Important: Miles Kwok announces minor changes to the Press Conference due next week


Final decision: Press Briefing on the Death of Wang Jian and the Truth Behind HNA Group is finally set on November 20th 2018, copy of invitation attached at the end of following remarks by Miles Kwok.

Dear friends,

We have some changes to the upcoming Press Conference on the death of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian.

After careful discussions with our legal team, I have their agreement to tell you that we have received thousands of applications from our warrior friends, 170 people have been accepted orally by myself, and many more are to be approved by our security officers. For security reasons, 40 applications have been rejected, but we cannot provide the reason or explanation for the rejection while we shall also keep your personal details confidential.

And about the timing, it very much relates to who will attend the conference. By now we have approved the applications of 20 journalists. Of the 170 friends, we can only send out official invitations to 30 of them, because we have only planned for a total of 60 attendees in the Pierre Hotel, although the place is large enough to accommodate 200 people. Security is the main reason for this arrangement.

As to the equipment, all mobile phones, cameras and video recorders must be registered and checked carefully one by one for security reason. For the few but largest Television Stations from Europe and Asia, we have our designated professional suppliers to provide them equipment or appliances. New York police will check the identity of each attendee. Only after a security check, an invitation with a designated number shall be mailed. The attendees shall check in Pierre Hotel upon provision of such invitation.

An important change yet to be decided is the timing: it might be set on the 20th instead of the 19th of next week.

There are three reasons to a possible change. First, as the names of certain individuals and companies we are going to announce during the Press Conference would cause panic and severe turmoil in the world’s stock markets and financial markets, our legal team has been requested by the US and related European governments to provide related information. Although we have made changes on the attendance of certain figures, this conference might as well bring about the occurrence of serious economic and political incidents. Our legal team is still working in New York, Washington, and London, awaiting the approval of the US government. But this will not change the happening of our Press Conference.

Secondly, some of the information we are going to release during the Press Conference have yet to be checked by another legal team of lawyers, whose names I not am going to mention here. Members of this legal team have been under intense pressure, and we make changes almost every 12 hours as to who will attend the conference. We will have the final decision today.

Thirdly, Steven Bannon, who is going to join me in hosting the Press Conference, has some obstacle in Britain. Sunday he went to London for an interview with BBC, but the interview was interrupted as a result of local protests against his anti-CCP remarks. Bannon is going to play a very important role in the Press Conference, and I must have him here. Because of serious political and legal confrontation, he and his legal team are undergoing some sort of legal procedures now, the details I am not going to tell here until he is back to the US.

For the above reasons, the Press Conference might not be able to commence on time on the 19th, but the commencement on following day is guaranteed.

Because of possible political and financial disturbance this conference might cause, we have the above problems to tackle. As Bannon has told me to wait for his return, I am not going to announce the exact day until his confirmation is received. He is doing his best to make things happen on the 19th. He is such a great and interesting person.

We have some videos about Chinese Vice-president Wang Qishan’s sex scandals and his private talks. Restricted for public viewing and for political reasons, they were requested to be taken away from the materials. But it doesn’t matter very much as we can still tell the stories in words.

What we are going to reveal at the Press Conference is unprecedented, never made public before, and absolutely a fatal blow to the CCP and the state traitors. To many world-class celebrities, these will be their nightmares too, and they are not to be reversible.

The legal procedures are both important and necessary. Several of the world’s most notable media requested yesterday for personal interviews and we have arranged special cables for their live coverage.

I want to confirm again that there will be no change in our itinerary, the same time to check in, same location, same starting time, opening speech by Steven Bannon, then my introduction and speech, then taking questions from journalists.

Everything will be set by midnight today. Then invitations will be sent out.

Lastly my best wishes to 1.4 billion Chinese and the world.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


  1. Is anyone surprise about high up government officials having sex , the US presidents over the years have done the same,. Bill C come to mind. You think the Chinese are corrupt. You are kidding me the US has corruption that was right through government, how about the FBI, the DOJ these people were corrupt , Hilary and the state department,. Clinton foundation,. Don’t pick on the Chinese until you have cleaned up your own back yard.


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