Jia Qinglin: Godfather of President Xi Jinping and most corrupt CCP leader


On August 10, the CCP leadership had an annual gathering at the summer resort Beidaihe, called by those veteran revolutionaries as liaison talks. This was actually against the law, as the CCP does not allow public discussions of central politics.

Performances of those CCP leaders at the gathering tell that our Expose Revolution has factually influenced in depth the internal decision-making of the CCP’s policies. That’s why so many issues were put on the table for debates during the August 10 gathering: domestic social problems, problems within the party, problems with our Expose Revolution, problems with private entrepreneurs and President Xi’s personal worship. At the gathering, one leader was out to challenge and some people guessed it was former Premier Wen Jiabao. As a matter of fact, it was Jia Qinglin.

As I told you years ago, one of the two persons whom Jia Qinglin had the most contacts with was a barber at Jingxi Hotel. This barber is a super rich woman with billions of dollars in her bank accounts only because she is the barber for many CCP leaders. Every week, Jia Qinglin went to the Barber’s Shop for three times, sometimes even four times, to have his hairs cut.

When I had my real estate business in Beijing, I was offered a deal with Jia Qinglin: he could give me a permit to double the floor area ratio, on the condition that I transfer one billion RMB to a designated bank account of this barber. Of course, I refused to accept the deal.

When Jia Qinglin made his appearance at the CCP’s 70 years anniversary event, I could see from his hair style that it was the work of the hair-dresser. Jia Qinglin looked thin, much thinner than before. Jia Qinglin is a heavy drinker. He drinks daily, and must make himself drunk every time he drinks.

Jia Qinglin is the godfather of Xi Jinping. Without his cultivation, there would not be today’s Xi Jinping. Jia is an important liaison person between Jiang Zemin and Xi Jinping. It was Jia who had pushed Xi onto the throne of an emperor.

The corruption of Jia Qinglin and his family is well-known across the world; the power of Jia Qinglin in Fujian Province is also well-known.

From his performance on August 10 at the gathering, we could see Jia Qinglin being the one to stand out to say something. Although many other veteran leaders were not satisfied with President Xi, none of them stood out to raise their disagreements or took any action. Only Jia Qinglin, his group of gangsters from Fujian Province, and the PLA troops from Fujian Province were finally out to help President Xi to tackle the crisis in Hong Kong.

More importantly, as we have seen from the event of the 70 years anniversary, Jia Qinglin stood close to Wang Qishan. Basically, Wang Qishan has killed all the people that he wanted to kill, even Wang Ruilin from the military. But Wang Qishan hated Jia Qinglin the most.

On the day, Jia Qinglin looked calm; he would not spare a glance to Wang Qishan. President Xi had his eyes meeting with Jia Qinglin’s eyes a couple of times and he nodded towards Jia, but Jia seemed to ignore that.

From what I saw, Jia Qinglin was the calmest on that day, compared to other leaders Shen Yueyue, Lu Zhangong, Li Keqiang, and others, including Zeng Qinghong and Jiang Zemin.

Among those current leaders, Ding Xuexiang is the core; he is now the number two power in China, as he controls the State Security Commission. And then Li Zhanshu, and then Wang Qishan. From what we saw that day, the core of the cores is Jia Qinglin. Jia raised ten questions at Beidaihe. As we see it today, Jia Qinglin is quite a politician.

Although Jia Qinglin was very corrupt, although Jia has sent many thugs from Fujian to deal with the Hong Kong protesters, he is the person who dares to speak the truth to President Xi. Although he is also helping the evil to do more evil, his ten questions – later confirmed to be nine questions – really have some positive effects.

From his nine questions to the military parade in Beijing and to what’s happening in Hong Kong afterwards, Jia Qinglin could be regarded as a true politician. In comparison, Wen Jiabao is only a speculator.

I’d like to tell you another thing happening at Beidaihe on August 10. To be accurate, three hotels were prepared for President Xi, not just Building No.1, but two other places. Jia Qinglin challenged President Xi saying, “Since Mao Zedong’s time, no leaders have ever prepared three hotels for himself, even during the war time in North Korea. But Jinping, you have prepared three places for yourself; this is not a very good thing to do. Are you afraid of something? At least you have let others think so as you have created an atmosphere of terror. See you have three places to choose while none of us has three places to choose. Who has given you such advice? He is not helping you.”

President Xi nodded and nodded, adding, “Comrade Qinglin, you have raised a very good question! I did not have thought about that.” From this event, we can see Jia Qinglin know about politics; and he dares to speak out; while Xi’s advisors are all very stupid.

And another thing, I can tell that Jia Qinglin may have said to President Xi something like this: you have total control over the State Security Commission. This system has not been publicized and few people know about this. In case the State Security Commission did anything wrong, you would be put in a disadvantageous position.

Therefore, if we look at the nature of these questions, one of his nine questions is critical: can the system of having the State Security Commission to replace the Politburo and its Standing Committee continue?

And if we take a closer look at all the ten questions, we know that Jia Qinglin is good at China’s politics and the CCP has truly ruled the country as a terrorist organization.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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