Know Miles Kwok, know China, know that world – part Eleven


In recent days, we started to learn about the Committee on the Present Danger: China, initiated by Steve Bannon and Frank Gaffney. The first day I met with Steve Bannon at a Washington hotel, we had talked about this project. You know last year I went to a remote mountain for a meeting; it was partly about this committee.

The Committee on the Present Danger is an American foreign policy interest group. Decades ago, it helped to overthrow the Soviet Union. We must be clear about the shortcomings of the Committee in its history. I know many people care about the founding members of this committee. Please pay attention to the most important part of the committee: its confidential commission and the executives commission. You never know who the members are. In front of these members, even Steve Bannon would pay his highest respect.

These secret members are the owners and key decision makers of the world’s major wealth, including the US dollar and the major financial institutions. They were the founding members of Bretton Woods System. They have the final control on the world’s economy. Few people learn about their names. But without their support, the Committee of the Present Danger has no value at all. The key there is money. As far as I know, these people have not made their final decision yet.

These secret members are the real shareholders of the Committee; and they are mostly my friends. Today, after this video broadcast, I will flight to California to meet one of them who is coming from Europe. He will wait for me at his home in California.

We were supposed to meet on the 9th of March with several of his friends to discuss the Rule of Law Fund and media coverage on some important issues, including issues related to this Committee. But other founding members took the lead to make the announcement about the establishment of the Committee. Because of insufficient preparation, only South China Morning Post, the Voice of America (and reported briefly on the establishment. It was a total failure with the media release as it has attracted very limited attention. I can say that the establishment has not won the support of all major financiers.

So next week I am going to visit some of them to discuss issues about the Rule of Law Fund and our cooperation with the executives of other major funds.

What are the key issues with the Executive Commission? Only two things: money and intelligence. Without money and intelligence, how can the Committee on the Present Danger confront the CCP regime? Only with sufficient intelligence and other resources, together with countless source of cash, can the Committee on the Present Danger play its role in the fights. It is these two commissions who have both the money and the intelligence resource in their hands.

One of the founding members, Mr. Brain Kennedy, whom I met last year in Washington, is chairman of the National Foundation who manages the two Trillion dollar Treasury Securities indebted with the Chinese government from 1949-2019. Many people have learned about this gentleman as chairman of the Committee with the media release. But I am telling you that the decision makers are with the confidential commission and executives commission, who coordinate with governments of sovereign countries in the west as equals.

Representatives from the former Soviet Union were excluded from these decision making commissions. Even Miles Kwok himself does not qualify for a membership.

Founding members of the Committee on the Present Danger might also leave the committee. After the collapse of former Soviet Union, many members were arrested or even killed. Because within the organization, members are fighting each other. In the United States, you can easily find members fighting each other within any organization, same as the CCP.

The only difference with the confrontations in the US is everything is under control with the rule of law. Within the organization of the CCP, the fights can be fatal as those with power like Wang Qishan would send its armed police to arrest and persecute their competitors.

That’s why in China there was the Cultural Revolution or the so-called anti-corruption campaign when people fought each other: people killing their parents, relatives killing each other, soldiers killing their colleagues.

We will also see more fights within the Committee of the Present Danger in the US. Wherever there is money and fame, there is struggle. I have learned about fights among the members in recent days. That’s why their media release this time was a total failure. I have exchanged views with Steve Bannon in this regard.

In Japan and Europe, the Rule of Law Fund has a much better reputation. In future, the role the Rule of Law Fund plays to deal with the CCP will be more important than the Committee of the Present Danger.

We can see there are some connections between the Committee, the Mueller report, and the on-going trade negotiations. These happenings also have some connection with our whistle blows in the past two years. But we shall not be misled by the fake democratic activists. We have the most lofty mission – take down the CCP and give Chinese people a better future.

I strongly oppose the idea of “Committee on the Present Danger: China”. It should be “Committee on the Present Danger: CCP”.

We must not act against China or the Chinese people. Our target is the CCP, not China or the Chinese people. Many ordinary Chinese have donated their money to us after selling their cattle. We won’t allow anyone to use this money to act against them.

In our constitution, we must clearly state “We shall fight the Communist Party of China”. Our target is the CCP and a few traitors. 99% of CCP members are good people; they are not our enemies. We will only eliminate CCP’s evil system and establish a constitutional democracy for all Chinese. We will have a new system with judicial independence, the rule of law, freedom of speech and media supervision, votes by the people, religious freedom, and equal rights for all. The new government only act as executives.

China shall have a long-standing constitution. Today, China’s Constitution has been kidnapped; the whole nation has been kidnapped by the traitors; the country is now ruled by evil gangsters.

After we take down the CCP, we must return the money to the Chinese people. We shall never sacrifice the interests of the Chinese people to satisfy the desires of the fake democratic activists. We must guarantee the “bread” for the Chinese people.

The CCP officials have claimed themselves to be shepherds. They are the sheep keepers while the Chinese people are their sheep. We won’t agree. All Chinese are citizens; they are equals.

In recent days, I heard about the sad story of Professor Xu Zhangrun from Tsinghua University and read some of his articles. He has lots of readers in the west. In our organization, or the Committee of the Present Danger, we must have a voice for Chinese intellectuals. Western countries shall issue special visas to these intellectuals and their family members, and give them proper protection.

Communism is dying and the days of the CCP are numbered. This is a historical trend. No one can stop it from happening. What I worry most is not the CCP, but the fate of the Chinese people.

In my private jet, I thought of what will happen to our fellow Chinese after the west has taken serious measures against China. They will hurt our people. I was very sad thinking of this.

The purpose of my trip in the afternoon to California to meet those friends is this: I must make it clear to them that we should only act against the CCP, not China or the Chinese people. I will discuss the details with them.

We need to wake up the majority of CCP members. We must reunite the majority of Chinese people and join hands with them to overthrow the CCP regime.

These are my main plans.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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