Is the death of CCP head of Macau an accident or another political murder?


Making the headlines in China today is (should be) the death of Zheng Xiaosong, head of the Chinese central government’s liaison office in Macau who reportedly has died in a fall from his home.

People’s Daily remarks on its Twitter account, “Zheng Xiaosong, head of Chinese central government’s liaison office in Macao, died on Saturday night after falling from his residence in Macao due to depression, according to a statement of the office”.

“Another suicide! Zheng Xiaosong was actually murdered. The reason is very simple. Meng Hongwei (Interpol President) and Zheng Xiaosong were close friends. Meng, Zheng and Sun Lijun (vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security) used to be sworn brothers. This has not stopped the tragedies from happening. And another Mr. Wang, head of Hong Kong liaison office, is also in danger. Let’s see what happens next,” said billionaire Miles Kwok in his whistle blow hours after the incident.

Miles remarks, “I have said that the following three weeks will be a difficult time for me. After they levied a fine of US$13 billion on my company, and just before the grand opening ceremony of the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau, they have Zheng murdered. We will see more suicides, more falls from high buildings, more murders, in the coming months, especially in departments of Public Security, the Procuratorate, the Courts, and the Discipline Inspection Commission.”

Miles continues, “In the past five years, with the anti-corruption campaign by more corruption, rule of state by police or organized crimes, a newer generation of corrupt officials or police persecute the older generation of corrupt officials or police; now it’s their turn to be persecuted. This is a vicious circle, and no one can get away from it.”

“In the past, corruption was confined to a certain group of officials with power. Nowadays, all members of the CCP Central Standing Committee are corrupt and confiscated wealth has all been allocated to their families. State power has been privatized. Similar officials like (Interpol President) Meng Hongwei and Zheng Xiaosong were only their private servants or tools for certain jobs; when they are no longer of any usable value, they must be disposed of,” according to Miles Kwok.

Sources said Zheng was directly involved in the espionage for extraditing Miles Kwok back to China in mid-2017 but failed to do so.

Since the start of 2018, seven high-ranking officials have committed suicide or attempted to do so in the country, making it one of the most risky jobs. And hundreds of mid-level CCP officials who had been accused of graft have died in recent years – reportedly by killing themselves.

According to the liaison office in Macau, Zheng had been on duty the day before his death. He had met representatives of a think tank in Macau at his office.

“Suffering from depression” has seemed to be the common cause of death by reasoning of the Beijing government, and the 59-year-old Zheng was no exception.

Reuters reports that “there is no evidence that Mr Zheng had come under the watch of China’s pervasive anti-corruption campaign.”

Zheng Xiaosong took up the post of Macau director last years. Before, He was the vice governor of the southeastern coastal province of Fujian from July 2013 to April 2016.

A member of the ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee, Zheng was reportedly involved in talks between London and Beijing ahead of the handover of Hong Kong in 1997.

By Cloudy Seagail and staff editor


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