Jack Ma steps down: the end of an era?


On 10 September 2018, China’s richest man Jack Ma announced that he will retire from Alibaba and pursue educational charity work.

Significantly, Monday also marks a national Chinese holiday known as Teacher’s Day.

Exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok outlined four main reasons for Ma’s “evasion” yesterday.

Firstly, Jack Ma is to evade investigations by the US and Europe over Alibaba’s selling counterfeit goods online. Taobao has been blacklisted for the second year in such a row that “it has been a marketplace for fakes for years”.

Secondly, the CCP government, heavily in debt, starts to “cut leeks” by nationalizing private businesses, and Alibaba is at the tip of their knives. Fearing the tragedy of HNA Chairman Wang Jian, Jack Ma is happy to hand over his money for life before a knife is left on his shoulder.

Thirdly, Jack Ma is executing his long-planned strategy of money laundering. Apparently he’s giving up his monies to save life; in fact he is quick in action of moving his earnings overseas with his Ant Financial Services, in a conspiracy with the “state traitors”.

According to Miles, Jack Ma leaves behind only such assets as the Big Data Centers in Hangzhou or Guizhou; without the cooperation of CCP government and PLA intelligence agencies, none of these big data workshops can be in normal operation for a single day.

Fourthly, Jack Ma’s new foundation is internationalized, with world class directors to safeguard its voyage in international waters. This Jack Ma foundation is an alliance to harbor his quality assets overseas.

Miles says Jack Ma is smart to step down under the recent circumstances, but as long as he is still cooperating with the “state traitors” and corrupt officials, he must end up in tragedy and his new foundation’s future is nothing better than HNA’s Cihang Foundation.

Jack Ma’s story is legendary, previously an English teacher, later co-founder of Alibaba that has become one of the world’s biggest internet companies.

Jack Ma is also a crafty speaker, in that he promised Donald Trump to create one million jobs for the United States in five years.

Jack Ma announced he will devote most of his time on education and make improvements in rural China’s educational system. “This is something I think I can do much better than being CEO of Alibaba,” he said.

We can almost assume that Jack Ma harvest nothing in his pursuit in rural education in China. If he is doing good, the CCP officials would not let him continue by saying “how can you be better than the local governments? Are you proving that the government is failing in its rural education?” If he is doing badly, the government would ask him to pack and do something else.

Doing good has been a private sentiment of Jack Ma who once said, “our challenge is to help more people to make healthy money, ‘sustainable money,’ money that is not only good for themselves but also good for the society. “

We remember last year, Jack Ma returned to Australia to give the University of Newcastle $US20 million as a tribute to his late Australian friend who he said had “totally changed my future”.

“I am very thankful for Australia and the time I spent there in my youth,”Jack Ma said during his visit.

The Chinese has an old saying, “the higher you climb, the heavier you shall fall”.

Jack Ma told the New York Times that his decision to stand down was not the end of an era but “the beginning of an era”.

Jack Ma knows in his heart that he has done some “evil” and he has to leave. But we still hope Jack Ma would do good and end well in his new era.

By Cloudy Seagail



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