If Biden acted against the CCP, we shall also support him


As long as the Biden administration intends to take down the CCP, we are resolute in cooperating and providing all intelligence. Our premise is to stay out of American politics. We are always grateful for all the efforts that President Trump made towards our goal to terminate the CCP. We will not forget any person who helped us take down the Communist Party, nor will we spare any person who deceived and insulted us….Miles Guo says.

Today is a special day, Washington is buzzing. Many Americans are concerned about the attitude of our New Federal State of China, which reflects the hard power of our Whistleblowers Movement. Many people in the world cannot believe this scene (Mr. Trump lost the Presidency) would happen today, but it just happened. All of mankind has to wear a “cage cover” (mask) and if you don’t, you will die. This is also the first inauguration in the United States wearing masks, and no one can change the fact that CCP has given this “cage cover” situation to the world. But no one dares to ask where this came from, does not dare to face the truth, and does not dare to ask the truth. The United States, the world’s true leader, and the World Police are (surrendering) like this, which is the darkest moment of all mankind.

It is said that not so many people at the scene said hello to Pence, he will end up very badly. Satan said: Humanity is far eviler than you can imagine compared to me. Much of what has happened in American politics and the military arenas is a betrayal of betrayals, all the time, and the most hateful of all human beings is betrayals. These betrayals have changed the fate of the whole earth and all mankind.

Betrayal does not necessarily entail deception, but deception does entail betrayal. What concerns the fate of humanity today is the result of the intersection of betrayal and deception. The means of engaging in betrayal and deception are religion, God, love, devotion, and faith. The betrayal endured behind the Whistleblowers Movement is something you do not see, which entails all big money, big harm, and unbearable suffering. The great Movement to destroy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is really not that simple, no exaggeration at all, it is almost the most courageous Movement for justice ever seen by all mankind. Because the anti-CCP movement is confronting the evilest devil, that is, the CCP.

You will see the CCP’s complacency, you will see CCP’s mind calculating how to retaliate against the Americans, and you will see the CCP will fly into a rage after being hit hard. Many of us are carrying the residual poison of 70 years of CCP’s dictatorship ruling, such as unrealistic fantasies, such as always hoping for and relying on others.

The presidential pardon is a guarantee of personal safety for Mr. Bannon, but it’s impossible for him to run for president. At that time the biggest threat to Wengui (Miles Guo) was President Trump, the Republican not Democrat Party. We have to respect President Trump but do not get involved in the two-party political battle between the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties. We need to unite more people in the United States to support the Whistleblower Movement and the destruction of the CCP, which is the strategic and tactical considerations of the Whistleblowers Movement. The Whistleblowers Movement requires an adjustment in all aspects, I firmly believe that President Trump will win and will definitely come back. We have to respect the U.S. Constitution, which is currently in law with the Biden administration in power.

From yesterday onwards the U.S. Politian who wants to collude and deal with CCP again is never possible. The sanctions and (punitive) actions on CCP in the past week marked the legality of (devoting to) the death and elimination of CCP. The remaining issue is just a matter of time and form of elimination. To attack Biden and his family after 12:00 pm today is to be anti-American. We need to maintain respect for the current president and vice president, which is the first rule. Second, we are not involved in the political fight between the two parties in the United States, and we support what is authorized by the U.S. Constitution. Third, we are firmly opposed to anything that colludes with CCP, and we support anything that hurts CCP.

Today the feeling of being betrayed marks the second time in my life. The things that happened in Beijing during 2012-2013 were the first time in Wengui’s life that I felt this way. I have been working undercover for 20 years to prepare for the peaceful revolution, to destroy CCP, and make China a country with freedom of faith, rule of law, and multi-party. However, Ling, Jihua was a traitor, and his betrayal and Hu Jintao’s cowardice led to the failure. When a person is so disappointed and sad, my whole person feels frozen. Their family nepotism prevented them from being selfless, which, combined with cowardice, naivete, and lack of faith in their hearts, led to opportunities were squandered. I made a series of efforts, but I knew they (different CCP high-standing families and cliques) were going to war with each other, so I left China.

President Trump never gave up his personal relationship with Chairman Xi and his (improper) treatment of the CCP virus, and his catastrophic mistake is subjected to the influence of his family and several people around him. Any great human action will certainly not succeed whenever that cannot be done selflessly and without fear. My family will never be involved in the Whistleblowers Movement, and I will be selfless and free of nepotism. I am here today to make a public vow to all my fellow fighters.

Now it is possible for the CCP to linger for another year, two, or three years, but I firmly believe that the CCP will soon be extinguished and no one can stop the CCP’s extinction. Hong Kong crisis, the CCP virus, and this presidential election will cause severe consequences for which the CCP will be held accountable. Accountability is just a matter of time. I repeat: President Trump will win, it’s just a matter of through which way and when he comes back. Thank God for sending Chairman Xi, Jinping, and Vice-Chairman Wang, Qishan and making the vast majority of the CCP members our fellow fighters. Likewise, today’s Trump event is not so much a failure as it creates a greater opportunity. This time the United States has been attacked by and sent a “Hitler”, a threat to humanity, a threat to international justice, which will awaken all mankind and bring all mankind to destroy the CCP. This is the ultimate battle between Good and Evil, and Goodwill prevails. Justice is coming to us, no one can stop it, everything arranged by the Supreme God is the best and perfect.

By Miles Guo (Miles’ live broadcast on Jan. 20)

Translator: Shawn 【㊙️G-Translators/ Authentic Writing Team】
Proofreader: Voice of Heart


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