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Gangtiexia: I have a question. You said the CCP has no fear confronting the Americans, but in case the CCP was taken down or eliminated, is there a possibility that they take the road of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma?

Mu Guiying: I think the CCP must have similar preparations. That’s why they have worked hard to control the so-called overseas democratic activists by way of BGY.

You have seen entrepreneurs like Ren Zhiqiang, Pan Shiyi, Zhang Xin, and Hu Shuli who talk a lot about freedom and democracy overseas. Why? Wang Qishan has decorated himself into a political figure embracing freedom and democracy. He had been very successful in doing so until Guo Wengui stood out to expose his corruption and scandals.

We all know now that Wang Qishan is a traitor and theft of the state. Why has he tried to depict himself as a democratic figure like Aung San Suu Kyi?

Her father General Auug San was an enemy of the Chinese people. He was the General Secretary of Burma’s Communist Party.

General Auug San colluded with the Chinese Communist Party and the Japanese invaders to attack from behind China’s national expedition army by Jiang Kai-se. All the GMT troops were killed except the army led by Sun Liren.

Assisted by the Soviet Communists, General Auug San built his dictatorship in Burma. Apparently a heir of the dictator, Auug San Suu Kyi made herself up as a democratic activist. After receiving many awards in the UK, she won the recognition and support of the western world.

After Auug San Suu Kyi seized the power in Burma, she immediately took off her veil and showed her real face of a dictator, making her driver the Prime Minister while herself holding various ministerial positions.

We can see the same dramas with the CCP’s leadership. They have the so-called democratic representatives overseas, deep-states in Washington and the swamps, and representatives in 66 countries with their red blood. With their overseas assets and resources, they can come back anytime. They truly have the plan.

The department of general staff in the military has planned all these. I think Wang Qishan and other CCP leaders have thought about various possibilities and have plans for them.

Even they have been taken down, they would hope for a come-back like Auug San Suu Kyi or Putin. They think they have the money and thus can achieve anything. Wang Qishan can become the Putin of China. I think he is fully prepared for that.

Many warrior friends said that they would retreat to forests after the accomplishment of the Himalayas of democracy in China. But still we have a lot to do to wash away the poison of communist ideology. Again, we have to be prepared for their coming back.

We have a lot to do, Lude.

Lude: Very good. Recently I said that the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session meant their achievement of Xi and Wang dictatorship. But the sky won’t allow two suns. Next, they must have a fight, like Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi, and later Mao Zedong and Liu Biao.

When we have seen Pan Shiyi selling of his properties and is ready to flee, do you think Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan is having a fight?

Mu Guiying: It is like Albania under Enver Hoxha. First, there were two leaders fighting; later it was a one-man dictatorship.

Under the Communist dictatorship, as always, leaders like Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan must fight each other for more power. They would have all kinds of tactics to seize more power for themselves. But they have another side of unity. When confronting the Chinese people, the Hong Kong people, the forces from the United States and the western world, they would stand in solidarity.

For example, when the scandals of Fan Bingbing were exposed by people of Xi Jinping, the scandals of Huang Xiaoming were also exposed by people of Wang Qishan. This is their internal struggle.

In dealing with the crisis in Hong Kong, the trade war of the US, and the Fourth Plenary Session, they joined in solidarity. But there is a tendency that one would take down the other, as no two tigers share a forest.

I personally know Xi and Wang quite well. As far as I know, they complement each other’s shortcomings. Xi is a careless person with no great vision. Wang is a careful person with a resourceful but vicious mind. As we all know, Xi and Wang once shared a bed at Liangjiahe. They have maintained a close relationship. But now they are fighting for their own interests in different interest groups. They may have a life-and-death fight but not at this very moment, I think.

Their priority now is to put the policies laid down at the Fourth Plenum into practice by 2021. And they are working towards attaining the so-called “two centenary goals”.

But they may come to their doom in 2020. I have talked about this with Gangtiexia and we both agree that they won’t achieve their “two centenary goals”.

Along the way towards their goals, Chinese people would be pushed into a very miserable situation. That would result in strong resistance. Not just the ordinary people, there will be strong resistance from the second and third red generations. The country is highly divided. People in the second and third generation of the Red Army are highly divided.

Many are against the dictatorship; they refuse to walk the Long March again. More people within the system are also against their policies.

Of the policies after the Fourth Plenum, they are about to have the census in which they are going to check the private ownership of real estate properties. Why are they not checking the number of properties owned by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan?

They are planning a Beijing model or Xiongan model, in which they claim “houses are for people to live in, not for making money.” In future, the Party shall allocate the accommodation and private ownership of properties is no longer permitted.

Recently they have planned for the national education of patriotism and the re-training of all 90 million CCP members in four years. The core of this training is the so-called “democratic live meeting”.

Many people do not know about the contents of such meetings. After 1949, Chair Mao encouraged the party members to have regular “democratic live meetings” when each party member criticizes others and has self-criticisms. They called it “alluring the snakes out of the ground holes” and with that they persecuted many by grouping them into the “rightists”.

