It is a sad story for what is happening in China today among people


First of all, the first question that everyone is most concerned about: under what circumstances will the epidemic develop, and what measures the Chinese government will take? This question is something everyone is guessing and everyone cares about. I am here, with my personal information, contacts with comrades in arms, and my understanding of the Communist Party, and as a simple person, I only rely on my personal opinions and I am willing to take responsibility for what I say.

Yesterday, I talked to a leader of a certain country. We have kept in touch for long and he sent me a message. He said, “ I just listened to the briefing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had decided that people would return to the city to work, some factories would be opened, and some hotels would be opened. They reported to me and I want to check with you the truth.” He sent me a few simple numbers.

My reply to him was: “Yes, basically your information is accurate.”

He said the CCP would have the annual Congress meeting, in March. “What kind of CCP meeting? Is that really so important to have that national meeting?” I said to him, “Yes. It is an important meeting.”

He asked, “then what do you think will happen next, what kind of harm will they do?”

I replied to him, and I said that the CCP decided to continue with the damned political conference in the first week of March. It was completely fake, those so-called people’s representatives and CPPCC representatives … Remember my words, that’s the need for political struggle within the Party and for continuation of power for the Communist Party to rule the people-or the legitimacy to control the people. ”

He said, “Are you sure they are returning to the capital city?”

I said yes.

What is the cost of the return?

I replied to him that the price of their return to the city , to open some hotels, some service facilities and restaurants, some traffic to be opened, some trains and planes to be used exclusively for those CCP members and services as well, however, large-scale infections will follow, and large-scale infections will spread to China again, and will spread to the world after the outbreak.

I sent this to our group. After a while, he replied to me, saying, “Miles, the news you gave us is the same as our judgment. It will be a disaster for the Chinese people, but it is a perfect storm to destroy the Communist Party.”

I sent him a reply message. I said that I didn’t particularly like the style you talk. I said you were too much like the Chinese Communist Party. “A perfect storm”, the Communist Party is doomed; you feel pretty good that way, right? See how many Chinese people have to die in China! I sent him words in English, I wrote, “I don’t like the styles, this style to many people to die, for me is no good, I don’t like the style.” I sent him this, and he replied: “This is a good response from you.” He said it was very painful, bad, and would kill a lot of people, but this is the price Chinese people have to pay.

Let me tell you, according to the situation of the past three weeks, our internal comrades-in-arms have told us what they are experiencing every day. The party is now: not divided, but has fallen into different partitions. People are taking sides, at the county level, at the city level, at the local level, with the old and new forces, all with their own interests and powers behind them. They each have different plans.

But I can tell you that none of the CCP officials really care whether ordinary people are to die or not. I can tell you, my fellow citizens, think about it yourself, stay at home for some more days, do you think that the officials at Zhongnanhai, those with power, would care about your life? Whether it’s Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, or the businessmen like Wu Zheng and other white gloves, will they care about the deaths in Hubei, Wuhan, Beijing, Henan, and Shandong? No one! They don’t care.

I am not exaggerating here, comrades-in-arms; I can tell everyone that many who have business relationships with me, and many friends, and even comrades-in-arms, hope that the more people die, the better. This is really sad! There has never been a nation or people in the history of humankind, as today, when a nation and country is facing the disasters, more people want others to die. But this is reality.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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