Is President Xi Jinping losing control of the CCP leadership?


Political commentator Luthur and financial analyst Lao Jiang have joined in a live broadcast of the updated news within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Leadership based on confidential information released to Ludepress by insiders within Zhongnanhai-official residence of the CCP.

The following is an abstract of the main points of this important dialogue.

1, On Sunday evening, a Presidential Order by Xi Jinping was withdrawn from China Central Television 50 minutes before the broadcast. We cannot confirm the contents of this order, but it must be related to a martial law enforcement in Hong Kong or banking crisis. The important point is not about this. The important point is who has the power over Xi Jinping to order the withdrawal of the Presidential Order? Former President Jiang Zemin? Does this mean Xi Jinping has lost control of the CCP leadership? The withdrawal is more devastating than a public announcement of a cancellation of the Order.

It is for sure that something really big has happened within the CCP leadership. At least a standing member of the Politburo has been detained or under house arrest. The withdrawal has resulted in the deposition of the head of the Confidential Department in the CCP’s General Office.

In the past week or so, Vice-President Wang Qishan has stayed in Guangdong (Guangzhou and Conghua) in the south. Does this mean two CCP leaderships like in the days of Lin Biao and Mao Zedong?

On December 2, the headline in the first page of the People’s Daily is not able Xi Jinping. This is abnormal.

2, In recent days, a number of presidents and directors of major state-owned banks were either detained or forced into house custody. Top officials in the legal and police sector were arrested for disciplinary investigation in provinces like Heilongjiang and Guangdong. For years, the banking sector and legal & police sector have been under the control of Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu. The question is: why some many arrests were made at this time?

3, The scandals of HNA Group have been revealed fully by CCP-controlled media these days. We know the corruption of HNA Group is mainly linked to Wang Qishan. Does this mean a fierce wresting between Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, or another force within the CCP leadership?

In recent days, the scandals about Huawei are spread on social media in the mainland. Huawei is said to be under the hands of Xi Jinping. Has Xi become the target for Huawei’s scandals?

4, In recent days, heads of the four major banks were replaced with new faces. Is there going to be a restructuring of the banking sector so that Xi Jinping will take more control of the banking sector from the hands of Wang Qishan?

5, With the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, the failure in trade talks with the United States, and revelations of CCP’s human rights scandals in Xinjiang, there must be someone taking political responsibilities. Have the forces controlled by Jiang Zemin and Wang Qishan started a propaganda campaign against Xi Jinping so that the whole party would blame him for the inability to handle the Hong Kong crisis and diplomacy with the western world? Is there a conspiracy or a coup attempt in planning to take down Xi Jinping?

6, State Councilor Yang Jiechi is responsible for foreign diplomacy. He spends billions of dollars for lobbying in Washington, but he failed to stop the passage of the Hong Kong bill. Shall he take political responsibility for this great setback? CCP killer Guo Wengui has shown evidence of Wang Qishan’s corruption based on confidential documents from the National Supervisory Commission, causing great panic within the CCP leadership. Who shall take responsibility of the leakage of these top secrets of the state?

7, According to Guo Wengui, the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in Guangdong province was arrested recently. This official has been a confidant of Wang Qishan.

8, In the following days, will there be a partial martial law in Beijing, a coup attempt by the Central Guard Regiment, or an emergency Politburo meeting? Or will there be news about Xi Jinping, Jiang Zemin or Wang Qishan’s health problems? Probably yes.

9, A notice by Nanchang prison in Jiangxi province was released not to receive anymore prisoners as the number of detainees (0ver 1,700) has exceeded the capacity for accommodation. This has shown resentment or opposition within the CCP system against Xi Jinping’s policies of a so-called Cultural Revolution Version 2.0 after the party’s Fourth Plenary Session.

10, The wrestling between Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan has forced many high ranking CCP leaders to take sides. Once they have taken the wrong side, the consequence is their own destruction. As the CCP’s system is a meat grinder, few would survive the grinding.

With the case of defecting spy Wang Liqiang in Australia, the CCP leadership openly fabricated a court hearing and broadcast it on China Central Television, in the name of the people and in the name of law. This is firm evidence that the Chinese government under the rule of the CCP is a fake government.

In the following days or weeks, whether Xi Jinping or Wang Qishan is taken down will be shocking news in China. The whole population of China, including 90 million CCP members, have longed for their destruction.

Will there be the appearance of Yuan Shikai (short-lived Emperor of late Qing Dynasty) and the birth of a new George Washington in China? Guo Wengui is sure about this.

Everything is just beginning.

by Cloudy Seagail


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