Know Guo Wengui, know China, know the world – part 15


Friends, let’s talk about something very important to our Expose Revolution. Few of you may have known the significance of Hong Kong as a Free Trade Zone. Let me tell you in simple words, if the agreement on which the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone is built is cancelled, that means the west and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are at war. If this agreement is cancelled, the geo-economic framework of Asia and the world will be completely changed. Do you know how much is linked to this change? Five trillion U.S. dollars!

Hong Kong is a small place but this five trillion relates to investments from across Asia; this change will cause dramatic fluctuation in the world’s top ten stock markets. This can be an earthquake to shake the Himalayas, causing panic of all funds in Wall Street, especially among investors from Europe and the Middle East. This can be a war and an earthquake. There will be a re-structure of the world’s currencies.

What is the result then? It might be the occurrence of important events, including the possibility of a regional war. The world order after World War Two shall be re-written, I am not joking. Yesterday we talked about the payment of five million to ten million dollars from the Rule of Law Fund, for lobbying to make this cancellation happen. That is a big BIG thing.

Yesterday, Mr. Steve Bannon was so crazy that he even wants to go to Hong Kong immediately. I asked, “What are you going there for?” Bannon is a Catholic; in Hong Kong the most famous and well-respected Catholic is His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kiun. He is the Pope in Asia. For many days, the Catholic world has been furious and we saw Cardinal Joseph shed tears amid the protesters. They are truly devoted believers.

Bannon said he is going to Hong Kong, and he may join Joseph Zen for a speech there. I was very worried and I begged him not to go there. I warned him, “You are not afraid of death, but the CCP wants you to die. They can get you in a traffic accident. You fear nothing, risking your life, but will get our Expose Revolution into trouble. CCP just said we are the black hands; and if you go, you truly become the blackest hand!” It took me a long time to persuade him not to go there. But you know, Mr. Bannon is a straight-forward man, truly without fear for death. He is such a different person!

Dear warrior friends, I was very busy and tired yesterday after talking for seven and a half hours to people on the phone; my throat is sore and burning. Mr. Bannon was here half a day, the last hour talking about Hong Kong. We have some powerful leaders from the Congress and senators who are fully committed to the mission of taking down CCP.

You may have noticed a video made public 48 hours ago by a Youtube channel called Himalaya Global Work Station. I don’t know who has opened the account, maybe Little Brother David from Britain, or Randal DeJong, I really don’t know. But that interview with General Robert Spalding was really wonderful. It is very popular in the western world.

General Spalding was a high ranking intelligence official in the military, able to operate a B2 jet fighter. He is a strong and handsome young man, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, a dear warrior friend of us. Please remember what General Spalding has said, “The country of China is not controlled by the Chinese people or the Chinese government. It is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.” These words shocked the European Parliament. Ambassadors from many embassies in Washington have come to me for an answer, “Is what the general has said true or false?”

This is a ridiculous world. Warrior friends, you may not have thought so. CCP has survived 70 years and raped the Chinese population 70 years. General Spalding was the first foreign general to speak out the truth. It was me who had told General Spalding about this; it was our Expose Revolution that had taught him about this.

CCP does not represent a sovereign state; it does not represent the people, either. When there is a talk between two countries, what the foreign head of state faces is not China, but CCP. This country is not owned by its people, but by CCP. Who is CCP? CCP is owned by just a few individuals. Do you understand this? Have I made myself understood?

Another thing, the general said China and the U.S. shall never have a trade deal, no matter who takes the presidency. He is one of the most trusted officials in the Trump administration. You know, with his position in the White House, he is just as important as Mr. Bannon as the strategist.

No matter who takes the presidency, CCP must be eliminated. Have you caught the idea? In his 40-minute video, he said CCP does not represent the Chinese people; it does not represent China. Both Americans and the western world must be clear that the opposite side they have been having a relationship with is not China or the Chinese people. You cannot sign a trade deal with them; even you have signed it, it will have no binding force legally. Understand?

Dear friends! This man is a high ranking official in the U.S government; he has powers. He talked about CCP’s invasion in the west, in espionage, intelligence, the media and other areas. He is very clear about that. During last summit meeting between Trump and Xi, it was General Spalding who accompanied Fang Fenghui on the same flight to Mar-a-Lago Resort.

Take a look! CCP is still feeling comfortable with its exaggerated and empty talks. It sits in Beijing, recklessly directing the 1.4 billion people and even wants the whole world to listen to it. They solve problems with money and women. If money or sex does not work, they make up scandals and use them as an excuse for arrests. If their BGY does not work, they plan murders, like the case of Wang Jian. CCP is reckless in killing. This world can’t be raped by CCP forever.

Things are clear now. Do you see? Within the US government, there are clear-minded people. And about Trump’s election in U.S. politics, more and more people have come to understand the importance of the China issue. If Donald Trump wants to win the 2020 elections, he has only one choice: wipe out the CCP! If he is not to deal with the CCP, he won’t win. Anyone else who stands out to challenge Trump won’t win either if he does not take on Communist China!

