John Kerry secretly met with Yang Jiechi and they reached no agreement


John Kerry met with Yang Jiechi in Shanghai, and they failed to reach an agreement on the following issues: CCP virus, Taiwan, Japan, Diaoyu Islands, South China Sea, Xinjiang genocide, Hong Kong, and U.S. Treasury bonds, etc. The U.S. will establish NMD and TMD in Japan, and both will stand with each other in terms of the Strait of Malacca, Diaoyu Islands, and Taiwan, and will together destroy the CCP. The most critical task for the NFSC is to let the entire world distinguish between CCP and Chinese people so that fewer of them will die.

The following is the remarks of Miles Guo:

Before Suga Yoshihide came to America, Kerry had gone to Shanghai. After arriving in Shanghai, Kerry met with Yang Jiechi. What was his meeting with Yang Jiechi for? First, the personal relationship between Biden and Xi Jinping cannot be jeopardized under any circumstances. That is, the two should not expose each other’s dishonorable past. That is the red line.

Another issue was about the virus. Kerry told the CCP to be prepared for the coming livre blanc on Covid-19 from the U.S. And the U.S. wished to know if the CCP was willing to cooperate. If the CCP doesn’t cooperate, the U.S. will have no choice but to act accordingly. Public opinion in America and the various demands of its society make it impossible for the U.S. government not to act. So, Kerry wished to discuss what they should do with it.

On the issue of Taiwan, if the CCP wants a war, then they will get one result: America and the CCP might engage in a proxy war. Japan would be part of it without hesitation. The CCP should be psychologically prepared for America’s policies towards Japan.

On the issue of the South China Sea, and the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands), the U.S. would like to inform the CCP of its position.

The U.S. also needs to act on the situation in Hong Kong. On the issue of the genocide in Xinjiang, the CCP’s crimes, the U.S. has to denounce the crimes, but no further actions will be taken.

Finally, the U.S. wants to know how much additional Treasury bonds the CCP would buy. How much additional Treasury bonds can the CCP buy. And then, is the CCP still willing to play the role of a manufacturer.

Under these circumstances, Yang Jiechi basically refused all the demands in the end.

Eleven Reasons For the Americans to Take Down the CCP

In the GTV live broadcast on April 11, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo listed 11 reasons for Americans to take down the CCP. He also disclosed that the US military intelligence had shown that 80% of Americans wanted to hold Communist China accountable and about 70% of Americans believed that there was going to be a war between the US and the CCP.

Everyone, please remember what I say here. [See what will happen] once the public opinion in the United States is whipped up, and once people believe that your country is my enemy and competitor and that you touch my economic interests, hurt my bottom line, which is capitalism’s exquisite egoism, and that your and my ideologies are completely opposite to each other in terms of beliefs and attitudes towards the mankind. And what’s more, you’ve touched my energy.

My fellow fighters, you know, now there is the energy problem on top of everything. Energy is the foundation of a country’s economy. In the past, wars were all about geography and land, but that’s not a big problem for Americans. Now, the CCP fights head to head with the Americans on beliefs by killing God, Christ, the Lord, Muslims, and Buddhists. It’s totally against the belief of Americans.

In terms of economy, I [the CCP] steal your technology, and I don’t pay you for intellectual property. What does this mean? You will see that technology is the future of mankind and the cornerstone of national security, but the CCP steals your technology without paying any money and threatens you that you must give me [the CCP] technology if you want to invest in China. Should this be counted as a threat to the future of the US?

The second [threat] is energy. It [the CCP] wants to seize the Strait of Malacca, including Djibouti, Africa, and Middle East Africa. Does this impact America’s economic security? So this is the economy.

The third [threat] is space. There was no such thing as “space” before World War II. Space affects the security of the earth, and the security of the US, absolutely. Now the CCP can fight the United States to death at any time in space. It is definitely not a question of how much advantage the United States will have over the CCP. America will definitely win in the end, but it will suffer huge losses. As long as the United States has any losses or death, it would mean a loss to the US and space will be over.

