Investigating Wang Jian’s death in France – Press Conference Part 3-2 by Miles Kwok


On 3rd July, the day Wang Jian died, what time did they leave the hotel? From the image captured by camera 4, we can see at 10.35, Wang Jian and his party got onto the vehicle hurriedly.

The two same black Mercedes Benz MPV as yesterday’s, at 10.36, were driven out of the main entrance turning right. Due to the approximate 7 minutes time difference, so the time they drove away from the main entrance would be 10.29am. Their destination was La Vielle Eglise the church located on top of the hills, 787 meters away from the hotel.

Their vehicles turned right after exited from the hotel. After driving in a circle, they arrived at the nearby parking area of the church. This journey would take around 5 minutes if there were no traffic on the road.

After getting off the vehicle, for going to the church, they walk back passing along a corner bar. They arrive at a place with an arch entrance way, go through the arch entrance, walk along the narrow length of incline and up the steep set of steps, then arrive at the hill top church.

This walk would take at least around 15 minutes. That is to say it would take Wang Jian at least around 20 minutes to get to the church on top of the hill after departing from the hotel. Therefore the arrival time would be around 10.49.

For this point, it is basically consistent with what was written in the French local news which reported the case of Wang Jian had happened before 11am. Yet, after the Wang Jian incident happened, it was by whom at where made the call to the police?

We interviewed a worker from the bar nearby the church. Wang Jian passed by the bar where he worked when he (Wang Jian) was still alive. He also assisted in calling the police.

Let us take a look at what he said.

Investigator: “So, on that day, a woman came to your bar. Who was she? Tell us.”

Worker: “The Lady? So I was at the restaurant, where I was working. The lady came running down. The same lady that I had passed a few minutes beforehand, she came running down, yelling: ‘call the fire department, he jumped!’ So I didn’t think about it, I just ran up there, and waited for the fire department.”

40 minutes after the female interpreter calling the police, the fire department. Rescue team and police hurriedly arrived at the scene one after the other. We interviewed the rescue team working at the scene that day. They briefly explained the situation of that day.

Fireman: “What happens when we have a death, is that there is a death certificate that is done by a doctor.”

Investigator: “So, on site?”

Fireman: “One site. There is a doctor who comes and verifies the death. And after the [inaudible] make the [inaudible]. So nobody is [inaudible]? We only work [inaudible]. The person has died. We put them on the strethcher and transport them, and then we no longer have the right to touch them, because it’s the forensic team’s job. And that’s why there are soldiers at the location. When forensic agents attest to the death, and then the body was taken away by services responsible for that. And it’s no longer [inaudible]. We only determine up until the point of death. The person is in [inaudible].”

Investigator: Ok. Very well. Thanks.

As it is, when they arrived at the scene, Wang Jian was already dead. And in between the time after the female interpreter calling the police, before the arrival of the rescue team, what did happen at the scene?

The bar worker, a witness, was also the first person arriving at the scene. Let us hear his description of what he had seen.

Investigator: “So what did you see when you arrived at the place?”

Worker: “The person was lying down. (And in what position was he?) He was laid out on his back. His head was elevated, and pushed against the wall. (Ok) [inaudible]. (Can you show me the exact position, you found him in a bit later?) I noted it, I still know. (How many people were around him when you arrived?) Two. Two people.”

Investigator: So the place we’re talking about is located below this wall by about 12 meters. So, according to you, who were the people surrounding Mr. Wang?

Worker: “According to me, they were Chinese people. They spoke to him in Chinese. While they were pinching his cheeks and trying to keep him awake. I really felt that these were people in his inner circle. They didn’t let me touch him, they wouldn’t let…I tried to grap his neck. I tried to put him in the PLS [recovery] position. But they were especially against it. I felt like these people were protecting him.”

Investigator: So, who were the people around him when you arrived? Instead of answering, I’d like you to specify again.

Worker: “Two people. Two Chinese people. They were speaking in Chinese. I didn’t understand. (And were they men or women?) Men. “

Investigator: How was Mr. Wang dressed at the time when you found him on the ground?

Worker: “He had a red T-shirt on, or pink or fuchsia, in his [inaudible]. (The same T-shirt that you saw ?) yes the same that he was wearing before. Quality outfits. (Ok. What was he like? Was he moving? Was he breathing? Were his eyes open?) He was breathing. His lips were moving. In fact, his lips were moving and he was making little sounds. You could see the whites of his eyes rolled back in his head. And he wasn’t speaking. He didn’t really say a single word. Not a one.”

Investigator: And you tried to lend him aid, I mean by touching him?

Worker: “I tried, yes. I wanted to put him in the PLS position. The people forbid me from doing it. They were pinching his cheeks … his head, too. That struck me as well. They were pinching his cheeks. And his head fell over like this, [inaudible], as if it was no longer attached to his body. There we go. (Ok). I received this info from my boss, and at that time I was no longer there…They were trying to…They were doing some sort of acupuncture on him. They were putting little needles in his face and lips. There we go. And then the fire department arrived.(Ok)”

Investigator: Mr. Gaetan [name], would you please show us the position? In which Mr. Wang’s body was found when you arrived at the location?

