Is this young man the illegitimate son of President Xi Jinping?


Luthur: Today, CCP killer Guo Wengui published four pictures. In one picture, a young man is standing in front of a stone inscription by President Xi Jinping saying “Mountains of trees are the same as mountains of gold and silver”. In another picture, this young man in a pink shirt is holding two pomelos in his hands, the setting being Meizhou City of Guangdong Province.

Dr. Bo: He looks exactly the same as President Xi. The inscribed words about the “Two Mountains” are a slogan by President Xi in Zhejiang province. He’s got Xi’s DNA.

Aili: Look at this young man. How old could he be? Born in the 90s? He is said to be born as a tube baby when President Xi was Mayor of Fuzhou City. Mr. Guo once revealed that those top CCP leaders have more children than those “official” ones.

Luthur: From 1988-1990, Xi was Party Secretary of Ningde City in Fujian province, also in charge of the political work of the local military.  This son of his was born in 1987 when Xi was in Fujian, said to be from a test tube. Mr. Guo has published these photos to warn President Xi not to crack down the Hong Kong protests or wage a war against Taiwan at this critical time.

Dr. Bo: If this young man was truly an illegitimate son of President Xi, they must keep it a top-secret within the country. Mr. Guo must also hold more evidence besides these two photos and they must be given to Guo by very close attendants of President Xi. If Xi dares to act further in cracking down the Hong Kong activists, Mr. Guo must release more evidence of President Xi’s scandals. Many CCP leaders have illegal children living across the world. Let’s wait and see.

Luthur: We can see this young man looks very much like Xi. As a regular practice, the CCP’s propaganda machine will also release photos of impersonation of many more CCP leaders, telling that it is normal for a huge country to have people look almost the same.

Now Vice-president Wang Qishan has been under house arrest for 40 days. Xi is busy to eliminate the obstacles and influence by former President Jiang Zemin. The political fights within the CCP leadership have always been deadly.

Aili: Guan Jun, the illegitimate son of Wang Qishan, is actually the man behind HNA Group. He is the controller and beneficiary of HNA. Illegal children of these kleptocrats have seized the most part of China’s national wealth. If this young man as an illegitimate son of President Xi holds a huge amount of Xi family’s assets overseas, as exposed by Mr. Guo, the evidence would make headlines of international news. The release of these photos is to give President Xi a warning, “Hey man! Beware of more of your sexual scandals!”

Luthur: It is hard to find such evidence from the internet but our warrior friends are smart enough to get into the roots. Mr. Guo will not stop exposing the CCP’s crimes even though Wang Qishan is under house arrests and many more CCP officials were detained in the past month.

Dr. Bo: In 1987, ordinary Chinese were strictly controlled with the policies of family planning, and hundreds of millions of women were forced into an abortion of cruelty. But at the same time, Xi Jinping was having another child with another woman, and maybe more. This is not exceptional among the CCP leaders. From this, we can see the evils of the CCP regime.

When more people are open to the truth in China, they would stand up in revolts.

Let’s just wait and see!

Abstracted from Ludepress
Translation by staff


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