Know Guo wengui, Know China, Know Hong Kong- part 18


Dear warrior friends, today is August 23. Guo Wengui is sending his greetings here for peace and safety.

Have you done your exercises today? Did you pour water onto your body? Did you spread the news about Hong Kong?

I was supposed to have a live broadcast yesterday at noon. When I came to the office, John asked if we were going to have a live broadcast. I said I was waiting for the news. But I did not receive that, so I went home and had dinner with my family, after which I brought a dinner box for John.

That was about 6:00 pm when I had my dinner with my family. I waited and waited, ready for a live broadcast, but the news had not come out. Then I walked away for a meeting. There was no broadcast yesterday.

This morning, as I was about to have the live broadcast, many things happened; thus I put aside the broadcast.

Now I want to give you a simple account. I can be assured this is going to be the most critical moment in two years of our whistle blows. The U.S. government and European governments, or with the U.S. leading the actions, will start to have sanctions against individuals of the Hong Kong government and high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This is going to be the Pandora Box in the west. Once the Pandora Box is opened, no one can stop the things and the CCP is going to end. The CCP will soon be over, I can assure you, very soon. And I am right here waiting for that moment.

Sanctions against some Hong Kong government officials-this is the first point.

Second point, the Hong Kong Relation Act and the Agreement on Hong Kong Free Trade Zone will be suspended or canceled. That’s what I have been waiting for since yesterday. As far as I know, it will soon happen.

The third point, the U.S. and Europe will have a clearer expression on their political stance. There will be a series of protective measures and policies to protect Hong Kong.

On August the first, I announced the CCP was to enforce a martial law or emergency act in Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, the CCP sent its troops in secretly. The U.S. and Europe have completely accurate information on how many people they have sent in secretly. The West has monitored their movements closely.

The courageous senior colonel who had sent us the information risked his life and freedom for the warning to Hong Kongers. Our warning frightened the CCP so that they were restrained to have the troops station inside the Shenzhen Stadium and several parks and parking places.

This has protected the Hong Kongers from suffering more bloodshed or life losses. That was an alarm for Hong Kong. And more importantly, this has given the west an opportunity to see more clearly about the situations in Hong Kong.

Now the west is fully prepared. It gives Hong Kong more time, and it gives the world more time as well, so that they are serious to deal with the gangsters-like CCP.

If the CCP dares to have the martial law and another massacre, the west will waste no time to speak out their attitudes. We have already seen expressions of attitudes from the west that have given Hong Kong enough international environment and protection. This is the most significant value of our live broadcast on August the first.

Some people said Guo Wengui had come out as a representative of Xi Jinping to make the announcement to frighten the Hong Kong people. They said I told a lie on August the first about the martial law. Do you think Hong Kong people are so timid as to be so easily scared by the words of Guo Wengui? Do you think they will give up protesting on streets with that lie of mine? Do you think Hong Kong people are submissive as such? What is my purpose to tell such a lie?

These bastards are spreading rumors; they must have eaten CCP’s dog food.

How could I have represented Xi Jinping? 100 Xi Jinpings won’t deserve my representation. I won’t represent him even though he has knelt down to beg. You have looked down upon me as such.

We have achieved our goal with my announcement on August the first. For 20 days since August the first, the international political environment for Hong Kong has completely changed. Many people in the world have expressed their attitudes explicitly: if the CCP dares to take actions, they would never sit there idly. They would never allow another 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre; the west would never give the CCP another chance.

Like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who told Yang Jiechi in New York, “you shall never do that one more time!” Yang Jiechi has come to the U.S. to make a deal. If the Secretary of State was unaware of his purpose, he might have been cheated. But on that day, he explicitly told Yang not to have a day dream! “If you want the U.S. to treat the CCP the same as it did before, you are having a day dream!” “If you dare to do that again, the U.S. will take all necessary actions.” You know these were Pompeo’s words.

