Know Guo Wengui, Know China, Know the World – part 14


Mr. Wenzheng and all fellow Taiwanese, all the deals between Communist China and America are bad for Taiwan. But Taiwan should stand out with its wealth of 580 billion U.S dollar GDP and over 230 million people.

In my opinion, Taiwan has five points (I call Five Centers) to be proud of and make the country great.

First, Taiwan is a Chinese cultural centre that has kept an uncut history of thousands of years. In contrast, the Chinese Communist Party regime is a centre of gangsters. CCP claims to be dearer than our parents. CCP officials are sexually abusing those Chinese mothers, grandmothers, sisters and even 9-year-old girls. Therefore, the CCP government is a center of gangsters of sex abuses. What is Taiwan? Taiwan is a centre of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese traditional cultures. This is the greatest value of the Chinese people well preserved by Taiwanese people.

Secondly, Taiwan is the religious centre that Chinese people need the most. Taiwan has churches, temples and Confucian training centers everywhere. Taiwan has the best and last philosophers of China. Think backward of the magnificent Chinese civilization of thousands of years! The CCP talks high of this too, but CCP knows nothing about its great value. The CCP leadership is a mafia center, believing in the Thick Black Theory. The essence of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian beliefs is still kept intact in Taiwan.

Thirdly, there are many well-known Chinese scientists and professors highly respected in the western world and most of them come from Taiwan. Taiwan is an intellectual center of Asia. What about the CCP regime? They are the center of technical thefts, good at stealing others’ technology. This demon has brought the Chinese to shame. Like those bastards Wei Shi, Xiong Xianmin and others at the federal court, they are only good at abusive talks and self-inflicted performances. Many well-respected professors and doctors we have seen in the Silicon Valley and Manhattan have come from Taiwan. Although they are both Chinese, you can easily tell the differences of Taiwanese and mainlanders.

And we have the fourth center in Taiwan. The CCP leadership tells the whole nation to obey its orders. They have claimed that everything belongs to the party and everyone must listen to the party. That is a center of robbers. The CCP regime robs the whole nation, nationalizing the national territory, personalizing politics and making governance under the full control of the party. The Party takes full control of businesses, and then turns them into the private wealth of several families so that the private assets of Chinese citizens finally go into the wallets of just a few CCP leaders. Private property is centralized, then nationalized; state power is privatized. That is truly a center of robbery. The CCP regime has robbed and kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese.

Let’s look at Taiwan. Taiwan is what the Chinese people have hoped for, a center of freedom and democracy. For decades, Taiwanese have demonstrated to the world that human with yellow skin can also have freedom and democracy in their DNA.

Fifth, most people may not have noticed that Taiwan is also a center of arts. This is a civilized world. Wherever we go, we can see designs of arts. Like here, Joe and I have today a huge table in the shape of a B2 bomber jet assembled by a dozen people after 7-8 hours’ work. This might be the biggest office table on earth. It cost me 10 million yuan to make. Art pieces like this have shocked many people as they have never seen such a magnificent office table.

My idea for this art piece has originated in Taiwan. Taiwan gave me the education; it is the greatest art and design center in Asia. In western companies, we have seen many great designers and architects from Taiwan.

Mr. Wenzheng, the 101 storey tower behind you in Taibei is a masterpiece of Hong Guo and Lin Hongdao’s family. They are a team of great architects. Some of these great architects had cooperation with me in designing and building my Yuda International Trade Center. This 101 story tower here in Taiwan is like a magic needle to quiet the ocean waves. It saves Taiwan from natural disasters, according to some Taoists. At the time of President Lee Teng-hui, I maintained a friendly relationship with the Hong family. I have learned that in those days, President Lee often paid private visits to the architect’s family.

Today, when we look at Taiwan’s buildings, its city layouts, those designs, hotels and services, we rank them some of the best in the world. This is a design and art center where the intelligence of the Chinese people is well presented. In mainland China, we see people use their intelligence to make self-inflicted injuries, to become copycats, to make fake vaccines, to sell fake products like Alibaba, to manipulate the market like Baidu, or to steal technology like Huawei.

In Taiwan, we see technology companies like TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and others, who work to create an annual GDP of 580-billion dollars.

See what we have learned from the G20 summit. The CCP leadership is very clear that they lack what Taiwan has. They don’t want to learn; they only want to steal and rob. That’s the whole meaning of re-unification.

