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July 27 global demonstrations: Take down CCP; everyone counts

Global demonstrations organized by the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers Movement have taken stages across the globe on July 27 to call for actions to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China and establish a new government of democracy.

The movement under the Himalaya banner made their first appearance in Sydney streets in the morning when dozens of young Chinese of courage and patriotism gathered around Martin Place and later walked towards the Chinese Consulate-General in the city.

Local organiser Hong An, who left China in 1999 a decade after some of her classmates were killed in the Tiananmen Square massacre, said the group aimed to bring together a number of disparate anti-Communist Party groups under a coalition to raise awareness of human rights abuses and political suppression by the Chinese state.

In New Zealand, protesters gathered at the Chinese Consulate when a small group of indigenous Maori people has danced in support of the young Chinese.

Warrior friends for the same mission in Europe have gathered in Paris of France to demonstrate their strength against the Chinese dictatorship.

Similar demonstrations have been organized in Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the United States.

Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist, has joined exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Guo, to denounce the Chinese Communist Party and assist in the establishment of the pro-democracy movement under the banner of the New Federal State of China.

Miles Guo said, “Brothers and sisters, please take good care of your family; wear your masks and be safe. To take down the CCP, we need ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! To take down the CCP, everyone counts.”

Today, the United States has closed its consulate in Chengdu, after China ordered the facility be shut in retaliation for its diplomats being ousted from the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas.

The American flag was taken down at the Chengdu consulate hours earlier and diplomats there believe they will come back soon when China has a new government that respects freedom and the rule of law.

New Federal State of China: Call for global demonstrations against the CCP.

Local New Zealanders dance in support of Chinese young protesters.

Warrior friends in Europe have gathered in Paris for demonstrations.

Demonstrations in South Korea.

Demonstrations in Japan.

Demonstrations outside the Chinese Consulate in Houston, USA.

Miles Guo and Steve Bannon share their messages with warrior friends.

Demonstrations at the Martin Place in Sydney, Australia.

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