It is the CCP that harms Israel and Jewish people the most


In the May 12, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo warned Israel and Jewish people that it was the CCP that harmed them the most even though they helped the CCP in technology, finance, and a lot of other things. Unfortunately, Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley still haven’t figured it out. Miles said he knew this because he knew the nature of the CCP.

Here is Miles Guo’s remarks:

The CCP has received a lot of help in virtual currency and blockchain technology from the Israelis. Israelis are the ones who should reflect deeply. Many of the CCP’s weapons, technology, finance, science, cyber technology, space technology, and aviation technology are from Israel. There are many Jews working in our Himalayas embassy. I have told many of my Jewish friends. I told them that one day they will find out that it was the CCP that harmed them the most.

Right now, many people on Wall Street, in Hollywood, and in Silicon Valley still don’t get it. Including Zuckerberg and these social media platforms, they will one day find out that it is the CCP that hurts them the most. The CCP is the one that hurts these Techs and also those shameless people in the entertainment business in Hollywood the most.

It is not that Brother Miles has a particular strategy. It is inevitable. I know the nature of the CCP. The CCP does not allow any counterpart to be able to deal and negotiate with it equally. When it has no choice, it disguises itself as submissive and kneels to the US.

From last year till now, the CCP has bought hundreds of billions of US treasury. It hopes to please the US and make the US relax its vigilance. The CCP pretends to continue playing the role of a producer, buying US treasury bonds. Based on such superficially friendly interaction between the two countries, the CCP still wants to maintain relations with the US.

Translation by Antsee-GTV, Liberte, and the Miles Guo’s Getter Group


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