Know Miles Kwok, Know China, Know the World – part 13


Our Taiwan is so tolerant, Taiwanese so kind-hearted and friendly, so much different from the 1.4 billion mainlanders kidnapped by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Taiwanese breathe the air of a free society and healthy traditions. What the mainlanders lack most is the quality of tolerance, of friendliness. Our mainlanders make the residence of others as a toilet and pay their visits with a bad temper.

This time when I was in Washington; you know I just came back from a court hearing there. At some corners of the court, we saw such Chinese visitors Wei Shi, Xiong Xianmin, Xia Yeliang, Jiangtao, Guo Baosheng, poorly dressed, with malnutritious looks, offensive speech and uncivilized behaviors. The law of the United States protects their rights to speak, not the right to abuse. They abused their rights to defame Guo Wengui, charging “We will kill you!”, “You are a rapist!” and so on. Only people from the mainland who had been brainwashed by the communist ideology would behave as such. That could not be seen in Taiwan. Among the court attendants, there were also people from Taiwan. They sat there quietly, taking notes. We could see a great difference between those friendly Taiwanese and ruffian-like mainlanders.

Today Mr. Peng Wenzheng shows his friendliness by calling me an old comrade and a handsome man. His flattering tells the broad-mindedness of a well-educated gentleman. You have asked a long question; I hope I can remember all those words. Before coming to that, I would like to share with you a story of mine. As we have just started, we should not talk about too sensitive issues. Wenzheng, let me tell you something about my life achievements that have so much connection with Taiwan.

When I built my first commercial building, it was in 1991 after I just walked out of the prison in the mainland. I started a venture with a Hong Kong company and called the project Yuda that cost over 300 million U.S. dollars. This was the biggest point of attention at the court hearing in Washington When Xia Yeliang attacked me with defamation. He questioned how I was able to build a 300 million dollar project right after my release from jail in 1991. With that, Xia and his lawyer Ye Ning claimed I had made my fortune of billions by working for the communist government. Ridiculously, they made this an evidence to defame me.

As a matter of fact, before this 300 million dollar project, I had another small project with Zhengzhou Institute of Architectural Design. The project was quickly sold out with people buying out of the plan. But we later found that we had failed to build the facilities for fire escape. In order to save the problems, we did not include into our plan the area for industrial use. In the end, I met a famous architect from Taiwan who told me those problems. He told me the places for improvement.

In my whole life, Taiwan was my first teacher in architectural design and arts. This master of architects also told me a lot about Buddhism in Taiwan, about Master Xingyun, about the Veteran Monk Weijue of the Zen School. These masters again taught me about Buddhism, about religion, about Tantric Buddhism and the School of Zen. When I was jailed in prison for 22 months, I met some pastors, Buddhists, professors, and teachers. There were many teachers in the prison, including English teachers and history teachers. They all became my first mentors in life. After that, it was Taiwan that gave me the education, and Hong Kong too where I had my first business partner. My partner was the first Hong Kong businessman to bring into 56 of the world’s most famous brands into the territory and into Asia, including some well-known wines.

My business partner was one of the biggest antique dealers in the world. He gave me the taste of life, a vision of the world, the way to do business, and a healthy lifestyle. He taught me how to be successful in business and how to behave as a successful man. Taiwan gave me the faiths, a cultural way of life, and a deeper education.

As a young man who just walked out of the prison, I already had a son and a daughter. I was married young at the age of fifteen. My life before the jail term was something like a rogue, fighting with people every day in streets. At the federal court hearing, Xia Yeliang was actually right to call me a ruffian repeatedly. In those days, I was truly a ruffian, and I hope I am still one. In those days, I was a happy ruffian.

Mr. Peng Wenzheng, I want my Taiwanese friends to know that Wengui is a person without a higher education, as others have called me at the court. But I enjoy being myself. Members of the jury at the federal court laughed when they heard of this. This un-educated ruffian later became a billionaire. After becoming a billionaire, I had my education in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Today I am challenging the Chinese Communist Party right here at the Himalayas Embassy in New York, working to wipe out its vicious regime. I am greatly honored to become the Number One enemy of the CCP.

