Know Miles Kwok, Know China, know the world – Part Seven


Dear friends,

About one month ago, I mentioned Roger Stone, saying that he must be arrested. As you have seen from the news, the arrest has happened on Friday. It tells the greatness of the US with its rule of law.

This is a significant event in the process of our revolutionary whistle blows. It sends a clear message to the CCP and its representatives here in the United States with their BGY schemes, especially the notorious Bruno Wu. When it’s time to come, it comes.

Steven Bannon requested over and over that I should have compromises with Roger Stone, but I refused. I agreed to an conciliation with him with the condition that he must apologize and tell the truth of Bruno Wu who was the source of his defamation. But he tells only part of the truth; that’s why he has been charged of obstruction, false statements and witness tempering.

The arrest of Roger Stone will soon lead to the arrest of Bruno Wu, I can assure you. Behind Bruno Wu is Mingjing News, Chen Jun, Yuan Jianbin, Guo Baosheng, and other CCP representatives.

Next we are going to see who is giving financial support to these CCP representatives. We shall have the smaller fish to fish the bigger fish; we are going to beat both the flies and tigers. This is our strategy. We must bring them to justice.

We did see Roger Stone apologize and publicize his letter of apology in all mainstream media. I have accepted his apology without asking for compensation, for which he was much thankful.

My intelligence just told me that Bruno Wu is now in Japan with his wife Lan Yang. They will soon be brought to justice, together with others.

Dear friends! In the world, true is true, fake is fake. The US justice system must not allow these fake democratic personnel to deceive the American people and do harm to overseas Chinese here.

And to the event in Venezuela, my intelligence person has almost lost contact with me there. I asked about situations there. He said this time it must be a success. People in the Consulate General of China have taken all the important files away. This means the CCP government in Beijing also thinks that the Maduro regime is coming to an end.

After Venezuela, the next country should be Malaysia that must stand up against the BGY by Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Wang Qishan and Jiang’s family in Shanghai. They have the money laundering base there. This base will be the first to be demolished. Unexpected things will soon happen in Malaysia.

Things there will link back to Venezuela and other parts of South America, where Brazil acts as the Big Brother. The new president in Brazil and his family are all our friends, having good relation with Steven Bannon and the United States. This first thing they did after coming to power was to promote the process of democracy in Venezuela. With this success, the United States will have no significant opponents in South America.

Next is Angola in Africa. 80% of China’s petrol imports come from Venezuela, Angola and the Middle East. Malacca and Hormuz Straits are important water ways that must be controlled by the US. After the collapse of Angola, the CCP regime in China will be completely isolated.

Russia looks at both sides or either side, sometimes closer to the west, sometimes closer to CCP China. Putin does not bet on Beijing.

After Roger Stone, we shall shift our attention to Jho Low. The case of Jho Low will soon have practical progress. With the scandals of Jho Low under investigation, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun and Jiang’s family in Shanghai will pay heavy prices; the Hong Kong government will also pay their prices. Related things will happen very soon. Please just wait and see!

The US Department of State Affairs, the Pentagon and the While House are taking the case of Jho Low very serious, making it a semi-war against the forces behind this scandalous young man.

Yesterday we saw the remarks of George Soros at Davos against President Xi Jinping. Soros is a key shareholder of HNA Group. He supported my whistle blows but I refused a cooperation with him. Soros openly claimed at Davos Forum that Xi is the greatest opponent of western civilization and the west should support the overthrow of his governance in China. This is rare since 2012. Wang Qishan is behind his remarks. Neither Bloomberg nor Soros has ever said anything bad about Wang Qishan.

In my opinion, Xi and Wang must have a fight. The result: one or both of them will be eliminated. We will see this happen soon.

The changing attitude of Bloomberg and George Soros is also a significant event in the west. As they both represent strong forces in the west, in strong support of Wang Qishan, we will see widespread attacks at President Xi from the mainstream media in the coming months.

But I will stand firm to act against Wang Qishan. Although many western billionaires have asked me to give up my fight at Wang by donating to the Rule of Law Fund, I have refused to do so. Miles Kwok’s Seven Principles are still valid today. Tactically I still have hope for President Xi.

President Xi is not responsible for the Cultural Revolution or the June Fourth Massacre. Surely he has crimes in persecution of Xinjiang Muslims and human rights activists. If he could stop doing evil and lead the Chinese onto the road of freedom and democracy, he could be forgiven.

But Wang Qishan cannot be pardoned, same with Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun and others. He talks about development and he claims to have the solutions. But that’s the development of his own businesses; it has nothing to do with the Chinese people. What the Chinese have are poisonous foods, high inflation, fake health care, restriction of movement, housing bubble, high petrol prices … no ordinary people have the equal rights for development in China.

Whatever actions the CCP leaders will take in future, they will be losers. And we will be the winners.

Both our Rule of Law Fund and the coming whistle blows on the eve of Chinese Spring Festival have attracted world attention, and everyone wants to be part of that. We will give Steven Bannon more time to tell more about China and related topics.

Registration of the Rule of Law Fund was finalized yesterday and immediately we received twelve deposits as donations in big numbers. One of the donors was George Soros. We can feel the enthusiasm of many westerners to hope for the collapse of the CCP government in China and return of freedom and democracy to the country.

This is truly a great era in history. It relates to everyone of us.

Please join me to pray for the good of the Chinese.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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