In disputes with the west, Communist China penalizes its own citizens


Australian exporters to China are facing a $6 billion cliff after verbal instructions from Chinese customs authorities threatened to ban at least seven categories of Australian commodities, including coal, barley, copper ore and concentrate, sugar, timber, wine and lobster from Friday.

The new bans occurred over the weekend as clearance of Australian rock lobster shipments was also delayed in Shanghai due to increased import inspections.

An estimated $2 million worth of live lobsters are said to be sitting in tanks on planes on the tarmac at Shanghai Pudong airport, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

Kyri Toumazos, executive officer of the Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery in South Australia, said the product may spoil if inspections were too slow.

China is also the main market for nearly all of Australia’s rock lobster exports, worth around A$750 million (US$527 million) last year.

At the Beijing Jingshen Seafood Market on Monday a seafood shop owner said Australian lobsters were not selling well at the moment despite their superior quality. He said the price had surged by 40 percent in the last two months on the back of transportation difficulties.

At the same time, some Australian wine exporters have been notified by Chinese importers that Australian wine will not be cleared through Chinese customs from this Friday onwards. Australia exports $1.2 billion of wine to China each year.

Although Chinese consumers have loved Australian lobster and wines, it will be hard for them to enjoy the Aussie good food for a long time to come.

This is a direct and sweeping retaliation after Scott Morrison’s government in April called for an independent probe into the origins of the coronavirus.

China is a totalitarian dictatorship. The verbal instructions relayed in the purported customs notice state “after November 6, seven major categories of products are not allowed to be imported from Australia”.

Although China and Australia have signed a Free Trade Agreement, Australians won’t expect the communists to honor their commitments at times of political disputes.

China’s Commerce Minister Zhong Shan has repeatedly rejected requests from Australia’s Trade Minister Simon Birmingham to talk directly about China’s various trade disputes with Australia.

Senator Birmingham has threatened to take China to the World Trade Organisation over the infringements, but this won’t work out right as the WTO has become a running dog of the Communist Regime.

Communist China has always advocated a win-win in trade relations, but now it’s a time to save the life of the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders, they won’t mind a “lose-lose” situation in these disputes.

And again with grain, China is facing a food shortage after the worst floods in decades and other disasters. But the ruling Communist party won’t care about whether its people have enough to eat.

In Communist China, you never will expect the rule of law. As we have seen, no formal notice on the new bans was issued by the Chinese government. Although many Chinese traders said these “verbal bans” from the CCP leaders could complicate planning and ordering, the government won’t care or listen.

Still, the government shamelessly gives a “reasonable” narrative on its unjustified bans as the Foreign Ministry has denied it is ratcheting up economic pressure to win diplomatic concessions.

“China conducts friendly cooperation with other countries based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday night. “We hope Australia can do more things conducive to mutual trust, bilateral cooperation and the spirit of China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership.”

Officials at China’s Commerce Ministry have also reportedly denied the existence of any new directives targeting Australia.

That’s the real face of the Communist dictatorship. The world must be clear-minded about it.

And we hope that the Australian government would continue to stand tough on the Communist abuses.

By Winnie Troppie


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