Implications of China being a currency manipulator in 21 aspects


First, most importantly, it reveals the true force of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s  dissemination into the U.S. economy. This time, when President Trump designates China as a currency manipulator, he has felt the strength. The west has also felt the strength of the CCP’s dissemination, especially through the group of U.S. traitors.

Second, this has let the U.S. and other western countries see the real threat from Communist China with economical strength.

Third, it tells who are among the group of traitors within the United States.

Fourth, it tells how powerful the U.S. dollar is in the international market. It tests the factual value and credibility of the U.S. dollar in the world. It will prove how powerful the U.S. dollar remains after 18 years of wrestling with the CCP within the WTO framework.

Fifth, this is absolutely another wrestling between the U.S. and Communist China in term of economic strength and net value of their currencies.

Sixth, labeling Communist China as a currency manipulator helps the world to comprehensively understand the power of the CCP outside mainland China.

Seventh, what can the U.S. do next? It can stop the global settlements of China-related accounts in U.S. dollars.

Eighth, what can the U.S. do next? It can stop or withdraw investments by U.S. companies and individuals into Communist China.

Ninth, the theft and collusion of the CCP with U.S. traitors will be made known to the world.

Tenth, when Communist China is labeled a currency manipulator at this critical time of protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong, the loss of confidence in the financial sector will be devastating to the Communist regime.

Eleventh, the CCP government will feel a gun pointing at its forehead, and its anus struck from the back. Now it can only move right or left. To the left, they have two secret weapons, so-called political space for survival. One is that they have kidnapped 1.4 billion people; this is their so-called patriotism to stir up hatred against the Americans. They can survive for sometime on a close-door single economy.

Twelfth, to the right, their second secret weapon is to hope for the political struggle within the U.S. government, President Trump’s being challenged by his opponents, and the threats from the group of U.S. traitors and financial interests cultivated by the Communist regime. They call this the political risk for Donald Trump.

But none of these so-called secret weapons will stand the test of time.

Thirteenth, CCP has worked for an economic alliance with five countries Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, and Russia to counter America. This action by Donald Trump will give this alliance a destructive blow.

Fourteenth, this will open a new chapter in U.S. politics between the two parties that will push ahead the process in eliminating the CCP regime before the 2020 elections.

Fifteenth, the U.S. starts to weaken its dollar intentionally. If the U.S. robs, it does that openly. In contrast, the CCP government steals secretly because they don’t have the support from its people. The whole country has served no more than ten families as traitors. By deliberately weakening its dollar, the U.S. builds up its domestic demand, expands its domestic market and advocates a new order of “One Globe One World”.

Sixteenth, there will be a new type of political and economic cooperation of the United States with countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Europe. A completely new order in the world economy shall be formed.

Seventeenth, the group of U.S. traitors will wake up completely. New corporations will emerge in the fields of 5G, AI, bio-technology and new energy with new economic models. America will become greater, and the world be have greater peace.

Eighteenth, labeling Communist China a currency manipulator is not an idea coming out suddenly from Trump’s mind; it is not part of the trade war. The president has a heart-felt inspiration to completely destroy communism on earth as many warrior friends have seen from our Expose Revolution.

Nineteenth, in my whistle blow on July 20-27, I have told that the world will undergo dramatic changes and the CCP will come to its doom at the speed of light. Before the trade talk at Shanghai Xijiao State Guest Hotel, I said the hotel is the burial place for Sino-U.S. relationship. Moving the trade talk to Shangshai signified the failure of CCP’s system in Beijing. And it also showed to the world that the CCP leaders are nothing but liars.

It is said the U.S. government foresaw the outcome. That was the most effective intelligence analysis from the U.S. side. Lowering the interest rate by the Federal Reserve was based on this analysis.

Twentieth, fluctuations in the U.S. stock market let the Americans see more clearly how their country has been influenced by CCP dissemination and collusion with their traitors.

The CCP has taken advantage of the U.S. stock market to pressure Donald Trump. They planned to create panic within the U.S. stock market by selling off in large amounts. But this time they failed. The U.S. government has been well prepared for that. What they actually hurt are Chinese companies and U.S. traitors.

Twenty first, this has an impact on the real estate market of the United States. Recently we have witnessed a similar craziness like in 2008.

Please keep an eye on the developments.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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