I want to sing for China, but I can’t.


I want to sing for China.

I want to sing for the beauty of greater China.

I want to sing for China’s long history and great civilization.

I want to sing for China’s rich cultures and colorful traditions.

I want to sing for China’s beautiful mountains and roaring rivers.

I want to sing for the hard-working Chinese people and their great creativity.

I want to be a lark flying in the blue sky, singing “I love you china”.

I want to sing “I love your blooming seedlings in spring and golden fruits in autumn”.

I Want to sing “I love the quality of your green pines and the character of your red plums.”

I want to dedicate the most beautiful song to you from the very bottom of my heart.

But I can’t. I can’t.

Because China is a country ruled by a brutal dictatorship.

Because the Chinese people are enslaved by the Communist Party.

Because there is no freedom of speech there, no rule of law there.

Because there is no open internet there, no free media there.

Because someone will check into your mind and try to control your thoughts.

Because they might easily violate your rights and make you disappeared.

Because you are told to love the Party and country more than your parents.

Because you cannot worship your God and keep your faith.

Because  people will laugh at you when you are poor.

Because no one will lift you up when you fall down.

I have hoped to dedicate the most beautiful song to my motherland.

But I can’t. I can’t.

If I can, I can only sing this song:

A roar of the vast sea;
The tidal waves surging up to take down the CCP.
A roar of the vast sea;
The tidal waves surging up to take down the CCP.
Heroes from all over the world get together.
A laugh from heaven,
Take out a sword to behead the red demon.
The waves and sands wash off the haze filled with poison.
Having enslaved the Chinese people for a total of 70 years,
Rendered this land full of ruins and scars.
Dropped the virus to the whole world, making all kinds of biochemical weapons.
Screw the so-called Community with Shared Future for Mankind;
In the three years of whistleblowing we carried out God’s will with fellow fighters,
Wake up my fellow Chinese compatriots and set off a wave to take down the CCP.
In the sky our aspirations are soaring with the flag of NFSC fluttering,
Take down the evil CCP and bring sunshine back to China.

A laugh from mountains and rivers,
Shakes the sky and universe.
Who is the victor or loser is now obvious.
The wind whistles,
The truth sets off raging tides,
Overthrow the red regime of tyranny as Pangu created the earth and sky.

Whistleblowing for over 3 years is just to keep smashing the CCP,
We can never have too many breaking news and solid proofs every day.
Our fellow fighters’ actions are crucial to taking down the CCP with forces from both inside of CCP and America.
God bless our Chinese men and women who together build the New Federal State of China.
The dawn comes up in the darkness, lighting up the sky in the east,
To expose the CCP’ s lies I prepared for more than three decades.
I crossed the valley of death, embarking on a journey to take down the CCP,
Even with so much danger, our lives are not wasted.

A laugh of breezes,
Finally returns to the Way of Righteousness.
An unfettered boat rides freely on the waves;
A roar of Lao Baixing (Old Hundred Name).
Their passions are running high.
Look up and roar, praising the heroes of ours

Our fellow fighters’ heroic spirit rises up through the clouds and sky,
Time to get together at Pangu now;
Whatta you waiting for?
The world is safe no more,
CCP lyin, The people’s dyin!
We are running outta time.

Take Down
Take down the CCP
Take Down
Take down the CCP
LalalaLalala…  LalalaLalala…
CCP,you’re finished!

Original Song:One Roar of Laughter in the Vast Sea
Lyrics and Music by: James Wong
Adaptive Song: A Roar of the Vast Sea
Lyrics by:The Fellow Fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement
Rap Lyrics by: Qi Fuwei, Tang Ping
Arrangement: Mangren Caogen
Downmix: Q.May, Mangren Caogen,Tex Hill
Chord: GTV Sky Shouters

Edited by staff



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