Now Xi and Wang want to do that all over again with the re-training. They want people to report the wrongdoings and wrong thoughts of each other. They encourage and incite struggles among people. Chinese people will again have a miserable life.

Nowadays, the prices for pork, chicken and agricultural products are sky high. The system of supply and marketing agencies and general provisions by food coupons are returning to people’s life.

The result is: all people would stand up in revolt; and CCP members will also stand up in revolt to finally take down the dictatorship. Every Chinese would hate the CCP. Our Expose Revolution takes the aim to rip the CCP off its clothes covering its shame of crimes and destroy its legitimacy of authority that the CCP leadership values the most.

With our Expose Revolution, the CCP will become a joke of a century, same as the former Soviet Union.

Not only shall we separate the CCP from the Chinese people; we should also separate the 500 families of the CCP leadership from the majority of the 90 million CCP members. With our victory coming along, all Chinese people shall look down upon these CCP dictators and their supporters.

I think the days of the CCP are numbered. All China’s troubles are caused by the arrogance of the CCP and the crimes of its system. It talks highly of its capacity for governance. But in the end, the Chinese people would throw that into the rubbish bin.

Gangtiexia: As to the elimination of the CCP by all Chinese nationals and forces within the Party, I have two questions. First, why 500 families? Who are the 500 families? Second, with the arrogance of the CCP leadership, is there a possibility that they would wage a regional war at time of pressure from both inside and outside?

Mu Guiying: It was a US diplomat who first mentioned the 500 families of the CCP leadership. I am sure he was telling the truth as we look at the composition of the CCP leadership in four categories: supplementary members of the CCP Central Committee, members of the Central Committee, members of the Politburo, standing members of the Politburo. The number is about 500. And behind each of these 500 members, there is a family, including those families of retired veteran leaders.

Compared to the 1.4 billion people, these 500 families are a minority. But they have kidnapped the whole population. If two percent Chinese stood up in revolt, they could be overthrown.

The second question. Will the CCP take the lead to start a war? The CCP would not risk its own life to start a war, but for its survival under critical conditions, it will start a war.

As to the battleground for a possible war, Taiwan, South Korea waters, South China Sea, and the Middle East might be the options. Let me explain.

The South China Sea, most improbable, because the CCP would be in an disadvantageous position if the US military starts the attack from the sea. The Chinese navy is much weaker. The US military would easily dismantle its artificial islands there. The US has lots of navy bases in or around the South China Sea. The fire of war would easily spread to mainland China and this is what the CCP fears most. The CCP is at a defensive position in the South China Sea. It finds no military targets as it is fruitless to attack Vietnam or the Philippines or Singapore.

What about Taiwan? Also not practical. The CCP has a small number of landing ships, only 15 in total that can transport tanks. There is no secret about this. They cannot hide the ships under water. They can only launch missile attacks. This will be a lose-lose situation. Some veteran leaders might suggest attacking Taiwan next year, but in my opinion, that will be a losing game.

Xi and Wang would like very much have a war in the Middle East, as Guo Wengui has told. When Xi and Wang are not able to have complete control over an army, the best way is to send this army overseas to the Middle East so that the army be eliminated there by enemy forces. They won’t mind this army be eliminated by the US military.

Chairman Mao and Deng used this strategy before. No. 38 and No.27 armies were China’s main combat forces, under the command of Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping. Mao once ordered these armies in thin clothes to frozen war zones in the northern Korean border during the War Period so that most of the soldiers were frozen to death. Deng did a similar thing during the war with Vietnam in the seventies.

In my opinion, Xi and Wang may send an army to the Middle East, to help Iran fight Saudi Arabia and Israel. Even though this army wins a war there, the troops won’t survive the journey back to China passing Afghanistan and Pakistan. When the CCP invites Russia and Iran for a war in the Middle East, US troops must join the fight. Xi and Wang would be very happy to see the Chinese army being eliminated by US troops. This way, they can promote their own confidants to lead new armies.

When the Middle East War is in progress, the CCP would invite the UK, France and other European countries for conciliation. In the end of negotiations, the CCP would agree to pay reparation for a ceasefire. This is the best choice for the CCP leadership.

So the Middle East is more likely the battleground than Taiwan.

The Taliban has come to China for several talks. What do you think they have talked about in secrecy? It is probable that the CCP wants to send its troops to Iran by way of the Taliban territory.

Lude: You have a wonderful analysis here, Ms. Mu. I think too the CCP met with the Taliban for the passage through its territory.  The CCP leadership takes the lives of its army soldiers as cannon fodder instead of human.

Mu Guiying: The CCP has claimed it is the defender of the world order. At the same time, the CCP has advocated to break down the old order and build a new international order in economics and politics, as stated in one of its reports to the United Nations.

The CCP is the greatest liar in the world. It has confused the world of what is right or wrong, black or white. It has challenged the US and is planning to dominate the world.

The CCP is the greatest threat to humanity and thus must be eliminated.

Edited and Translated by staff


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