How the Pandemic has changed this Christmas & New Year Celebrations


“The world must learn why no one is safe during this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations. It is the CCP – Chinese Communist Party that has ruined our Christmas and New Year. This has never happened in human history!” – Miles Guo’s Christmas message.

London now UK’s Covid hotspot and Test and Trace cuts Christmas hours

London has been confirmed as the UK’s coronavirus hotspot following a dramatic surge in infections in recent weeks, according to the latest infection survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The capital was shown on Thursday to have the highest percentage of people testing positive for Covid-19 in the country as millions more people prepared to be forced into tier 4 restrictions from Boxing Day as part of efforts to control a faster-spreading version of the virus.

Health secretary Matt Hancock warned that the UK’s variant was spreading at a “dangerous rate” and urged people to stay at home from Saturday in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, other parts of the country, such as Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset, were escalated to tier 3 amid concerns about rising infection rates over the Christmas period.

It came as The Independent revealed that the government had asked England’s Test and Trace service to reduce its working hours during the Christmas holidays despite a surge in confirmed cases.

Nearly 40,000 positive tests for Covid-19 were reported on Wednesday, yet clinical staff working for the system have been told to cancel shifts ahead of a shortened working day.

Source: The Independent

Covid-19 has changed Sydney’s New Year Celebration

The fireworks show on New Year’s Eve in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is a very famous event every year. This year, it has been affected by the continuous emergence of the epidemic. Whether it will be held as scheduled has been controversial. The recent outbreak of the CCP-virus epidemic in the northern beach community of Sydney will once again attract attention to this iconic activity loved by Australians.

According to the latest news, the Sydney New Year fireworks show will continue as planned; however, the time for the fireworks show will be shortened to 7 minutes. At the same time, everyone needs to apply separately if they want to go to the CBD on New Year’s Eve. Those who can go to the CBD on New Year’s Eve unless they have reserved a restaurant in the CBD in advance or hold tickets for the New Year’s fireworks show. In addition, on New Year’s Eve, anyone who wants to enter the Sydney CBD or the North Sydney area must register with the government to obtain a permit; even if they are residents living in the CBD themselves, they must apply. Besides, compared to previous years, most of the popular viewing spots will not be open to the public.

Last year’s fireworks show also received public attention during the bushfires in Australia, and the cancellations were called for, but in the end, it was held as scheduled under the government’s efforts. This year, although the government has made all the above-mentioned comprehensive preparations for the pandemic, the conflicting fight on yes or no to the show still continues. Those who want to keep the fireworks show believe that this is the best time for everyone to celebrate and be comforted; the opposing party believes that large-scale gatherings of people will always do more harm than good to control the epidemic.

Concerns about the spread of the epidemic caused by large-scale activities in Australia and the difficulty of controlling it has existed since the outbreak of the CCP-virus epidemic. Nearly all kinds of large-scale celebrations, large-scale events, weddings, and funerals all over Australia including some family gatherings, people can only follow the advice of the government and medical departments in the face of the epidemic. That is to say, people are advised to stay at home as much as possible, and try to maintain basic social interaction.

These suggestions are of course based on the premise of being responsible to the public and the community, but many people did not know that: the most important thing to control the epidemic is to know and share the truth about the new coronavirus COVID-19, which is the CCP virus. If there is no such understanding, there is no such truth-sharing, even if the government has adopted strict social control and administration on physical protection of the people, all efforts could be in vain finally. That could be sad and upsetting for everyone. However, the government still takes for granted that the CCP-virus could be eradicated by them but neglect the COVID-19 is a man-made bio-chemical weapon. Moreover,  it is keeping mutated all the time.  Furthermore, there are countless asymptomatic carriers out of people’s minds.

This has become an endless cycle that will eventually lead to people’s extreme resentment after a long-term suppression, and society will collapse and be in chaos. Therefore, perhaps the Sydney fireworks show can still bring people’s comfort in its fabulous view, but it does not solve the problem completely at all. What we need to do is: spread the truth about the CCP virus and let more people know that CCP is the originator of the virus; only by eliminating CCP can the virus be finally annihilated.

Author: Xima & Three-Squirrels

Steve Bannon interviews Chinese virologist Dr. Limeng Yan on War-room Pandemic

Bannon: With the CCP virus, everything she said has turned out to be accurate right and she also was somebody months ago said, as soon as you try to come up with a vaccine, which can be very difficult to do in a short period of time, you’re going to see another virus, another strain of this immediately come up and look what you got going in the UK now.

Daily Mail and all these stories exclusives with the BAT woman in the Wuhan lab, who they’re trying to make a media hero. Remember, the whole world’s economy has been destroyed, the balance sheets of all these countries have been destroyed, you know millions people dead over 300,000 United States. complete catastrophe, our whole election turned upside down because the CCP, but nobody knew the batwoman is being put up by the mainstream media. Why does she lack credibility and what is the story of Wuhan lab?

