Know Guo Wengui, know Hong Kong, know the world – part 17

Hong Kong focus.

Dear warrior friends! Today is August 14 and I am sending my greetings here in New York.

Last night, after I had the whistle blow and later several meetings, I had a wonderful dinner.

As far as I know, the dinner of the CCP lobbyists in Washington and New York was really of bad tastes. They failed in their attempts to turn the table over.

At this critical moment, anyone with brains in the United States would withdraw their hands to help the CCP dictatorship.

If we take a look at the history of the CCP, they have always knelt down to beg for survival; thus they have made themselves the ball in the hands of other interest groups. They have always traded the interests of the Chinese people for their temporary safety so that they can muddle through the times of difficulties.

But during the process, the CCP has committed too many crimes. The Americans are not stupid; they won’t be fooled around any more.

Nowadays in the United States, within the two parties, whether you are in the White House, the House of Representatives, or outside the Capitol Hill as political opponents, who dares to promise the CCP something, or make a deal with them?

Our friends as government officials in Washington have explicitly told the CCP delegation, “No matter how many groups of lobbyists you have sent here, no matter what methods you are using in your persuasion, it is absolutely impossible for Washington to treat you in the way it did before.”

These American officials have made clear to Yang Jiechi and other CCP officials in his delegation as well as financiers in Wall Street who are giving the CCP a helping hand that “it is absolutely impossible for Washington to treat the CCP the way it did before.”

This is unprecedented. It was said these CCP officials were shocked with the U.S. attitude.

Mike Pompeo was criticized by many today for not refusing to meet with Yang Jiechi.

Two things I need to tell you, friends, which I was very much worried and concerned about last night.

I am telling you today that no one can trade the safety of the Hong Kong students on the streets for a deal with the CCP regime. Absolutely no one!

Remember, we are still at a critical moment, in 48 hours from 7-8 hours before to the remaining 40 hours. Everything is still under way, and we are still waiting for the decision. But what comes out will be phenomenal. It relates to too many aspects.

All the quiet VIPs are now gathering in Washington and New York. All monsters and demons are also out there performing: some are lobbyists for the CCP; some are laying traps; some are giving threats; some are alluring people with BGY schemes. Dramatic things are happening every minute.

At the same time on Hong Kong streets, the protests have never stopped.

The Hong Kong police has requested legislative measures to protect the Hong Kong airport, but their efforts will be in vain. They ignored the legislation when the Extradition Bill was challenged. Now Teresa Cheng, Steven Lo, and John Lee want to stress the rule of law at the airport.

But law is not made for the politicians; law is made for justice and for the interests of the public. Law serves at least the majority, if not all.

The CCP has exhausted its last wits and tricks. They want to find faults with the students and make it an excuse for brutality.

Last night at Sham Shui Po, look at those armed forces confronting the students! How many of them are Hong Kong policemen? Most of them are from the CCP’s armed police and PLA troops in disguise.

Their performances have been recorded into videos minute by minute. And the world can see the truth.

The exposure of the truth of their evil acts tells the world the real face of the CCP with its nature as a mafia-like gangsters organization. That also includes their evil acts and awkward performances in Washington and New York. That also includes their lobbying in other countries.

The Americans are now clear-minded. The CCP is active in criminal acts. They are fully aware of that.

In Hong Kong, the police shot a girl in the eye. But the CCP propaganda machine tells she was hurt in the eye by the students in protests. A total disgrace!

Yesterday during Yang Jiechi’s stay in New York, his American counterparts bluntly challenged him, “If you dare to have another 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Hong Kong, if you have hoped for the U.S. to get its hands off Hong Kong while your tanks are smashing the students, you are having a day dream!”

Mr. Yang Jiechi, listen, have I said the right words? No Way!

If you are doing another Tiananmen Massacre on Hong Kong streets and want to get away with it, no way!

You have plans for lobbying in Washington, to interfere in the 2020 elections, to play games with the U.S. so that they can give you a second chance. No way! Impossible!

The Americans won’t want this to happen; the whole world won’t want this to happen.

The CCP has tried to influence the U.S. stock markets and pose a threat to the U.S. economy. They did that before. If they dare to do it again, they will have serious consequences.

The Americans have told Yang Jiechi that they are very clear what the CCP has done and will be doing in Hong Kong. When it is time to take actions, they will take actions.

The Americans are fully aware of the fact that the CCP’s armed police and PLA troops have mixed into the Hong Kong police force and local mafia-gangsters organizations.

Yang Jiechi has brought a private letter by President Xi; he has come with a promise to purchase U.S. agricultural products; he has expressed the willingness to talk with the US government on the crisis of Hong Kong.

Yang even invited the U.S. government to talks for politically solving the Hong Kong issue. Now they hope for U.S. interference for a political solution. Is it going to be another game?

Before Yang Jiechi and his delegation arrived in New York, I had told the U.S. government what they were going to propose to the U.S.. I have advised my U.S. friends not to run into their traps any more. Never again!

Currently, the U.S. government has set up a secret organization to investigate into the protests in Hong Kong, CCP’s interference in the U.S. stock markets, and its currency manipulation.

China is still the most-favored nation and Hong Kong a free trade zone. If one of the statuses is cancelled, the CCP will come to its doom, not to mention the fact that CCP leaders will be sanctioned, their overseas assets will be frozen, and announcements will be made one by one with these measures.

As the ordinary Chinese are to learn about the facts, more demonstrations will take place on Chinese streets and the CCP regime will meet its darkest nightmare.

By now, Europe has already started their investigations into the banks with personal accounts of CCP leaders and their families with huge transactions, or quiet deposits in huge amounts from China. New legislation in Europe will force cooperation from those big banks with huge deposits from China, including purchases of properties.

The united strength of America and Europe will give the CCP a final blow. No diplomatic efforts will save them from disasters.

Dear warrior friends, especially those from Hong Kong, good news are coming!

Everything is just beginning!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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