John Kerry’s trip to China and the hull note in World War II


Have you heard that former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will soon visit Beijing as President Biden’s special envoy? What is the purpose of Kerry’s trip to Beijing? Before addressing that, I would recommend everyone to watch my live broadcast video yesterday referring to the “Hull note” (the “Outline of Proposed Basis for Agreement Between the United States and Japan”). The U.S. government issued the Memo in November 1941, just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Then the U.S. demanded Japan to withdraw its troops unconditionally from China (note that at that time China still belonged to the people of China) within a certain time frame.

Of course, the Japanese emperor and Yamamoto Isoroku didn’t do it, did they? But before that, the U.S. sent at least three groups of people to mediate, pretty much like what Kerry is going to do. The U.S. warned Japan to withdraw its troops immediately and warned Japan not to try to touch U.S. interests in Southeast Asia. Yet, the U.S. did not expect Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. It is part of history. Let’s have a good chat about history today.

Do you know, my fellow fighters? These days wherever I go to meet with people, almost nobody wants to interact with me unless the subject of destroying the CCP is on the table. That is how much the conversation has changed. Everyone talks about taking down the CCP when they are handling business. Otherwise, you are behind the curve. Right?

Brother Miles said three years ago that taking down the CCP was not only a profound obligation, but also a business opportunity. Now there is no possibility for people to talk about business without talking about taking down the CCP. Right? [For example, people raise questions such as:] “Do you still have investments in the CCP market? Have you withdrawn your investment from the CCP? If you have not canceled your involvement with the CCP, I cannot give you my investment because of the high risk.” In the past, if you had no assets in the CCP market, no one would invest with you. Now it is completely reversed. If you still have investments in the CCP market and you have not withdrawn yet, no one will want to invest in your business. Doing business and discussing taking down the CCP are now the most fashionable causes. Anybody who does not talk about the CCP or does not have any understanding about the CCP will not integrate well in most business circles.

What will John Kerry say to the CCP on his visit to Beijing? [First, he will ask the CCP,] “How to deal with Taiwan? If you dare to attack Taiwan, we will destroy you.” Second, he will tell the CCP to immediately withdraw its troops and police from Hong Kong and resume the unfulfilled agreement with Britain. If not, the U.S. will impose sanctions. In the end, he will demand the CCP tell the truth about the coronavirus. If not, the U.S. will decouple, or even go to war with them. Do you believe it?

However, Kerry is not trustworthy because he is too close to the CCP. I know a lot about him. He used to live not far to the north of my house. His girlfriend was the first “Miss America Pageant” winner, a stunner. She acted in movies. I have been to both of their houses. I know Kerry very well. The Democrats and Biden sent him to China this time. There will be a collusion between them. Kerry will go along with [the CCP], uttering soft and diplomatic words. He will give the Communist Party an opportunity to save face. It will involve some dirty dealings between individuals. You know what I mean.

But you must understand, my fellow fighters – Kerry must deliver these messages, he has no alternative. It is very similar to the situation when the U.S. released the Hull note back then. All sides will play it out politically, but nothing can hold back the U.S. public opinion. The U.S. has democracy. Third, it is public opinion that makes the call.

Let me ask you first: do you know what the U.S. economy was like before World War II? It was terrible. It had suffered through the Great Depression. But after World War II, the U.S. became the world’s empire, the most powerful country with a strong economy. The U.S. entered a virtuous economic cycle, rising every eight years, higher and higher. Now, although it looks strong, it will soon go wrong. Once that happens, the U.S. will suffer a Great Depression again, leading to the destruction of the CCP.

Do you know what the Japanese economy was like before World War II? The Japanese economy was excellent. At that time, Germany was absolutely the best, and the Japanese economy was not comparable to that of Germany. But after World War II, the German economy never caught up with Japan. Why? The brainless fanatics in mainland China, please listen to what I am going to say very carefully – Only when a country’s political system is stable, when ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing) have jobs, a regular life, and only when most people are not serving an elite few families, or an emperor does the country have a chance to become rich and mighty. This is why Japan was strong. Germany was beaten so badly and never caught up with Japan after its defeat. It still has not, and it will have a hard time doing so. Germany is stable, but the damage and after-effects caused by the German Nazis were too extensive. How similar is today’s CCP to Nazi Germany?

In the past two days, the CCP has expressed that it no longer expects the U.S. to resume friendly relations anymore. Indeed, they wish it could happen, but there is no chance anymore. This time, the CCP’s grave threat to Taiwan has prompted the world to put this issue on the table. If the CCP had only verbally threatened Taiwan, the U.S., and the international community would not intervene. However, with the combination of the coronavirus, the Hong Kong incident, and the Taiwan issue, the CCP’s crimes cannot be overlooked. There is no way anyone can quietly cover them all up.

The CCP and Xi Jinping are the modern-day Nazis and “Hitler”. We are in a similar situation as with the Japanese invasion, imperialism, and militarism during WWII. World War II was a time of great human suffering because there was no New Federal State of China (NFSC), and Miles had not yet been born. Ha-ha! I am boasting again. I am complimenting myself again. It is different now because people have Miles, the NFSC, and our fellow fighters. So the CCP is over. Fellow fighters, do you believe it? Whether you believe it or not, time will show you the answer. It is destined to be a wonderful era, an era that belongs to the people of the NFSC.

The CCP, you are finished. We will see. There is much exciting information I cannot unveil in advance. I have to control myself and not say too much. This year we should not give you many bombshells. Let’s wait and see. World economic, political, and military upheavals will happen one after another. The U.S., the CCP, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Straits of Malacca are the world’s focuses, and there will be frequent emergencies.

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