Worker: “A few centimeters [inaudible], maybe [inaudible] or maybe like that, but that was it.(As far as his hands go, what position were they in?) No, not on his body. I don’t remember his hands exactly. I know that there was a person here and here. They were pinching his cheeks. At one point, his head went like this, and fell back again. [inaudible] all by itself. The people were here and here. There was one here and one there. Two people hunched over.”

When you hear this, not sure if you believe the people around Wang Jian were trying to save and keep him alive?

After the police were made are that Wang Jian was staying at a hotel nearby, two policemen and Wang Jian’s entourage went back to the hotel together. This act was recorded by hotel CCTV. The monitor showed that at the time of 12.09, just the time when a convertible was about to leave, a black minivan and a police motorbike were driving into the hotel parking area.

This black MPV was the one of the vehicle used by Wang Jian. Then Houa Gerard wearing a red shirt can be seen alight from the vehicle, and talked a bit with Vial, who got out from the convertible.

The next, the image switched to the ones shown from Indoor Camera 3. Two policemen entered into the hotel one after the other. The female interpreter also appeared here. After two minutes, the police again appeared on the screen. They seemed to have got hold of the hotel manager to learn more about the situation.

Then as shown from the video of the time of 12.34, Houa and Vial were getting into the convertible. At this time, the police motorbike has already left. That is to say that the police work of investigation in the hotel lasted around 20 minutes at the most. Prior to the departure of Houa Ferard and Vial, we can see that they were conversing about something with the two entourage of Wang Jian. Then at around 12.36, they left the hotel. The black Mercedes Benz minivan also followed suit right away.

As it is, what had happened to Wang Jian at the church? Why would he suddenly die? Is it really an accident? Is it truly that he was careless so he fell to his death while he was taking photograph?

With this query, our investigation team interviewed some of the residents in the village of Bonnieux, hoping to find out more information from it.

However, we discovered another shocking information. The following video showed the occasion when we made inquiries from a tourist centre.

Travel center: “Yes, we don’t have to…We can’t give you any information about this. You have to… in fact, the police says to us that the Consulate of China not allow us to..’don’t say anything’…so we don’t say any…(information?) any information. ”

Investigator: I just want to know if you have one other tour from here with people who are [inaudible] tour group, free here.

Travel center: “No…You know…No.. “

At the time, when we heard that, we were absolutely shocked. The French police and the Consulate of China would issue such a succinct order that ‘not allow to say anything about this matter.’ Not only that, we also interviewed the provost guard who also arrived at the scene at the time.

French Police: “I will explain to you, [inaudible] so there is an open investigation for finding out [inaudible] in France. The Chinese asked us for a copy of the procedure report by making an international request. I was involved. But we have a hierarchy here in France. But the prosecutor has asked us to not communicate about this procedure at the moment. You need an official request for us to communicate. The Chinese already made an official request. The Chinese government already made the request. So there’s a document called the [inaudible]. A request for international cooperation was made. You also need to make an international cooperation request. We cannot give any information at all. We couldn’t [inaudible] , it’s not that we don’t want to. We aren’t allowed. As an investigator, we can make an agreement. There needs to be an agreement between the US embassy and the public prosecutor in Avignon. I can give you the name of the prosecutor [inaudible] if you want.”

From what they said, we learnt that Chinese officials immediately did interfere with this case as soon as the incident happened. They also took away all the relevant documents. It is because our investigation team did not assume official credential for this investigation, we were able to get very few information. When we wanted to, through videos we obtained from the hotel and from any videos in which the relevant people may have appearances, attempt in reconstructing the truth of what originally happened, these material physical evidence were sabotaged.

These videos were deliberately wiped out and so vandalized that these critical evidence cannot be recovered.

Please think, if there is nothing to be covered up, who would wipe out the critical evidence? If Wang Jian merely died from accident, why would Chinese government officials want to stop the people who know about the information of this case from talking? As a result, the case of Wang Jian was covered with even more doubts.

It is not only members of our investigation team believed this case to be suspicious, in fact the owner of the hotel where Wang Jian stayed also shared with us some of his own discoveries when we were making inquiries in the hope of finding out more details. The hotel owner intimated that he never knew such thing happened. Also, he did not believe a 57-year-old man would climb up that wall merely for taking a photograph.

The hotel owner therefore particularly made a visit to the site of the accident. At the site, he found a syringe needle. After we have seen so many the witnesses and the statement made by the relevant people of this case, I believe you have more insightful understanding of this case.

In the meantime, you ought to believe firmly that the death of Wang Jian is not just a simple case of an accident. A CEO of an international conglomerate died in a foreign country under such dubious circumstances.

There were still people attempting to cover up their criminal act and control public opinion. Who would have such tremendous power?

In recent time, we witnessed the sudden disappearance of Interpol President Meng Hongwei. Only after his wife making her voice heard in a high profile press conference, Chinese government then hastily admitted Meng Hongwei had been detained for investigation. Have you ever thought that how many wives there were who did not have the opportunities nor the courage to stand out making the fact known?

Nowadays, there are 90 million communist party members. There is no guarantee whos is the next one “to be disappeared” one day? All the entrepreneurs in China, who can be assured not to become the next Wang Jian –to die in a foreign land?

By Miles Kwok and his legal team


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