It’s a pity that Jack Ma has turned his fame into shame


In recent days, Jack Ma has returned to the focus of public attention with his ownership separation from his listed companies in Hangzhou.

Records from Tianyancha on Zhejiang Taobao Network Co. Ltd. show that names of its major shareholders have changed from Ma and his former partner, Xie Shihuang, to one single corporation registered in Hangzhou, the shares of which are evenly held by five people in Alibaba’s current management team.

There have been reports that Jack Ma no longer holds shares of e-commerce platform Taobao and the structural change only suggests a lesser role for Jack Ma.

Alibaba Group still introduces, “Jack Ma is our leader founder and, since May 2013, has served as our executive chairman. From our founding in 1999 until May 2013, Jack served as our chairman and chief executive officer”.

In the eyes of millions, Jack Ma serves as a role model for startup businesses. Jack Ma built one of the world’s biggest internet companies without learning how to code.

In 2017, Jack Ma was ranked 2nd in the annual “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” list by Fortune. His fame seems to reach the top of his fortune.

From 2018, his reputation has been going “down down” with controversies over counterfeit goods on Taobao and his alleged collaboration with corrupt CCP officials, especially after his announcement of stepping down under pressure from the government.

According to Miles Kwok, Jack Ma has been the key financial source of the traitors in Shanghai like former president Jiang Zemin and his Big Data has helped the Communist regime with its national censorship and violation of human rights.

On 26 November 2018, the People’s Daily said Jack Ma is a Communist Party member. His political affiliation came as a surprise to many, as it debunks a public assumption the billionaire was politically unattached.

Jack once said his companies’ relationship with Beijing should be, “Love them, don’t marry them.” Many have viewed that Ma has long kept a distance from Chinese politics.

Actually to most Chinese, that was not a big deal. Back then, Ma was in his early 20s and was chairman of the student union at Hangzhou Normal University. He became a Party member in his sophomore or junior year.

“At that time, joining the Party not only required hard study, but also integrity, organisational ability, enthusiasm and idealism,” said Ma’s classmate in a social media post, adding that Ma was “really one in a hundred”.

Almost every one of us might make some mistakes or misjudgments when young. There are 90 million CCP members in China and we cannot say that they are all bad people.

Many overseas Chinese do denounce their party membership, but for many still living in the country, any denouncement would cause disasters to their families. We still say most of them are morally good.

It was unclear why the official paper chose to mention Ma’s affiliation now but it comes amid a push by Beijing to bring the country’s private enterprises more in line with Party values, especially in the technology sector that has grown rapidly, driven by the successes of private firms, a Reuters report has said.

In any capitalist society, Jack Ma could do just as well as an entrepreneur or politician, but in the country under communist rule, Jack has been forced to associate himself with the evil leadership. That is his fate and surely his choice.The case is similar with many other private entrepreneurs in the country.

When Ma announced on 10 September 2018 that he will step down as executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding, he insisted that China’s government didn’t push him to step down, blaming rumors emanating from outside China.

But fact is fact, and only facts tell the truth. The CCP has hands in his wallet.

Miles Kwok says,“That is robbery by the CCP. We have to be fair with Chinese private entrepreneurs. They have no other choices. Still Jack Ma and Alibaba have to face investigations by the US Securities Commission, together with many other listed companies like Baidu. Their problems are yet to come.”

Last week on Jan 3, at the Shanghai Forum of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs in the world, Jack Ma told the audience to train themselves well with basic abilities while facing more complicated challenges ahead.

He said, “I want to remind you that, in 2019, whether good or bad, we have to behave ourselves”.

By Cloudy Seagail


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