They want to rob the Taiwanese but at the same time they want to tell the world that they are doing that “legally”. That’s why they have warned the U.S. government: “keep your hands off Taiwan and Hong Kong! That is our internal affair.” They accuse the U.S. of lifting a stone to have its toes squashed.

In the issue of Taiwan, the CCP leadership insists on the Joint Declaration with the Americans. But when Britain came out with the Joint Declaration on the issue of Hong Kong, they claimed the document has no binding force. What a reasoning of robbers! Mr. Wenzheng, when you and I have an agreement today, I say it is no longer working when it goes against me. Do you think I am a sensible person? Do you want that agreement with a rogue?

Let me tell you another story. In 1989 when I visited Manhattan, on the roof of street No.500 on 72 Avenue, I had a dozen of little kids from Taiwan. These kids behaved politely and would thank me many times when I gave out drinks and foods, before and after. When I took them out for leisure in my car, they never forget to say “Thank you!”, deep from their hearts.

I had three bedrooms in the apartment and they sometimes just lay there for sleep. After I came back to China, some of these kids became my employees and stayed with me for four or five years. In those days, I met some of the world’s best architects, and interior designers.

One of the designers later became a chief representative of a famous Singapore company in China and a co-founder.

She is a beautiful girl from Taibei. One day, I went to Milan for a furniture show and she was there too. As she was coming back to Beijing, I invited her onto my private jet. My plane was delayed for a whole day for her and I prepared the best food and champagne onboard. After a dozen hours’ flight, she got off my plane without saying a word of “Thank you!” She was making a good fortune in China but I never want to see her again.

Mr. Wenzheng, I want to tell you from this story that Taiwanese people are good, but when they come to work with the Communist Party and accept their ideology, the viewpoints of the world gradually change. Such a beautiful girl like her from Taibei, graduated from Taiwan University, with a major in politics, later studied architectural design in New York, and made a fortune in Communist China. See what she has learned – the ugliness of the CCP culture, totally no heart for gratitude.

Think of this, Mr. Wenzheng. If Taiwan came back to the mainland in a re-unification, the island will have more CCP-like politicians. Look at Terry Gou, Ke Wenzhe, and Han Guoyu, the same look, the same language, the same hairstyle – they can make Taibei city into another Zhongnanhai. They would tell lies, they would kowtou to the CCP – see their hand gestures, the way they bow, their language, the way they speak to the media – just the performances of another CCP.

Like the beautiful Taibei girl – she changes so fast. Soon we will not see the civilized Taiwan with free politics and democracy. As we can see from the G20 summit, it is an affair of life and death for the CCP and Taiwan must be their first condition for exchange. Terry Gou, Han Guoyu and Ke Wenzhe will be Taiwan’s traitors. It’s a plan of the CCP regime to support them in office. They will bring about a huge threat. Are the Taiwanese people prepared for this? What should they do?

Let’s talk about the United States, the role it can play in this relationship and the impact of the U.S. 2020 election on Taiwan. Responsibly, I am telling my fellow Taiwanese that in the past two years, Wengui has been the first to call for global attention on Taiwan. I have warned the Trump administration of keeping the security pact with Taiwan and maintaining the cross-strait situation. I have advised the Taiwanese government to actively participate in international relations, to act independently in politics, and keeping a close strategic relationship with the United States. My efforts have been the most effective.

I will keep my credit for this. I have been trying to explain to officials in U.S. Congress and the White House, including General Robert Spalding, and make them feel that the issue of Taiwan is the core interest of the American nation. The issue of Taiwan is not about race; it is not about strategic advantages, I have told them, it is about trust, it is about faith, it is about life and death. Taiwan is not a card to be played with by the governments of U.S. and China, a pawn for negotiation. It is a place that the U.S must protect.

I have felt that the issue of Taiwan will become one of the major concerns in U.S. 2020 elections. The focus of negotiations between CCP and America is not trade or technology. Taiwan 2020 election will be the key topic. I think Washington has already felt this as well. And the CCP leadership is most scared that America would take this issue onto the table.

So the issue of Taiwan is of number one importance. Lobbyists in the K. street of Washington are every day busy with this. Next is Hong Kong, third is Huawei. CCP has no interest for any trade deal. It manipulates its currency and works well with the tariffs. Technology theft and technical blockade are not the issues.

The focus is Taiwan.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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