Know Miles Kwok, know China, know the world – part ten


From March 8 to yesterday, totally 21 days, I have stayed at home mourning for my mother according to Chinese tradition and Buddhist practice. I did not work, did not update tweets, and did not have contacts with any warrior friend.

Things happening in these 21 days show the increasing strength of united forces among the new and old warrior friends to fight the evil CCP and the fake overseas democratic activists.

Friends from Voice of, Ludepress, Kalixi from Mulan Talks, little brother of Xisijikong, have enriched the battleground fighting against the CCP. Brother David, Phoenix at the Ninth Heavens, Beijing Sisters, Zhuang Liehong and other warrior friends have all demonstrated their courage and strength on social media confronting the CCP.

This is the unique difference between our warrior friends and those fake democratic activists. We are not fighting for our own profits or private interests; we have demonstrated one of the greatest qualities of the Chinese nation: united for the same mission. We have showed the world as well as the Chinese state traitors our abilities in fighting.

In these 21 days, I read a few books, like going back to school again. I have deep reflection on our whistle blows in the past two years. I have thought over all the important events in the past two years.

In these 21 days, I had a feeling that human life is weak and easy to break. Most people live on greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance and doubts, as Buddhism has said, to satisfy their own desires. Many people envy the CCP’s corrupt coffin culture. As I have said before, they are coffin makers. they made many coffins for others, but in the end they use these coffins for themselves.

In the past 21 days, many things happened, making headlines internationally, in addition to our fight against the CCP. Before March 8, I predicted many important events to take place in the following weeks. They have profound impact on international relations. One of the most important events was the charges against US President Donald Trump and the release of the Mueller Report.

Before March 8, we already had intelligence about related investigations. Intelligence from some of our business partners told about the possible outcome, same as what we have seen today.

What’s the relation with our whistle blows? I want to tell you, friends, months ago, I have predicted that the China US trade negotiations would end in a funny and ridiculous way. Later you have seen the changes on March the first, the humiliating meeting of Liu He like a criminal at Trump’s office, his soybean purchase promise, and the embarrassed trade negotiators from both sides at different rounds of talks.

You have also seen the reports from the world’s mainstream media, whether on the soybeans or other things. I am telling you that all the world’s main media are controlled by the CCP. Now you may have a clear idea of why the trade talks needed another 100 days.

The silent forces in the United States under CCP’s BGY influence, controlled by the traitors, gave Wang Qishan a clear and decisive judgement that Donald Trump would have big troubles. According to my intelligence, Wall Street bankers sent their representatives weekly to Beijing to meet with Wang Qishan during those days, briefing him on updates about New York and Washington. Wang’s political alliance in Washington keep their communications secretly but directly with Wang about Washington’s policies on trade talks. Other sources of those silent forces also sent out their intelligence.

As a result, before the G20 meeting, Beijing made the conclusion that President Donald Trump would face a series of problems politically; that Trump would be impeached amid the confrontations between the two parties and he might end up in prison.

In early March, there was a book called Kushner, Inc. Greed, Ambition. Corruption-The extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Months ago, I briefly told about this book in private talks. During the same period, some weird things happened in Europe. Behind them, we see the evil hands of the CCP. That’s why there was an extension of 90 days at the G20 summit.

That was an arrow shooting at Donald Trump. It was predicted that the Mueller investigations would definitely cause an earthquake in US politics. Under pressure, President Trump might take the trade talks lightly, urging his administration to reach a deal as soon as possible. That’s why we have seen the media coverage on the Mueller report, the trade talks, Build the Walls, and possible impeachment against Donald Trump.

The CCP has made good use of the Mueller investigations in the trade talks.

In one of the Politburo meetings of the CCP Central Committee last year, the CCP cabinet pledged: If Donald Trump wins the midterm elections, we will lose one hundred years; if he loses, we will win one hundred years.

And we saw the propaganda attacks from the CCP afterwards. Among many cases of dissemination, they had a giant four-full-page advertisement on a US newspaper in Iowa. As a result, Trump suffered great setbacks in the midterm elections, causing him lots of troubles. The US government was shut down for months.

Happy with their judgement and this success with their propaganda control, the CCP is more convinced that having a hand in US politics and the legal system is an effective way to influence US politics, to impeach Donald Trump and to cause damages to his family.

If you are careful with Trump’s tweets in early March, you must have seen Trump’s warning that some forces in the US want to defame Ivanka and Kushner. The book I mentioned above is damaging, able to cut through their throats. It has also made headlines at nearly the same time with the Mueller investigations.

But the final result is out of your expectations. Wang Qishan and other state traitors are all wrong with their judgement. As I have said before, the Mueller report has failed to impeach Donald Trump. He will not be charged of any violations. In 2020, Trump will be elected a second time.

From that moment on, Steven Bannon, other US politicians, officials in Japan and Europe shared the similar view: that was a slab on the face of many US politicians, as well as the CCP officials. The conspiracies of Wang Qishan and his supporters in the US are fully exposed to the world audience. The US political circle has been greatly shocked by the details. People began to have a deeper understanding of the threats by CCP’s BGY scheme.

Dear friends! This is not an isolated case. It is not rumor talk. Because of this case, President Trump has become more decisive in his determination to take down CCP communism, and to change socialism in the world. President Trump has a sense of hesitation with his personality; but  after fully understanding the dissemination and invasion from communist China, he will become more decisive in this respect. In face of the fact that Wang Qishan and other CCP officials have used all efforts to influence the people around him, have mobilized all means to put him in prison and destroy his family, have done their utmost to add fire to the contradiction and confrontation between the two parties of the US, Donald Trump will become more decisive.

As a matter of fact, the stupidity and arrogance of the CCP are our weapons. They are the most important weapons for us to start the battleground in the US and other western countries against CCP and its overseas supporters. Dear friends, our ability is not enough to make these weapons; they are the gifts sent by god from heavens. We do not have to exaggerate.

They seem to be independent cases, but we must see through the connections. So the delay in China US trade talks is aimed at one thing: to bring down Donald Trump. CCP traitors have won many battles in the past 70 years with similar strategies in dealing with the west. They have been successful over and over again with their silent supporters in the west, including Wall Street bankers, politicians in the democratic party, intelligence agents in the US, and others.

But this time, they are doomed to fail. They will fail hard, tragically.

Next the United States will start their fights against CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative, Space Mission, export of revolution to Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and other socialist countries, export of poverty, export of excess production, Renminbi globalization, expansion of its energy strategy. The US will confront CCP’s invasions and ambitions. All these are connected together.

I have said before, the Americans might react at a slow pace; but no one can stop its fights when they come to sense. In my opinion, the strength of the US is not enough. We hope South America, Europe, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Japan, India and other countries will join hands. We should have a clear mind on CCP’s belt and road initiative, its currency globalization, military expansion, space ambitions, amendment of the Constitution, privatization of state power, and socialization of private property. We should understand why the CCP government is sending millions of Uyghurs into re-education camps, eager to open the northern channels to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and their ambitions in Malacca and the Middle East along the Belt and Road routes.

Why the CCP wants to empty the territory of Xinjiang and keep nearly two million people under arrest? Why the CCP refuses to open the Internet and take down the Great Firewall? Why the CCP exercises full control of the media and makes no concession in that regard? Why the CCP leadership made amendments to their tenure in the Constitution, to keep themselves always in power?

These are some of the key issues that need our deeper understanding. And we shall look deeper into the facts.

Everything is just beginning!

To be continued …

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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