Fourth, everyone has seen that you, CCP, have completely wiped out all religions and beliefs of the entire mankind and you want to be a god, and you want to replace God.

Finally, you want to damage my leadership in the world, then regardless of maritime or land-based, continental civilization, [I will destroy you]. Now a few of you, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey (Pakistan also wants to give it a try) – the alliance of five evil countries, five rogue countries – want to go against me. Well, here’s it again.

Now the two biggest things have happened. What are they called? Coronavirus (tell me what is coronavirus) and genocide – the crime against humanity.

When the six things are put together, you tell me what the public opinion of the United States is now? It is not 60%, rather, based on the current US military intelligence personnel, over 80% of Americans want to hold the CCP accountable, and 69% to 70% believe that there will be a war with the CCP. Public opinion and everything else in the United States follow the two core things: ideology and economic interests. Now there are four more things: coronavirus, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

After I said all these things, I asked the people at this meeting, “Can you tell me whether the CCP should be destroyed? Will the CCP be destroyed?” I said, “Now you should go to watch what Hu Xijin said in China – ‘We ought to defeat Americans and send them back to their farmland. We ought to send them back to the Stone Age.’ Also, watch what the guy called Zhang Zhaozhong (a Chinese military theorist at the PLA National Defense University) said. All these people have shouted to the Americans, ‘I want to defeat Americans and send them back to their farmland, and I want to wipe out your entire military base in Southeast Asia with our missile rain.’ ”

I continued, “And now the party members praised Xi as the great God Xi and said that Taiwan must be regained and Taiwan must be defeated. And, the coronavirus was definitely not made by us, rather it was made by the United States. In Malacca and Suez Canal, you will see ships broken down one after another. Then you will encounter big problems.”

“On the social media, which is a modern weapon, and traditional media in the United States, no one dares to say any negative thing about me, not even a half negative word. And the three branches of the United States – Congress, the White House, and the judicial system are totally under my control.” I said, “These are not my words. I can’t make them up. I, Miles Guo, am a liar, so I can lie, okay, but if I can make up that stuff, I would be a successful liar, and I would not be called a rogue liar anymore. Is this true?”

So I told the people who participated in the meeting, “Let’s look at this using the simplest logic and comparing with the history in the Hitler era. Hitler had several iconic events at the time. The most important event was that he crossed the Rhine and tore up the World War I agreement, the “Versailles Agreement”, and from March 5 in 1935 to March 6 in 1936, hundreds of thousands of troops crossed the Rhine, defeated France, attacked Britain, and then attacked Moscow.”

I said, “On the top of these things, you look at today’s CCP. It started from publishing the books, Unhappy China, China Can Say No, and Amazing China, to the “war wolf” style diplomacy, the coronavirus, manipulating the US election, taking over Hong Kong, tearing up the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and now threatening the future of the United Kingdom, Japan, and India, using the entire Strait of Malacca to make them kneel down and beg the Chinese by saying “Please, I beg you, China, and I beg you, the CCP.”

“And what’s more absurd is that China claimed that it had an army of 500 million soldiers to sweep the entire earth and thousands of J-20 jets so as not to leave a single inch of grass alive in the world; China can shoot down all the satellite weapons deployed by countries all over the world in space within tens of seconds and destroy all the US military bases in Southeast Asia in three hours; its nuclear submarines can emerge in Manhattan at any time to blow up Manhattan and wipe out all East America; and the CCP is ready to sacrifice one billion Chinese people, because even with a billion’s casualty, China would still be the No. 2 most populated country.”

I told them, “None of these things were said by me, nor by Guo Liar or Guo the Three Seconds.” At today’s meeting, after I told them all the eleven reasons, no one uttered a word. No one uttered a word after I spoke, none of them.Video source: (54:13-1:01:52)
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