Know Miles Kwok, know China, know the world – Part Six


Dear friends,

Today is only free talk, nothing very urgent. If you don’t like it, just go to sleep.

Yesterday Lude had a very successful interview with Steven Bannon. You have seen that Bannon is very serious about his work.

Steven Bannon is seriously careful with the Rule of Law Fund. Ever since its establishment on November 20th last year, nearly a million people have expressed their willingness to donate, mostly in the US, and South East Asia. The responses are overwhelming. One American came to contact Steven Bannon one day after the press conference, hoping to donate one billion US dollars.

Bannon is very serious in planning how to help Chinese under CCP persecution, including ordinary citizens, private entrepreneurs and religious practitioners. He has a plan to unite thousands of religious organizations, especially the Catholics and Christians in the world, in protest against CCP persecution, and even against Vatican’s collaboration with Beijing regime. I have asked him not to target Vatican for the moment.

Now the Trump Administration is very clear about what Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and other CCP officials are doing or going to do. The trade war talks are just part of the game. They all know about it. And Wang Qishan is sending out the weak and warm-hearted Liu He to the US, but Wang is surely the most powerful person behind the scene.

We know that China’s economy is in big trouble, will go all the way down. China’s GDP figure is fake. Don’t believe in those figures. They just fool people around.

In recent weeks, the religious circles in the west are expressing their anger, asking me “Miles! What happened? What happened?”

Of the Ten Commandments of Christianity, the CCP has ordered to take down the first one, the most important one. What do they want to do?

Of the Ten Commandments of Christianity, “You shall have no other Gods but me” cannot or shall not be challenged. But Wang Qishan and other CCP officials have become so reckless that they stand up against the Mighty God. President Xi is made the only God now in China. This has greatly offended western believers. We can’t have Xi Jinping as our God.

This evil thing is mainly the work of Meng Jianzhu, surely with Wang Qishan’s support. Years ago, they had the South Putuo Mountain Conspiracy, in which they planned for Xi Jinping to be at the top job for one term of five years, to be the “man-made God” for China. After five years, they planned to replace President Xi with another insider. They did not think that President Xi would make changes to the Constitution so that he could stay at the top job as long as he likes. With the South Putuo Plan, Meng Jianzhu is the supervisor, Sun Lijun the operator, with full support from Jiang Zemin’s family behind the scene.

With the South Putuo Plan, they would allow only one God, one religion and one party in China; that is President Xi, communism and the communist party. All others religious faiths would be eliminated.

Yesterday, together with Bannon in my house, we have three former US generals, all in discussion of the Rule of Law Fund and about China.

Two generals pointed at my nose and asked, “Miles, you fear President Xi or you don’t want to act against him?” I said both, but that doesn’t mean I would always be like this. I still keep my Seven Principles now, including non-confrontation with President Xi. There is a possibility that in future I will act against him. But my message is simple clear: China needs peace; the CCP must be eliminated; and China’s wealth must be returned to its people. To add, most CCP members are good people.

There is no doubt that President Xi wants to put Wang Qishan to death, and vice versa. But I agree with Bloomberg that Wang is the most powerful man in China and even the whole of Wall Street listens to Wang. That’s why we see the world’s mainstream media seldom criticized Wang Qishan in the past but carried lots of negative reports on President Xi.

But the world media have the attention on Jho Low, and how he is related to Meng Jianzhu and the CCP. And another figure for media attention is the notorious Bruno Wu. I have asked Steven Bannon to tell about how he first met Bruno Wu and how Bruno Wu had tried to persuade him and the Trump administration to extradite Miles Kwok with a fake letter from President Xi. Steven Bannon has agreed to tell the stories during our whistle blow on the eve of the Chinese Spring Festival in February. The world would like to see these two evil persons put to justice.

The CCP has taken down several vice-chairmen of the Central Military Commission in its anti-corruption campaign; the world wants to know why they work the best to protect such an ugly young man and criminal as Jho Low.

Next, Wang Qishan and the Jiang family will find a thousand reasons to press President Xi in taking actions against Taiwan or on the South China Sea. They would lift President high up the sky and then throw him hard onto the floor. Wang Qishan is a demon, and both Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun are mentally ill, as the generals have joined me in a consensus that they are the very few who have become the real threat of the west.

These US officials from the military asked my advice on how to get rid of the CCP top military personnel. I have told that not all of them are bad people. Only a few are bad people. The US do not have to target them all. The communist system is an evil one, but the people working for the system might not be. Most of the 90 million CCP members are ordinary good people. They just keep the job to live and raise a family; few people want to associate with those evils. Corruption is just a way of life for them to survive within the system.

In Bannon’s public speeches, he has told the American people not to take the Chinese or China as the enemy. Most students and scholars in US universities are good ordinary people. Chinese and American people shall maintain a friendly relationship. That’s why the Rule of Law Fund is so important. It has become a bridge linking the friendship of the two peoples.

The Rule of Law Fund helps to tell the truth about China to the world; it unites religious groups in many different countries. It lets the whole world come to a consensus that we shall counter the CCP, not China or the Chinese people. This is a great significance of our revolutionary whistle blows.

Now a fire has been ignited, it turns into a volcano eruption. Wang Qishan and other corrupt CCP officials are no longer capable of covering it up with a basin. And they dare not either.

The silence of “Little Brother Talks About Politics” by the CCP and threats to his family members in China have been made known to the US government, in addition to spreading to countless discussion groups. This is a typical example of the recklessness of the CCP with its so-called rule of law. And the threats are clear evidence for the US to take legal actions in the next step.

Additionally today, I want to tell you that the French government is getting serious with the death of HNA Chairman Wang Jian in France. We must reveal to the world the truth of his death; otherwise all our efforts in our whistle blows will be in vain.

I want to stress four things again for your attention: first the case of Jho Low, second the case of HNA, third the death of Wang Jian, and fourth the case of Bruno Wu. With all of these, we have opened a little bit of the Pandora Box.

Now let’s pray together for world peace and the well-being of the Chinese people.

Everything is just beginning!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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