Japan G20 will be the start of a new game between China and the U.S., says Miles Kwok


I am going to tell you, friends, as today’s main theme: we have been busy these days on this particular event – G20. The work is finished now, and I am going to tell you about it.

In addition to Wang Qishan at the CCP’s official residence of Zhongnanhai, the Japanese and the Americans have all been busy with the upcoming G20. Why? This G20 in Japan is the beginning of a new game between China and the United States, the beginning of a new world order.

We need to pay close attention to the G20 meeting for the sake of our Expose Revolution – whether we can achieve the Himalayas by 2020. I can’t give you the details here; I will cover that after the G20. In the past 10-20 days, high ranking officials in both the Trump administration and Chinese Communist Party leadership have been busy in related preparations.

These days, attention has been focused on the two girls’ verbal fights – Liu Xin from CCTV and Trish Regan from Fox News. Liu Xin must be on the loser side. Trish is a professional anchor who speaks the truth and represents justice. Does Liu Xin love her country? Why hasn’t she moved her family back to Beijing? She married a foreigner and had their children living overseas. But she showed her patriotism by challenging Fox. I guess if Fox gave her a job offer, she would be most pleased to accept that. Why is she telling lies on behalf of CCP? CCP is nervous, fearful and in turmoil, ahead of a huge obstacle. The CCP leadership is planning for a series of measures, in an attempt to take down Donald Trump and run over the United States.

I know what they are doing and what decisions they have made, but I can’t tell at this moment. They will pretend to act in a humble way, promising to agree on all conditions put forth by the Americans and finally achieve their goal – making use of America to counter America! Specifically, they want to win the opinion of opposing Americans so that they stand up against the Trump administration, and finally drive Donald Trump out of the White House. This is what they call “use the Americans to eliminate Trump”.

Their method is to bribe the Wall Street bosses with the BGY scheme. I will tell you the details in the near future.

In case they failed with this BGY method, they have a backup plan: use international forces to counter Donald Trump. Therefore, the coming G20 will be a battlefield of wisdom wrestling between the two powers. It will be an absolute wrestling between the quiet powers and the political powers.

Their planned result is like this: Donald Trump is taken down and loses the game. He is trapped in the strategy by Sunzi’s Art of War or the horizontal alliance by the strategist Zhang Yi. Stirring up provocation is the CCP’s secret weapon to eliminate President Trump.

Another result is to get Trump into a troublesome situation so that he cannot win the 2020 elections. CCP would try their best so that the international community is convinced that Donald Trump himself is a trouble. They want to balance the international powers to stop Donald Trump from winning the next presidency.

To tell the true, I have some worries about this. Although the Americans are well prepared for this, they have no guarantee for a sure success. The China US trade deal has ended up in a joke. As a matter of fact, the joke is not over yet. It’s still on the go.

Yesterday a big boss asked me why Xi Jinping has retreated from the agreed terms in the deal. I said the reason is simple. In front of Xi, two glasses of drinks are placed on the table. If he drinks the juice, he shall die in 24 hours; if he drinks the water, he shall die instantly. What do you think he would choose? None of them! That’s why he needs more time to talk – first the meeting at Mar-a-Lago, then the 90-day delay at the G20 summit. The two sides set up a dozen negotiation teams, but they have come to no result.

Delay –and more delays – that’s their tactic. Take either drink, he dies.

Now Donald Trump is not happy when CCP refuses to drink the glasses. He thus raises the tariffs, takes on Huawei and other Chinese companies. Now they take on each other on another stage at the G20 summit!

This time, what is the strategy of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan? They have planned to bribe the servants who are serving the drinks, also by corruption with their BGY scheme. This time, they will drink the liquid, with a hope that they won’t die instantly or in 24 hours. They hope to live for another 24 years after taking the “revised” drink (deal) or at least another 4 years when Donald Trump has to leave the White House.

The CCP leaders would pretend to die after taking the toxic drink but restore to life after Trump was forced to leave.

