions wants to see their demise. Even the 99% CCP members want to see the collapse of CCP.

Recently I heard about Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the US, who accused the US government of “calling overseas Chinese students as spies”. Of course those are false and absurd accusations.

Cui Tiankai is not a bad person. He has to say those words as he has worked for the vicious government. He is a leftist, but having worked in the west for a long time, he has a correct understanding of what is going on in this world. I have never criticized him, different from the Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang and the Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who are both bastards.

Like Cui Tiankai, Yang Jiechi also has a clear mind of what’s going on in this world.

I have told the Americans: Please don’t say “anti-Chinese or anti-China”. Chinese are good people with a great civilization. Two days ago, three Americans came here for a visit, including Steven Bannon. Two times I saw Bannon drop tears over the persecution of Chinese.

Bannon visited China and Hong Kong when he was a youngster. He learned about the goodness of the Chinese people, but felt sad for their suffering.

At that time, Ronald Reagan was advised that the Soviet Union’s collapse needs a process of at least 40 years. Reagan said “I only have eight years”. In the end, he succeeded in nine years to bring down the Soviet Union.

At that time, the population under the rule of Soviet Union was about 1.4 billion, the same as China’s population today. Regan did not realize that another 1.4 billion also needs to be liberated. These American friends all felt very sad for the suffering of the Chinese people.

I was deeply moved to see Bannon’s tear drops. I could see he was trying hard to hold his tears. Another time he dropped tears the same day was when he saw the little child falling down onto the floor from her mother’s shoulder after being struck by Chinese police. He was so struck that he suddenly burst into tears with the horrible scene.

They now understand my saying “don’t say anti-China or anti-Chinese; but anti-CCP.” And President Donald Trump understands and makes his change too. We all love Chinese and Chinese culture. We stand up against the Communist Party, its reckless and vicious government. There is now a consensus here.

Never say that all overseas Chinese students in the US are spies; it is impossible. Many Chinese work hard for generations, with a purpose to send their children to the US for education. They have run out of China for sunlight in the US. They have come for freedom. No one wants to work for the CCP. They want to stay in the US and never go back there. They are not spies.

A US intelligence officials said, “Miles, what you have said today is very important to us. We will take notes of every word of yours. We will report this to the government and will have a policy on this issue.”

I said to these officials, “Friends, I beg you for these kids, while facing the US national emblem with that eagle. My companions have sent me messages to express their worries and protests. I am telling you today to stop calling these kids spies. Let me come to the words of Cui Tiankai again. CCP hopes very much that the US government would say such words, calling all Chinese students spies. No Chinese students shall dare to come. Who do you think will they hate? The US government! America!”

“CCP has been the best player in setting people at loggerheads. That is a devil party good at making misbelief between people, and stirring up confrontations. You shall not be going into their traps. If you check these kids’ identification, with doubts that they might be spies, these kids will plant hatred in their guts. They will dislike Americans.”

With this, I have won their applauds. And I have received more positive feedback from these US officials. In reality, most Americans like the Chinese, and are very friendly; they shall never label all Chinese students as spies.

The day before yesterday, I had dinner with Paul Jenerson (this name might be wrong), a Cabinet secretary under Tony Blair, in charge of UK intelligence. He has maintained a friendly relation with the Chinese government in liaison with anti-terrorism and North Korea issue. I first met him in 2007.

He has an elder brother Charles (needs verification), also a Cabinet secretary under Margaret Thatcher. Their father served a similar post in Winston Churchill’s office. They have a family history to be state secretaries.

Charles was the god father of Bo Guagua, the son of former Politburo member Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai. It was Charles who introduced the British businessman Neil Heywood to Bo’s family.

Before Paul went for tours to China and North Korea, he often came to me for advice. He said I am 100% correct on issues about China and North Korea. I used to tell him stories about the families of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Zhu Rongji, Bo Xilai, Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang.

Paul told me that he just returned from a trip in China. He said he saw photos of Xi Jinping posted all over on street walls, big or small. Every one there lives with fear. All officials refuse to talk about Wang Qishan. He said that fear was frightening.

Paul and his brother Charles were all members of the UK delegation during the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China. They played a very important role in related dialogues. I have blamed them for causing disasters in Hong Kong. Although he felt sad very time with these words of mine, I continuously blame them for the wrongdoings.

I will talk about the details in future. Some of the so-called facts look ridiculously funny.

According to Paul, China is going under some dramatic change. He said he loves China, and westerners like him already have a 180 degree turn-over view about the CCP government. In the past, it was a relationship of competition and threats. Now it is a relation between enemies.

He agrees to what I said that CCP has become the public enemy of humanity.

It was this friend Paul who introduced me to Dalai Lama for a meeting, together with a very beautiful lady from the UK military intelligence agency and others from the US intelligence department.

I told Dalai Lama, “Please don’t touch my head. If you are a god, please do something with your magic power and eliminate CCP in Tibet. Let’s forget those supernatural things and sit down to talk business of common concern: how you can go back to China, liberate Tibet and be a religious leader there.”

The world is changing fast, friends. As Steven Bannon is coming soon for discussion on our Rule of Law Fund, its constitution and strategy, I am going to say goodbye now. I am telling you that our legal team is working hard to take actions against those overseas traitors who have worked for CCP.

Dear friends, you are the source of my power and courage; you are my goal; you are my family.

Forget about G20, but remember our 11.20 press briefing and Wang Jian. Together, we shall prevail.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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