Hong Kong focus: Know Guo Wengui, know China, know the world – part 16


From the video we just played, you have learned about the protests of Hong Kong civil servants. Some people said 120 thousand people have turned out, some said 80 thousand, and the police put the number at 20 thousand. My figure is more than 100 thousand, for sure. This event is significant.

In Hong Kong’s history, this is the first time the civil servants have stood up against the government.

What were the people protesting on the streets now? Look! Administrative personnel! They are not just ordinary civil servants. They are like officials from the Police, Procuratorate, and Justice departments in the mainland, people from the legal circles, government departments including the transport control, immigration, all kinds of people in public affairs. It was the first time in terms of scale and level of qualifications.

What does that mean? The Hong Kong government is basically paralyzed; even their followers are rebellious. The administration has basically failed.

Think of this: behind each of these 100 thousand civil servants, there are, say, four families. They represent 400 thousand families, or even more. How many kids? Say each family has 2.5 kids, how many of them in total?

Last time over two million people turned out for protests. Each of them is linked to three. And that is a total of six million. Friends! See the strength? In any other country, this automatically gives rise to a new government, to electing a new president, or forming a new party.

But you can see, when I forecast the martial law the other day, Hong Kong police started to arrest Chen Haotian as they had found gun powder and arrows. With my many years working in Hong Kong, I have been too familiar with their tactics. In Hong Kong, it is almost impossible for weapons to be smuggled in. That’s why Hong Kong has been safe at large with the mafia gangsters playing only with knives, see?

If the Hong Kong police want to frame you into a crime, it can be done easily. Hong Kong police are reckless nowadays; they can willfully freeze your bank accounts and take your money. They can charge you of money laundering and put you into investigation for a hundred years.

They can check all your bank transactions, confiscate your assets and get you into death by hunger. They have the power. Compared to police in other countries, Hong Kong police have the most powers. Under CCP’s governance, there is no rule of law. They do what they like. They rule with evil law. The evil law of Hong Kong police is frightening.

The actions of Hong Kong police are closely linked to the street protests by its civil servants. These administrative officers know: the CCP is going to take action, and the Hong Kong government has worked with the triad groups.

These civil servants are clear that the police have also played a part in the mafia riots. The CCP government has sent out their policemen too, in plain clothes or in the uniforms of the Hong Kong police. The Special Tactical Squad is made up of policemen controlled by the CCP.

These civil servants are now scared because they have family members, kids and relatives. They have fears.

At this moment, we must be clear about one thing: Hong Kong’s economy. What has happened with Hong Kong’s financial market? The Central government is doing its best to stabilize the Heng Seng Index. Large private funds or state-owned financial companies that make up 60% of the market value are not allowed to sell their stocks. To them, stabilizing the financial market is the same important as cracking down the riots. This is an order from the top leadership. Please remember this. They will have an official document out soon.

Many officials have been warned of their lives to ensure the stability. They would do anything to keep the Heng Seng Index at 27500 points, the bottom line 27000. Hong Kong dollar exchange rate with U.S. dollars must not exceed 7.85.

They are working hard to avoid financial crisis, collapse of financial institutions. All large amount transfers must be checked for approval. This is key.

Warrior friends, the civil servants working for the Hong Kong government know the situation and what the CCP is going to do. Hong Kong’s economy is fake; transactions are manipulated. They control the currency, the exchange rate. They are scared too.

You know, some PLA troops are already in Hong Kong. Don’t be naïve by telling that the PLA has not yet come. They are already there, in Hong Kong uniforms. If you are not aware, you are truly stupid.

Their number maybe twenty thousand or ten thousand, but they are already there. In addition, they have the ammunition there too. Most of the troops are now deployed along the border with Shenzhen and Zhuhai, waiting for orders. Some are armed police or riot police, some PLA troops, and the navy too, in great number from the water, land and air.

On the surface, they do things to stabilize the economy, to control the money. Those in Hong Kong police uniforms have come into for targeting killings. The CCP leaders call that “targeting killings”, catching or beating the heads of protesters.

After that, they must try to control the media. Many media have been threatened. Have you seen the media of Hong Kong daring to speak out for the people? Do you see many courageous reporters interviewing the protesters? All broadcast with Phoenix TV are against the protests; their cameras never capture the scenes of mass demonstrations. This is their Grand Propaganda Campaign, the media control.

The CCP government has control over all the messages you send out from your phones. They know how and where you have gathered. The Hong Kong writer Ni Kuang was right to say that “it is good luck for Hong Kong protests not to have a leader.” If there is a leader, he will be the first to be targeted or executed.

Under martial law, they can make arrests anytime. As far as I know, they are ready to take those actions. And they will arrest those targeted leaders first.

Again, you may not have noticed a strange phenomenon in Hong Kong: where are the foreigners? How many foreigners have left Hong Kong? How many still stay there? Foreigners are the same important as the financial markets in the free trade hub. Where are the foreign interference, and the black hands from the U.S.?

I am telling you: nearly 40% foreigners have left; they have left Hong Kong quietly. No one reported about this. Few have left because of fears. How have they left?

Remember, why am I so sure of the martial law? The CCP government has asked foreigners to leave, as part of their plan, especially those with influence. They want to shut the mouths of foreign media. This is the key factor to show that they are going to enforce the martial law.

Like June Fourth in 1989, they asked the foreigners to leave, the foreign media to leave, so that no one would see their guns and shields. The Central government has made the decision; they have given orders to its economic or financial officials to set their targets. This is a sign that they are going to take action.

Poor western people! Poor world! We have not seen any media coverage about this. It has been so many years. We have trusted the western media; that has been our disaster.

Looking back, have we seen the facts revealed by the media? Has any of the media led us to a better life? Have we avoided crises or become safer because of them? No! Think of this!

What’s happening in Hong Kong has opened our eyes to the world. It has made us better understand the world, what is right or wrong, true or false and where we can find justice.

Please keep your eyes on Hong Kong!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff



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