They have played a similar game in the past 20 years. In 2001, they joined WTO; in 2008, they had the Beijing Olympics Games. In 20 years, they won the most-favored nation treatment and printed 32 trillion US dollars of paper money. That was their game. They want to continue with it until after the G20 meetings. Delay is their tactic.

I have another thing to tell, friends. In the past month, western politicians are studying one important topic: what will happen after the CCP leadership in China collapses?

In case Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and several other CCP leaders were killed, arrested or murdered by CCP, what will happen within the CCP leadership? Will there be a coup attempt, or a domestic violence? Will CCP survive the change? Many people are worried about this.

I have spent a lot of time explaining to them that China won’t be in chaos. 99 percent of CCP members want the elimination of these several bastards. Either in the interests of the Party or the Chinese people, including the 90 million CCP members, these several bastards must be executed. Maybe in the next minute, they are eliminated in a military coup or political change. Either way, there won’t be a social disturbance in China.

But people are still worried who will be China’s next leaders. I have told that they must not be people born during the Cultural Revolution like Wang Qishan or Meng Jianzhu with the ideology of class struggle or stupid communism. These people are the disasters of China, decoupling from the world civilizations. China’s future leaders must have a world vision and a strong sense of the rule of law. I don’t know who but it must not be me. I have no heart or ability for a leadership.

But I can assure you that China will have two-party politics, and a legal system of independent jurisdiction. The common Chinese people must not allow the country be in turmoil. And I think the United States is fully prepared for the collapse of the CCP regime.

Recently more people are talking about the June Fourth Movement anniversary which is near. We shall never forget this. These days I have talked to many American friends, including officials and Mr. Steve Bannon. This is the first time in 70 years the world has stood out with a mission to eliminate the Communist Party. No political movement or organization including the June Fourth Movement has come out to talk about this issue, only about CCP’s corruption or China’s democratic drive. Falong Gong was aimed at Jiang Zemin. None was aimed at the elimination of the Communist Party.

Our Expose Revolution is the first in 70 years to put forth Guo Wengui’s Seven Principles or Nine Principles. Our purpose is very clear: China shall have a federation, with true autonomy or independence in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangdong. China shall have a democratic system with the rule of law and under the supervision of international rules.

Recently I have met many people to discuss how to keep China under control and what China should do after the elimination of the Communist Party and the execution of those several crazy extremists. I can say that the western world is fully prepared for the collapse of the CCP regime. We don’t have to doubt about this. The question is when and how.

If President Donald Trump loses at the G20 summit, we may wait for another two years – as they are doomed to end. If Trump makes a wise decision, 100% correct, the CCP regime will collapse in six months or no more than 12 months. There is no doubt about it. They have no more rooms to move about.

That is to say, Guo Wengui is to retreat to the forests one year earlier according to my plan. I am not going fishing as I don’t kill. I will only sit with some warrior friends for a cup of wine and have some fun.

Friends, I really want to share with you what has happened in the past month or so. So many historical things have occurred! So many exciting moments have appeared! So many interesting people have come forward! We are making history!

In the past two or three days, I fell asleep really quick when I went to bed and woke up naturally in the morning. This feeling is really good. I have a clear mind and feel a never-ending power to fight within my body.

Now every moment of my time is spent on thinking of our common Chinese people – how to let our private entrepreneurs suffer less under CCP persecution, how to let the imprisoned but wrongly charged CCP members suffer less in prison, how to help them get their assets back and solve their problems, how to let Hong Kong people suffer less under CCP’s threats with the Extradition Law, how to let Taiwan people be free from becoming victims of CCP’s last craziness, and how Taiwan can have an independent, free style of political life after this election.

Friends, this coming June 4th of 2019 will be the last time Chinese people remember it as a time of a political movement. From next year on, this day will be celebrated as the founding date of a new democratic China. It will be the National Day of China. On this day, the Chinese Communist Party shall disappear on earth.

Friends, please pay attention to an on-coming speech by U.S. Vice-president Mike Pence, and follow-up speeches and events in New York and Washington by important figures in the financial sector.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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