Know Miles Kwok, know China, know the world – Part Nine


I want to say something exciting today, especially to my Japanese friends!

Let me first ask you a question. Do you know China’s GDP at the time of WTO entrance in 2001? 1.4 trillion US dollars. Japan had 4.8 trillion.

Last year 2018, Japan had only 4.7 trillion, while China grew up to 14 trillion. You see the difference?

Second, do you know the number of Chinese tourists to Japan in 2001? About 2 million. What about 2018? Over 7 million.

Third, do you know how many Chinese companies invested in Japan in 2001? Very few, none of the listed companies. What about today? Over 8 thousand Chinese companies have come to Japan for business.

Twenty years ago, Japanese made about 800 thousand visits to China annually, Chinese half that number. Today for Chinese, the figure amounts to tens of millions. And the amount of Chinese currency used in these travels and bilateral relations is one thousand times that of twenty years ago. This can be astonishing to many! China has turned the ball all over.

In the coming years, some people say that Japan may become a province of China. They are wrong. And I am telling you: Japan will only be a night club of China.

This sounds insulting, but that is fact. See what millions of Chinese do in Japan? Four things: prostitution, eating, shopping and sightseeing – leave, like visiting a night club or brothel! Right?

Japan has an aging population. Japanese men are becoming female-like. In the past five years, Japanese men spent more money in personal make-up than women. They have a slow birth rate. They can no longer compete with China.

I say, the only way out for Japan is to be friendly with Chinese people while countering the Communist government of China. Anti-CCP is their only way out. If Japan does not protect itself from communist ideology, it will always be a night club for the Chinese. Forget history, and build a future by friendship with ordinary Chinese.

My Japanese friends asked me how to stand up against the CCP? I have told them, the difference in your political system is the best tool to resist the CCP. Every visitor who has come to Japan would talk good about Japan. In the past, CCP stirred up the hatred among Chinese against Japanese invasion. That was an evil game played by the CCP. We should encourage mutual exchanges between the two peoples. As more Chinese are visiting Japan, or doing business with Japan, they will form a different view about Japan, a much better view about Japan. CCP’s so-called patriotic propaganda will lose its supporters.

Culturally and economically, Japanese should keep a close relation with ordinary Chinese as they share common grounds. Politically and in security, Japanese should rely on the Americans for protection. Ideologically, Japanese should act against CCP, and never come into alliance with the communist government.

My Japanese friend told me that he had an investigation in the public opinion of Americans towards Japanese and Chinese. He said two years ago, very few Americans felt the threat of the Communist government of China. This two years, he said, many Americans changed their opinions: they felt that CCP’s threats are real and increasing substantially. This Japanese friend will be one of the key leaders in the Japanese government who will play an important role in the bilateral relations.

Next, what do you think the Americans will do with the trade war? My view point can be a lot different from many.

In the past years, Japanese Prime Minister Abe has been humiliated by the communist government of China. At times of difficulties with the Sino-US trade war, the Chinese government, making use of its 40 anniversary of the signing of China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty by Deng Xiaoping, invited Abe for a visit to Beijing last year. Abe was given a special treatment of the highest level. This is the nature of the CCP: when it needs your support, it shall do everything for you, even kissing your ass. But when it does not need you, it beats you hard, spits at you, and throws you away.

Japan wants six things from China: first, resistance of missile threats from North Korea; second, four northern islands from Russia; third, support in permanent UN membership; fourth, market open for agricultural produce; fifth,support for Abe’s economic plan; sixth, more tourists from China.

CCP also wants six things from Japan: first, support for belt and road initiative; second, joining the Asia Investment Bank; third, open Japan’s technology market for Huawei; fourth, free exchange of currencies; fifth, exploration of petrol in East China Sea; Six, support in South China Sea.

If the Japanese government agrees to the terms of the CCP, any of the above six conditions would bring Japan into disasters. But if the CCP supports Japan with its requests, none of the six things would hurt the CCP a bit.

The Japanese are very much afraid that the trade deal between the US and China can be finalized. Their hands are shaking that China and the US would come to a deal. But I’ve told them not to have fears about that. They asked me why?

I told them, China and the US will not have a real deal. Any real deal would rewrite history.

With a real deal, the terms and conditions shall be reciprocal. Dear Robert Lighthizer! I beg you shall never resign! I am afraid this gentleman would resign under pressure from both sides, the US government and BGY of the CCP.

With reciprocity, China’s Great Firewall will be taken down and the internet open. If that was the case, the CCP government will come to its end within six months. CCP would never agree to this term. They agree to open the internet for Americans, not for Chinese. This is a total disgrace! -These mentally ill CCP leaders!

The biggest problem is finance. If American banks are allowed to open branches in China, say, if CITIBank opens a branch on the same street opposite China’s Construction Bank, for instance, what do you think Chinese people would send their savings to? Chinese banks will all go bankrupt immediately.

Thirdly with the reciprocity, American agricultural products will all come to China markets. Do you think Chinese people would choose to eat American beef/pork, or Russian/African toxic meats?

So if China’s door is truly open, do you think it can be closed again? No! The Chinese people won’t allow that to happen!

Dear friends, things happening these days in the world is enough to change my life and yours.

Donald Trump tweeted yesterday, “China must immediately open its market for American agricultural products, including beef and pork”. He is holding a gun at the gate of China! This is not just a retaliation for his disgrace in Vietnam!

These two days, I have been so excited that I smoked two cigars daily: I have never felt so valuable of myself in my whole life, because my revolutionary whistle blows have helped provide the best intelligence for American government.

Officials from the US government are all hungry for my intelligence and whistle blowing reports. Translations of these whistle blows are downloaded or copied or printed tens of millions of times for distribution across China. Millions of Chinese entrepreneurs and CCP members are our readers. The influence is remarkably, amazingly, profoundly widespread and long lasting.

These several days, reactions from both parties in the US government are extraordinary! Dear Kim Jony-Un! Thank you very much! You have giving us the greatest gift!

The Venezuela crisis is now only a matter of minor importance. Communist China is the next target. Acting against CCP officials, some people say, the US government will seal off or freeze their assets, and expel their illegitimate children. No! Not just that! Their days will end in a much more tragic way. They are now the meats on the chopping board; the US government is thinking of ways of how to chop them into pieces. To the dictators in Venezuela, the Americans only beat them with whips; to the CCP dictators, the Americans will chop them into paste with sharp knives!

One day, when we wake up, we will suddenly see: the world has changed! All of a sudden, out of everyone’s expectations, the Communist government has been overthrown and CCP has been eliminated. Let’s just wait and see.

Everything is just beginning!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff


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