If Biden wins, the CCP wins


US presidential candidate Donald Trump said, “If Biden wins, China wins.”

His opponent former Vice-president Joe Biden does not agree, “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man! I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

“China, during the Obama years in particular, just took advantage of our country so badly. Very, very big competition, China. I’ve stopped it. And I am stopping it,” Trump said.  “Because you finally have the president who puts America first, and I do put America first.”

Joe Biden has also vowed to “punish” China for its actions against Hong Kong, and has famously referred to China’s leader Xi Jinping as a “thug”.

Chinese leaders hope Washington will tone down conflicts over trade, technology and security if Joe Biden wins the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Yun Sun, director of the China program at the Stimson Center in Washington, DC, told Asia Times, “Until this year, Beijing’s private preference was for Trump to win a second term. The damage that Trump had inflicted on American global leadership was seen as beneficial to China. Also, China did not believe that Trump bought into the Great Power competition narrative, and that in fact he acted as a check on the real anti-China hawks in his administration.”

Sun held that “a President Biden also is expected to resume the Democratic Party’s long-standing criticism of China’s domestic politics and human-rights record, areas that Trump mostly avoided in his first three years. Under a Biden administration, those criticisms will likely become more cogent.”

Trump said in his latest tweet, “Joe Biden is a corrupt politician who is bought and paid for by China!”

Donald Trump is not a US president who has courted international support. The Asians who denounce the Chinese Communist Party are rooting for Trump to win.

“When Donald Trump got elected four years ago, I thought the US had gone crazy,” Erica Yuen from Hong Kong tells the BBC. “I’d always been a supporter of the Democrats. Now though, I support Trump – along with a lot of the Hong Kong protesters.”

“Donald Trump’s attitude is good for us and it’s good to have such an ally. It gives us more confidence in terms of foreign affairs – militarily and trade,” Victor Lin, who works in e-commerce, told the BBC from Taiwan.

“Donald Trump is our ally. For Japan, the biggest reason we support him is national security,” says Yoko Ishii, a YouTuber who vlogs under the name Random Yoko.

“A second Trump term would be a gift to China,” said Chinese political analyst Minxin Pei. “Although a second-term Trump administration would further tighten the military and technological screws around China, the continuation of his presidency would nonetheless be a boon to Xi’s regime.”

“The laptop from hell” has revealed scandals of the Biden family that Joe Biden factually became a puppet and running dog of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ludepress says that the US government has obtained incriminating evidence of sixteen CCP agents posing as pro-democracy activists in the US. They have posed a clear danger to US national security. “This US presidential election matters to the world because the US is the last guardian of liberty. If Biden wins, the CCP will take over the world,” said Luthur with his Lude Media.

Recently, seeing the polls (Pew, July/20) showing 73% discontent with the behavior of China (controlled by the CCP), Biden has attempted to convince Americans that a Biden administration would be tougher on China than Trump on trade, on military aggression, on intellectual property theft, technology transfers and economic bullying.

The Biden camp cannot be believed to be tough on the CCP. Biden’s past behavior towards the CPP, which has been entirely laissez-faire or even supportive, and his deep undeclared financial arrangements with the CCP make him a thoroughly compromised candidate who appears ready to sacrifice the National Security interests of the U.S. for his own personal and family gain.

Lude told that General Secretary XI Jinping is in what he calls the “Ultimate Battle” around the 2020 U.S. presidential election. He fears that if Trump gets re-elected, the CCP will be crushed imminently. He must make BIDEN win. Information warfare is part of Xi’s unrestricted warfare.

“Trump deserves to lose, but not to the incompetent Biden, “Greg Sheridan said to the Australian, “Trump is coming home full of energy and fight. He’s not going to die wondering. But COVID-19 may have defeated him. He started a long way behind.”

In the event of a Trump win, The Transition Integrity Project anticipated widespread protests throughout the US, with “widespread threats of violence, and sporadic actual violence.”

In simulations played out by the Transition Integrity Project, a narrow Biden win still led to mass action on the streets from Democrats and calls from the Trump campaign to stoke chaos by calling for local police forces to crack down, ABC reports.

“A Biden win means a new occupant for the White House, “the ABC report says. “Well, the transition would continue, because Joe Biden’s campaign team already have access to offices in Washington DC to start transition work and funding to start processing security clearances.”

“I don’t have hope that things will return to normal once Trump leaves office. History can only march forward. It will take more than replacing one 70-something-year-old white man with another to bring back the ‘normalcy’ we once knew. And who would want to anyway, when the cultural impact of Trump was most often one of revealing, rather than inspiring, hatred,” Cole Brown, a Philadelphia native living in Sydney, wrote to Sydney Morning Herald.

He said, “Even if Biden wins, we have nothing to celebrate.”

By Winnie Troppie


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