Now I would like to answer Wenzheng’s question. Please remember not to take this too seriously. Take it as a joke. I am different from Wenzheng, who is well-educated, handsome, and with a good family background. He is an eagle flying in the sky while I am only a little ant. This is also a joke, but I am happy to answer your first question about the G20 summit.

Osaka is close to Taiwan. Please take a close look at my video blows before the G20 meetings. I have sent out the message on May 12 and May 17 that during the G20 summit, the CCP would not just turn over the table and leave. There must be some sort of agreement between the two sides so that they can move forward.

Before the G20, the CCP claimed every day that the United States was again lifting up the stones to have their toes squashed. The result was that we saw the quick slow-down of China’s economy. Days before the summit, anti-America films were played one after another. But just one day before President Xi’s meeting with Donald Trump, they played the Romance of the Yellow River, a movie story about the love between an American soldier and a Chinese girl.

You have seen the result of the summit at Osaka, the continuation of talks. Yesterday a video became popular on Youtube about an interview with former Pentagon general Robert Spalding who clearly told that any agreement between China and America is not possible and will never be. He said what the CCP leadership hopes the most is the change of presidency in 2020 when Donald Trump left the White House and another person takes his place. Under such circumstances, Mr. Spalding says clearly, China and the U.S. will never have a trade deal.

When we come to this point, I want to tell you, friends, the greatest wrestling between Communist China and the U.S. for negotiations is right here in Taiwan.

Lots of Taiwanese won’t care about this wrestling, including these presidential candidates Terry Guo, Han Guoyu and Ke Wenzhe. These three guys won’t care about this; they only care about whether they can be elected. The two key issues behind the G20 meetings are actually the issue of Taiwan, Hong Kong and the economy highly talked about by President Tsai Ying-wen. Behind those deals, Taiwan is mostly easy to be victimized.

In the political struggle within the CCP leadership, Taiwan is the key issue. For decades, they have successfully played around the question of Taiwan. The so-called consensus within the Party that they can control with nationalism is how to pressure Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As Taiwanese, what can you see from that? What questions should Taiwanese ask? What actually are the fundamental problems in Taiwan? There is no problem of either unification or independence there. Can you have a re-unification with the mainland? No! Does Taiwan have an opinion background for such unification? No! Can Taiwan declare its independence? No! That would drive the island into turmoil.

Therefore, in my opinion, Taiwan has only one way out. The CCP has directed the discussions for unification and independence for decades. As a result, Taiwan gradually lost its chances for a better future. What does Taiwan need today? – Autonomy! Years before, I have put forth this idea of autonomy for Taiwan.

Taiwan is not waging a war against the mainland; and the mainland shall also be stopped from starting a war against Taiwan. I have set certain conditions: in case Taiwan is under attack from any country, it automatically becomes independent. The whole population of Taiwan should stand up to protect Taiwan from any invasion. If any external interference or political forces try to govern Taiwan or to undermine Taiwan’s democracy and economy, or the Taiwan people are under similar threats, the whole people there have the right to declare its autonomy. Under certain rules or conditions, Taiwan people vote for an autonomy. Anyone working for unification or independence should be penalized as a criminal offense.

Taiwanese must remove these two heavy stones loaded onto their heads: unification and independence.

At the Osaka G20 meeting, President Xi read out from a written statement that the Americans must keep their hands off the issue of Taiwan. He said “this is our bottom line”, “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China”, “Taiwan must keep its present situation”, etc. He said the Joint Declaration is the cornerstone of Sino-U.S relations that must be observed; and this is the base for win-win between the two countries.

Secondly, he talked about mutual respect. He stressed the U.S. must keep away from Taiwan. President Xi said this is the pre-condition that he is sitting with Donald Trump. And that was the G20 summit. The question of Taiwan topped the agenda, and question of Hong Kong followed.

(To be continued…)

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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