Joint declaration for more strikes planned in Hong Kong next week


It has been 80 days since the beginning of the anti-Extradition Bill movement in Hong Kong in early June.

The Hong Kong SAR government has been presented as a realization of One Country Two Systems on the surface. Yet, it is merely a puppet administration controlled by the Chinese Communist Party in essence.

It has been attempting to divide the people, to make tactics of misinformation, false appeasement, political suppression and intimidation on its citizens.

On one hand, the Hong Kong SAR government works to divide its citizens, and induce them to surrender. On the other hand, it violently suppresses its citizens to express their opinions peacefully, and continue to ignore public opinion.

Once known as a world-class law enforcement agency with the clear conscience and respect for the law, the Hong Kong police today, cowards behind masks, hide their identification numbers while exercising abusive violence on protesters and citizens alike.

The indiscriminate use of expired teargas in indoor areas, firing lethal rubber bullets and beanbag rounds at the crowds have caused numerous protesters and innocent by-standers to be injured.

Some even got shot in the head, causing permanent, temporary or complete loss of eyesight.

All these unlawful misconducts, abuse of power, and violence are direct attacks on our fundamental human rights. And the spirit of the rule of law that we the Hong Kongers hold in high regard.

To this end, the Hong Kong police has thus been severely condemned and criticized by United Nations Human Rights bodies and various international organizations because of the humanitarian crisis that goes on with rampant aggression.

Moreover, white terror has become more pervasive and continues to spread in Hong Kong.

Suspected triad gangsters attacked citizens indiscriminately, with poles and brutally slammed civilians with Mercedes. But they have gone unpunished and have not been investigated.

Different industries have been scrutinizing speeches of employees, even in their private time. And some have been forced to quit due to the personal expression of support for the anti-Extradition Bill movement.

The purpose of this political suppression is clearly visible, deterring Hong Kongers from exercising their freedom of speech when what they say does not please the government.

While the movement is far from over, Hong Kongers have demonstrated time and again the spirit of perseverance and collective wisdom to the world.

Faced with constant suppression, Hong Kongers employed both peaceful, rational and non-violent approaches.

And we also force to adopt more aggressive and radical means to reduce the darker side of the puppet government to the international community.

More importantly, how this movement continues to grow can be attributed to the movement’s spirit of unity which was shown in the motto of no division, no servant, and no blame among Hong Kongers.

The citizens who chose to be silent in the past now gather in spirit and in strength, united through the movement and more together against the totalitarian government.

As of today, the government still ignores Hong Kongers’ five major demands. It is ridiculous how it pays lip service to setting up a communication platform while continuing arbitrary arrests and unconscionable political prosecutions in an attempt to shrink its responsibility and lay the blame on citizen protesters.

The puppet regime’s irresponsible actions and abuse of power are damaging Hong Kong’s society and shaking the very foundation of our economy and morality.

In view of this, we reiterate our Five Major Demands to the Hong Kong SAR government and urge for swift response with the concrete plan for implementation.

Only by immediately implementing dual universal suffrage as promised in the Basic Law that has not yet been fulfilled can we reverse the current embarrassing state of the Hong Kong SAR government, and truly realize “the ruling Hong Kong by Hong Kongers”.

We hereby reiterate the Five Major Demands. Each of them is indispensable.

One, immediately commands the political reform to implement dual universal suffrage for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive;

Two, cancel all charges against protesters and promise not to prosecute them in the future;

Three, set up an independent commission of inquiry into alleged police abuse of power and indiscriminate attacks in various locations;

Four, retract any riot classifications of protests, and

Five, completely withdraw the Extradition Bill.

We also appeal to fellow citizens to set the 31 of August 2019 as a deadline.

If the government still chooses to ignore the people’s five major demands, we will extend the previous one-day general strike on the fifth of August and extended into a two-day general strike on the second and third of September 2019.

Meanwhile, the academic circles have announced that they will start a two-week strike on the same day to demonstrate the determination of Hong Kongers.

We will not rule out escalating to more decisive actions, including but not limited to extending strikes in order to express our appeal to the government.

In the face of the autocratic regime, Hong Kongers will continue to pursue our birth rights and democracy to freedom. And we cannot afford to yield.

We also understand and respect that some professionals need to maintain at their posts, to maintain basic and emergency social services, and thus may not be able to participate in the strikes.

For the sake of social justice and conscience, we hope that our fellow citizens can respond to and support strikes in other ways.

Wishing you all the best!

Protect Hong Kong! Strike to save Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Strike Organizers from various social circles
Edited by staff

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