Dr. Yan: the batwoman should be a very famous scientist who donates her life to the bat viruses and other genetic virus studies in China and she has many publications including the famous one is about how SARS comes from the bat and now she is promoted by the Chinese government to be the one work at antivirus field and also China government won’t tell people that Chinese Communist Party works very hard with the scientific world to fight with the virus and if you try to say that these viruses come from the CCP lab, it’s like you should feel guilty.

How the Chinese Communist Party and also scientific work put her there? See how they put the professor Malik Paris and other people. Actually, I already show how she made up the data about the nature origin of the ethical way in my second report. Also, I mentioned it in my first report basically she’s using the fabricated data collaborate with the scientific world to drive people’s attention from the real reason: why we have the pandemic and the real reason is Chinese Communist Party used a military lab to modify the bat virus and use it as bio weapon to attack the world.

The bad virus found in the miners in the Yunnan cave is another lie. They want it sounds like a mysterious story, people, especially the west, people like to listen to the story, so there are a lot of hypotheses, amount of speculation and also she did find something in that cave, but it’s not the one they used to make this virus. The recruitment of scientists to support it that either it comes from nature or it’s just because someone tried to do the good purpose, somehow release. Whatever final reason is not much you’d think about CCP creation.

Bannon: Why you think this is actually a bio-weapons program? When the CCP tells the world that it’s not? It seems like the world is not actually pressing the CCP, maybe some intelligence agencies are, but the world is not pressing the CCP for an answer. How do you back your assertions up?

Dr. Yan: I already showed in the two reports cited all those publications, the studies on Chinese Communist Party and their partners work, together to do this by weapon virus, little by little every step they show they have done it, they show they can do it, they showed CCP encouraging and also they show that how the Chinese Communist Party collaborates with the scientific world to make up a lot of data on paper or tell the lies to let people believe them all these things. Whatever happened in the whole year just based on common sense, what we’ve told you in the media. I think people can make their judgments.

CCP is not held accountable now by world governments led by the United States. What’s going to happen?

The first thing is China government will collaborate with WHO and also investigation teams and also the scientific world to persuade that the SARS Covid-19 comes from nature, is not intentionally released; The second thing is, they will tell you that actually it’s not originated from even China, it happened in anywhere in the world, include US, Europe or the other countries; The third thing is, Chinese propaganda will make you believe, including your mainstream media will help them to persuade people that Chinese Communist Party is great, it’s helpful and also very innocent in fight Covid-19.  people should respect them;
And the fourth is the very important thing,  they will ask to blame President Trump’s administration that they are incapable to anti-Covid-19 and people start blaming him for that.

War-Room with Steve Bannon

The Whistleblower Movement— Exodus in the new century

The Old Testament records that Moses was inspired by God to lead the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, after which they based themselves at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. After 40 years of wandering in the desert, Moses died within sight of the Promised Land on Nebo.

Nowadays, the devil (the Chinese Communist Party) CCP is only creating disasters in China, and 1.4 billion Chinese people have been enslaved for 70 years. Under the dictatorship in which all power and wealth under of the CCP control, the Chinese people are suffering tremendously. The reason for all these sufferings is that our grandparents were blinded by lies of the CCP, and our last generations were unconsciously cooperated with the CCP. Now we choose to be silent. The CCP can rule us because of our ignorance, naïve, selfishness, and cowardice. Nowadays, the CCP virus is raging around the world and has caused a huge humanitarian disaster. This is also one of the punishments we suffer for connivating CCP.

After dealing with the CCP for decades, the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by Mr. Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok) suddenly appeared in front of the public. We believed that He is the chosen person (by God) who will lead 1.4 billion Chinese people to take down the CCP regime, in order to free the Chinese people, to build a new country with democracy and rule of the law, and people who can have freedom religious beliefs.

Moses stayed in the desert for 40 years, and the generation who were born in the desert finally return the Canaan. This is because slaves cannot build a free country. The scholar Hu Shi went to Taiwan after the Republic of China was found, once he said: Striving for individual freedom is also fighting for freedom for the country. A freedom and civilized country is not built by the group of slaves.

Firstly all the Himalaya farms located at the civilized and freedom countries around the world. Most of the people who are willing to be one member of the farm are the new Chinese who having freedom and democracy mind, beliefs and independent personality. They are also the members of the New Federal State of China. The great chairman or dictator only existed among the washing brained and enslaved people.

The person who followed Mr. Guo in the Whistleblowers’ Movement and chose to join the Himalaya Farm in various places were the first batch of people to enter the land of Canaan. Its story seems a modern version of Exodus.

The 1.4 billion Chinese lived in the mainland of China within the Internet firewall who seems the Exodus of the Israelites in the desert. It is the opportunity coming from the God to give the people who following the Whistleblowers’ Movement to be able to enter the Promised Land of Canaan. Otherwise they will be continuously deceived by the CCP and fall down to the abyss.

Auditor: Ana (HimalayaFarm Italy)



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