Know Miles Kwok, know China, know the world -Part 12


Good news, friends! Last Tuesday, a European country officially started an investigation into the best well-known company (by Li Ka-shing) from Hong Kong. The legal department of this country has organized a work team of dozens of specialists in the investigation. This man has bought half of Europe, and his money has a lot to do with Jiang Zhicheng.

This is good news, friends! But not the best news to have let me shave my face. The best news is yet to come!

Days ago, I watched a fake video of Larry King interviewing a female journalist from Russia. Although the video was fabricated with false claims against me, it tells that the big bosses behind the scene from both the Soviet Union and America have come out to the front. The story behind relates to the big money of tens of billions in the Pandora Box, the purchase of state territory, and CCP’s South Putuo Plan.

Friends! We must have something that westerner can also understand; and this is something for their concern. Putting up on Youtube a few videos about the traitors’ scandals won’t solve the problem. CCP can deny by saying that the videos have been fabricated.

With Larry King’s video, the traitors hoped to achieve at least three objectives: First, they can do harm to my reputation when those fake democratic activists spread the news all over the internet; Second, they let the world know there is technology to make up videos that look like real, and Miles Kwok has done the same to make up lots of videos; Third, it tells the traitors have come to their last resort. This is their last bullet.

The secretary of Mr. Li Ka-shing requested the Japanese government not to release the news of the investigation. I have told the Japanese government to make a deal with the secretary as she is smart at that. This lady is the liaison person between Li Ka-shing and the Jiang family.

I want to tell you, friends, please keep the receipts of your donations to the Rule of Law Fund as our victory is drawing near. In the future, you will find that they can help you a lot.

The US government has a very sophisticated legal system. When you are at a high level, you will find it very difficult to work with corruption. The system is so tight that you shall not dare to take bribery because the punishment could be frightening. Still, there is a small number of senseless and greedy people in the system who are taking the risks. They easily become the targets of CCP’s BGY scheme.

Once a retired head of state talked to me, “Miles, we could only make some money after retirement. When in office, it is almost impossible for us to take bribes; and we never dare to.” This friend of mine used to be a big CCP supporter. Now he said to me, “I am only a China fan, no longer a CCP fan.” This gentleman will also join our Rule of Law Fund as director, and the Committee on the Present Danger as well.

After talking to other government officials in America or Europe, he found that most people worry about CCP’s paying huge amounts of bribery to retired high ranking officials in the west for their support. He said the US government must have a law to address this problem. All retired state leaders must report cash donations or gifts from individuals or organizations on behalf of the Chinese communist government.

These days, we have seen reports about US imposing sanctions on 37 Chinese companies, taking legal actions against high ranking officials in Xinjiang and Tibet by accusing them of human rights violations. The US Justice Department will also take actions to freeze or seize the overseas assets of those Chinese traitors. This is a very important step in the process. This is something that never happened in the past 70 years.

Friends! The developments progress at such a speed, much faster than what we have planned. The doom of CCP is drawing near and we might go back to Beijing earlier for celebrations.

It is interesting that some American friends back from Beijing came to tell me that the Supreme People’s Court and the Central Political and Legal Commission have taken over all the civil and criminal cases related to me and my real estate projects like Pangu, Zenith, and Yuda. I did not know that myself if my American friends had not told me. This tells our whistle blows have won more and more support in the west.

The state traitors and their supporters like Elliot Broidy, Jho Low, Bruno Wu, Yang Lan, Sun Lijun, and Jiang Zhicheng have all made their greatest efforts to get me back to China. They used my Hong Kong passport and tried to persuade the US government to put my name into the list for restricted flights. That way, I could be detained by police at any airport. But they have failed in their attempts.

The Interpol has two kinds of notices: blue and red. The Interpol truly issued a “red notice” for my arrest in 2017. Let me explain. The purpose of a “red notice” is to stigmatize an individual and destroy his reputation. This notice is made public in related countries. A blue notice is issued also to related countries but is kept a secret. So, as a matter of fact, the notice issued for my arrest was a blue one. The Interpol has been notorious as it was a product of Hitler’s era. I am telling you that the Committee on the Present Danger is taking legal action against the Interpol. As I am going to launch a lawsuit against the Interpol, I must publicize related documents as evidence.

A blue notice cannot be checked on the Interpol website. A lawyer for the Interpol told my lawyer that the blue notice for my arrest was printed in Shenzhen on May 20th of 2017. Sun Lijun handed over an original of the blue notice to Elliot Broidy in front of his intelligence team and Hong Kong police. Bruno Wu was then keeping the gate outside. Elliot Broidy had kept a copy of this blue notice in his email box. This is why the US Justice Department charged Bruno Wu and Elliot Broidy, questioning them why they had kept official documents from the CCP government and this copy of blue notice. This has brought Sun Lijun, Liu Yangping and Meng Jianzhu into the case of illegally lobbying US officials for my extradition and of alleged provision of false documents to the Trump administration.

The accusations relate to the arrest of Meng Hongwei, then the Interpol President who had ordered the issue of this blue notice for my arrest under CCP pressure on April 19 of 2017. Meng Hongwei had not followed the legal procedures in drafting the blue notice.