Just days ago, there was an economic meeting of 50 top VIPs in New York. At the meeting, there was a consensus: the U.S. will start overall economic sanctions as the CCP’s armed police and PLA troops have entered Hong Kong territory secretly according to intelligence or evidence. Among the 50 VIPs, a few are Wang Qishan’s friends, powerful financiers who have made the biggest deals with HNA Group. A clear message has been delivered to these financiers: you will be the enemies of the United States if you continue to invest in CCP’s companies.

Now the U.S. is considering canceling Hong Kong’s most-favored nation status and the Free Trade Zone Agreement and sanctioning Hong Kong government officials. It has labeled China a currency manipulator. That will mean a decoupling of the U.S. dollar with the Hong Kong dollar and stopping their foreign exchange with the U.S. dollar. One month ago, no one would ever imagine this to happen. People said I was crazy when I told about the possibilities. Now things are very clear and will happen any time while I am setting up my equipment here for a live broadcast.

Today we have seen a press conference in Hong Kong. According to the young lady who sat there to testify, she was detained by police, had her clothes stripped off; when she tried to cover her lower body with her hands, a policewoman used a pen to force her hands off so that her naked body was fully exposed. This policewoman admired her body because she is really very beautiful. Then the door was opened, and a dozen policeman stood in front of her.

Do you still remember that two years ago I told a similar story? When my colleagues were detained by the Special Task Force from Beijing Public Security Bureau, the policemen had their hands into their lower body for checks.

One female colleague was asked to go there too. She drove her car there. When she arrived, she was scolded by the police. When she challenged them, she was pushed onto the wall while two policewomen took her clothes off, searching her body. After the policewomen left, she was standing there with no clothes on. Other policemen came and passed, staring at her naked body.

When I told about the sexual harassment, many people said I was making up a story. The same thing happened today in Hong Kong. Two years ago, they said I was making up the story. But today this story happened on the body of a Hong Kong female.

You are now watching my whistle blow; don’t you think such kind of things won’t happen on the bodies of your family members? Do you think that the CCP’s policemen only do such things on my family and colleagues while treat yours all the way good?

I told my American friends that when the CCP has ruled over the United States, they would do the same things to the Americans, or even worse. They would take off the clothes of your daughters, your wife, and your sisters.

Look at what the Hong Kong police has done. Can you imagine that they could press a person onto a bed and use an electric stick to strike his sex organ, and cover his mouth with a towel while slamming his face? This was a middle-aged man, a Mr. Zhong. And the story about the young lady I have told above.

As I have said over and over, the CCP has ruled the country of China with evil police and mafia-like gangsters. They have done the same in Hong Kong. How have the Hong Kong police treated the people there? How have they used the brooms to strike at the Hong Kong people?

On January 10 of 2015, a Special Task Group of over one hundred armed policemen headed by Wu Zheng and Sun Lijun came to Pangu Plaza, with machine guns. They took the order of Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan to search every corner of the Pangu Hotel of 500 thousand square meters.

They smashed everything, took away all the gold pieces and jewelry, besides many millions of Hong Kong dollars, many millions of U.S. dollars and many millions of RMB in cash. These valuables may belong to the company, to my colleagues, employees. They took all of the valuable pieces away and never returned one. Hundreds of paintings and drawings and calligraphy pieces were confiscated in Beijing or at the airport in Guangdong province. None of them was returned. They took away the ornaments of my family; some are gold rings and bracelets.

One of our security guards was arrested and taken away in winter. He had one of his legs broken right on the spot when he brought a down jacket for my elder brother.

One female employee was slammed by armed police on the right ear and left ear when she just walked out from the lift. Her nose and eyes were bleeding as she fell onto the floor. Later she became paralyzed and no one was allowed to take care of her.

Dear warrior friends! The CCP is not just a terrorist organization. It is the source of the cruelest terrorists in the world.

Dear warrior friends! Please go to the White House website, and sign in your name as a response to the Call For Official Recognition of the Chinese Communist Party as a Terrorist Organization! Please, please go and sign your name there. That will help.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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