June Fourth Movement after 30 years: Tiananmen Square Massacre commemorated in candle light


The air of Washington D.C. smells bad as feces when the Communist Party of China has sent out lobbying groups with dirty money in huge amount to buy U.S. politicians and turn down activities planned for June 4th commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in the United States.

Miles Kwok who is currently in Washington for meetings with different organizations said earlier that some events by human rights organizations have been canceled as a result; and there is 99 percent possibility that Vice President Mike Pence’s planned speech is also going to be cancelled.

Miles said that without Donald Trump in the White House today, all political hooligans are out on performances in Washington, blowing up farts with the communist collusion.

While in the United Kingdom having a state dinner with the Queen to secure a stronger partnership, President Trump has not forgotten to send his message home in a White House statement, “In Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom are working toward a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and continue to address China’s malicious cyber activities and egregious human rights abuses”.

Today Fox News particularly took on former Vice President Joe Biden whose son is linked to surveillance system in China used to spy on Xinjiang Muslims after taking bribes in of a billion dollars from the Bank of China.

Investigative journalist John Solomon says former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign flooded the FBI with bad intelligence, according to Fox News.

During his joint broadcast with Steve Bannon over the weekend, Miles said the scandal of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has brought about a lot of attention in the U.S political circles; and the protests in Hong Kong this weekend may cause disturbance and interference of the Central government. Any loss of control may result in the port being blockaded by the CCP leadership.

Miles said that things happening in Hong Kong might ignite a medium-sized war in the South China Sea and around the Taiwan Strait and the U.S. military is fully prepared for this.

Miles has urged fellow Chinese to be cautious and take good care of their own safety, “At this critical time, warrior friends across the world must reunite in our fight against the CCP dictatorship. Please make sure your personal safety in related activities”.

Earlier today, Miles Kwok has urged warrior friends in Washington not to plan or take part in any protests or demonstrations in front of the White House or Chinese Embassy in the U.S. But he did strongly advise people from all walks of life stand out in support for the upcoming demonstrations on June 9 in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Tonight with candle lights in Hong Kong and Taiwan, there will be grand gatherings of commemoration of 30 anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Massacre.

Everything is just beginning.

by Couldy Seagail


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