This time at the trade talk, as a new condition, Vice Premier Liu He presented Robert Lighthizer a name list of 21 persons for extradition to China; myself, Lude and Sara top the list. I will tell the names of the rest in the future. CCP has always claimed that it has followed WTO rules in its trade practices, but what they have been doing are dirty tricks such as this one.

The new extradition law in Hong Kong has frightened the local wealthy class a lot. CCP is most afraid that Hong Kong businessmen would tell about their secret deals with corrupt CCP officials at all levels. No matter how hard they have tried to cover things up, people in the US, Europe and other countries already know about their crimes.

Friends! Never before have the Chinese people faced such a historic opportunity to have some many western friends standing by our side and fighting together with us! We must win back our dignity and the money stolen by those state traitors, and give our future generations a new hope in life!

Everyday, I refused to be interviewed by at least 20-30 world-class media. I do not have the time to waste on these meaningless interviews. I shall never become a VIP on social media or a popular entertainer. Everyday, I only care about my whistle blows and related investigations to reveal the truth.

Last week Mr. Steven Bannon arranged an important event for me to meet a hundred reporters from across the world. He insisted that was important but I refused to attend. The speech given by Mr. Bannon at the Committee of the Present Danger was absolutely wonderful. A former head of state spent 40 minutes to watch his speech here in my apartment; that was exceptional for a busy and important figure like him.

This is how I spend my time. I spend 70% of my time investigating events in Europe and other western countries for testimonial purposes. I spend 20% of my time to arrange documents and materials and find out problems. The remaining 10% is for meeting with the media, my live broadcast on Youtube, or thinking of ways while going to the toilet. I only have very limited time for sleep.

It won’t help much just by talking; I have to take concrete actions. When the CCP officials are drawing out their knives time and again, every action of theirs with blood on the blades, it is no use for us only to talk!

It’s fake news for overseas democratic activists to report that President Xi spends 20 thousand Euros to the hotel per night during his visits to Italy and France. These people lack basic understanding of China’s politics.

I am telling you that for Xi JInping or Wang Qishan to visit overseas, the hotel they are going to stay shall be vacated one week ahead of time. All furniture in the presidential suite must be removed and the rooms must be furnished again with new furniture transported by a special plane from China, including the toilets and rubbish bins. When Xi Jinping or Wang Qishan check in the hotel, they never touch the hotel furniture there; they only use their own amenities.

They have a whole week before the visit to clear the hotel and afterward, another 4-7 days to recover the furnishing. A pioneering team of security guards will make the full arrangements during the whole period. Do you think 20 thousand Euros will cover the costs per night? Or even 200 thousand?

One time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Europe, I saw them pay a bill of 3.6 million Euros. The boss of the hotel is named Henry. They have a team of 7 people from Hong Kong headed by a girl named Rebecca, a friend of mine. This team is responsible for the reception of Chinese high ranking officials visiting overseas. Mandarin Oriental has its headquarters in Beijing. Wherever there is a Mandarin Oriental in a visiting country, Chinese leader must choose to stay at this hotel.

Besides, they have the “Red Banner” vehicles transported by airplane from China. They have two Boeing 747 planes going together, loaded with helicopters, military vehicles, food and drinks, rubbish bins, everything.

And I am telling you that this time when Xi Jinping was out visiting Italy and France, all “Four Guns” from Wang Qishan’s family were sent out for missions. I am not going to tell you what are the “Four Guns” this time. I will tell you at a later time.

This time, the families of Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Jiang Zemin were all out on different missions, including their brothers and sisters. Why?

Two years ago I was listed as the number one enemy of China when I started the whistle blows. Things have been going well in my favor over the past two years. After two years, all family members of the state traitors are out in fights with us. Friends! What does that mean? What do you think the present situation is like?

I said before that the state traitors have no more than six steps of measures: first, they defame me; second, they freeze my assets; third, they cut all my connections; fourth, they seize all my properties; fifth, they detain all my family members; sixth, they plan assassinations. They have already used up all the six methods. What’s next then? They have no bullets but have to be all out by themselves.

Years ago at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, I sat with Liu Yanping, and Rebecca was also present. We drank too much that night. Walking down the stairs, I said to Liu Yanping, “I will have all the rivers and lakes under my control.” Liu asked, “What do you mean by that?” I said, “I will take control of all overseas anti-CCP forces”.

Liu said, “That’s good. After that, you listen to our command”. I said to him,”Oh No! I am not going to listen to you. Instead, I will challenge you – CCP.” Liu said, “Are you kidding?” But I was serious, truly”.

That day, Liu Yanping told me what they cared most was Ling Wancheng. He said to me, “If you can help get him back, you will become a national hero. You might win a position of Vice-premier or even Vice-president for his extradition.” And I laughed!

Liu Yanping used to tell me that Jiang Zemin is still in full control of the country. Although Liu Yanping, Meng Jianzhu, and Wang Qishan were all retired from CCP positions, they have all kept their powers. Liu is now leader of the Central Inspection Team; Meng still controls the police; and Sun Lijun is managing Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs.

In reality, Jiang Zemin still holds the central power, and Xi Jinping is only a puppet. What these people are doing in Hong Kong or even in the trade deal with the US is kept secret from President Xi. Xi has been kept away from the truth. In the mind of the Jiang family, Xi is only an idiot.

Let’s see what will happen next.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by staff



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