How can we take down the CCP? A year ago, or nearly two years ago, I have told my warrior friends how to achieve that. Yesterday, a U.S official challenged me, saying “Wengui, I was the first person to take on the CCP, not you!” I asked him, “What did you say?” He said, “I was the first to say that Hong Kong is the gate to burial of the CCP. When Hong Kong Free Trade Zone status is cancelled, CCP is dead.” I challenged him, “Nonsense! Go check my words! But I’m not going to argue with you here. You are an author, only good at writing books. Go back home and write your books; don’t fool around people here! Guo Wengui is the fore-runner to eliminate CCP. You shall never have the chance to take credit for that!”

At a meeting yesterday afternoon, I told my people to keep a close look at the on-going demonstrations in Hong Kong. Some people said about an estimate of 30 thousand protesters. I said half a million. Last night I received frequent phone calls from a media boss who has blocked our accounts repeatedly. He wants to make an appointment with me but I refuse to meet him. He made the phone call in Europe, asking for a private meeting and a confidential agreement between us not to disclose the content of the meeting. He knows he will get into huge trouble in future as he suspended so many accounts of our warrior friends on May 31. The collective compensation will be in huge amount of dollars. My legal team has told him that Guo Wengui is leading these warriors to sue him and he would lose dearly. Last night, I refused to meet or sign any agreement with him. I don’t want him to walk up my balcony and look at the Central Park from there.

He said his media was fully open for the demonstrations in Hong Kong. What a shame! As a social media, you are obliged to be open. Why do you have censorship? How much cash has the Communist Party given you? Hong Kong is at a critical time, but he is still playing games with me.

At a meeting yesterday, a proposal was raised about Hong Kong. They want to formulate a Declaration of Independence for Hong Kong, citing British and American history regarding the Tea Party. I was furious about the idea. These people are so naïve.

Now across the border in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, tens of thousands of PLA troops have been deployed; at the PLA military camp in Hong Kong, countless guns and ammunition are stored. Tens of thousands of riot police uniforms and vehicles have been prepared. They are well-prepared to suppress Hong Kong demonstrators.

If we make out a Declaration of Independence, America will truly become the Black Hand, an excuse for another massacre like the Tiananmen Massacre. In 1989, some American capitalists put forward a similar proposal and Deng Xiaoping made his conclusion for military suppression based on the so-called “micro-climate and macro-climate”. When the Statue of Liberty is raised on the Streets of Hong Kong, America will become the black hand of this movement and CCP shall make this an excuse to use military forces in Hong Kong.

A declaration of independence shall be disastrous for Hong Kong. If Mr. Steve Bannon and Cardinal Joseph met in Hong Kong streets for a joint speech, the life of both of them will be in great danger.

These American officials were happy to see that Hong Kong protesters raised the request for universal elections in the territory during the protests at Kowloon. They were also happy to see the Statue of Liberty out on the streets. But I want to tell our warrior friends, these are not my proposals.

I have told our Hong Kong friends repeatedly that they shall never request for independence. Secondly, do not hold signs with these words, “We are not Chinese.” Third, please do not raise British flags there. And do not impose your personal wishes on the heads of seven million Hong Kong people. Don’t let the tragedy of Beijing June Fourth replay in Hong Kong. Don’t give CCP an excuse for military suppression.

You must remember: you all love China and love the Chinese people. We surely request for a universal election. I have full confidence that those four people must be fired. That’s the logic of CCP: these four people must end in disasters. They will be traced all over the globe. And one thing for sure: CCP does not represent China or the Chinese people! You can raise the Statue of Liberty, but please be careful with what you do.

What’s happening in Kowloon has once again shocked the world. Please bear in mind: the West Kowloon Train Station is the underground tunnel for CCP kidnappings; it’s the death channel for Hong Kong people. Three years ago when I met Liu Yanping in London, I said this was a death channel for Hong Kong people. Liu Yanping laughed, “How do you know?”

I want to repeat: Kowloon Station is a death tunnel for Hong Kongners. After the protests, Hong Kong people must tear down the Kowloon station, block the underground subway from Kowloon to Central, block Hong Kong international airport, and block the Hong Kong stock exchange. This is the right of Hong Kong people, because they threaten the life and safety of the Hong Kong people.

They say those students are rioters. I am telling you: CCP is a mafia-like organization; it is a gang of numerous crimes. The CCP government is illegitimate; it has no authority to name Hong Kong residents as rioters.

When CCP rose, it killed many landlords. Was that lawful? Definitely no! CCP has committed many crimes of killing and deserves a death penalty. The Nanchang Uprising and WuChang Uprising were all riots, killing people with guns. In those days, the legitimate government was led by the Nationalist Party. CCP started a series of riots and so-called movements. Compared to the students today in Hong Kong, those CCP members who attended those uprisings were true criminals.

Today’s demonstrations in Hong Kong are peaceful. The people of Hong Kong are fighting for freedom and democracy and expressing their heart-felt opinions. The whole world have kept an eye on this and are sure Hong Kong people are doing the right thing.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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