I finally defeated coronavirus and is now recovering


After 7 days of fighting to confront the coronavirus disease, I have finally won the battle in self isolation and is now in the process of recovering.

As I closely traced the origin of the many possibilities of my contracting coronavirus, I think the most possible place was the Times Square subway station in New York and the time was noon of April 5th when I changed train there for the transit to JFK International Airport.

I felt the first symptoms of leg weakness and tongue numbness besides a diarrhea before I boarded the transit flight at Dallas of Texas the following day.

I took precautions during the flight by taking traditional Chinese medicines and also tried to keep distance and avoid affecting others on the plane by always wearing a mask.

I arrived at Sydney Airport on the morning of April 8. Although I showed no symptoms at all on arrival, I told the awaiting medical people that I might be infected with the disease and asked for a test. A doctor inquired about my health and said no need for medical assistance. I was asked to get on board a bus for isolation after I checked out the Customs.

In the afternoon of the same day at Travelodge Hotel, I felt very tired and had diarrhea again. Besides continuing to take herbal tablets from my suitcase, I instructed my wife to prepare TCM formulas of herbal liquids for me.

In the evening and early morning of April 9, I felt my situations getting worse, I strongly felt something is coming within my body; I felt much uneasy all over. Besides the tiredness, I felt a little bit of fever, occasionally numbness of tongue, and more diarrhea. I started to take liquid herbal medicine to cop with the situations.

About noon April 10, besides other symptoms, I felt my heart beat faster and the virus was attacking me from under. Later in the day, it attacked another time and I took more liquid medicines to confront it.

I know coronavirus is a “wet disease” of a negative factor according to TCM theory, my prescriptions are “hot dried herbs”of a positive factor to fight the disease. During the days, my tongue has been thick white.

In the morning of the 4th day in isolation, about 5:00am, I started to develop more symptoms and things getting worse by the hour. I was a bit of short of breath at about 8:00-9:00am but I was short of herbal liquid. I called the reception and asked for a doctor. A doctor (or maybe an ambulance) came and checked my temperature. He did not see myself in any serious condition and suggested me to stay in the hotel instead of going to the hospital.

In the following 3 days, the virus came about two times everyday, attacking my heart and my lungs. Every time I took the herbal liquid to build a defense and the confrontations normally went on half an hour to an hour. I felt tired and weak after each fight. I was not able to take notes of the details because my situations were weak.

I did not experience any loss of consciousness although I felt dizzy a few times during the confrontations. The words here are plain, but the fighting has been hard. If I ever failed in one confrontation, the virus will get into my lungs and I shall have collapsed.

On the night of April 14, I saw my tongue bleeding. I was shocked and called the doctor. After some consultation, I said I would monitor myself for more hours before a possibility to be taken to hospital. But hours later, my situations improved a lot. My tongue for the first time turned from white to red, though with some darkness.

The next day, I started to have a bit of phlegm and a bit cough. My urine showed a bit of yellow instead of clearness all the time. I knew I have got over this virus.

I felt totally exhausted yesterday after the final fight. For 7 days, I have never had a good sleep but yesterday evening till now, it was 7 hours sleep. I knew I am on top of the disease now. An hour before after I woke up, I instantly took my computer and started to write in bed.

While I shall be recovering, I will give a fuller description of the whole process of how I have fought the disease so that it can be a help for people who are suffering and as assisting materials to medical doctors who are still fighting to save lives.

And at the same time, I want to send a strong message that this coronavirus is curable. It is very important to take timely actions before symptoms are going to develop and it is better for our medical doctors to think out of the box to find the solutions.

By Cloudy Seagail

01:48 am


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