How the CCP is copping with the floods, as revealed by Miles Guo


Let me tell you something about the floods in China.

Brothers and sisters, these days in China, the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam, including the area of Enshi and Wuhan, and the lower basin cities like Nanjing, are confronting the most serious floods in history.

We must have a clear understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Does the CCP leadership really care about the floods?

I was told that a CCP leader (Xi Jinping?) came back to Beijing after meeting some experts of the Chinese Academy of Social Science at Beidaihe Summer Resort, water experts as well as financial experts.

This CCP leader asked one of the water experts, “Tell me! Other people might not have told me the truth. I want to hear your opinion on the floods. What can you expect to be the worst consequences?”

The expert reported, “There is less than 50% possibility that the Three Gorges Dam would collapse. To protect the dam, we have to discharge some water. This is affecting about 40 million people, causing about 300 thousand to half a million deaths. If heavy rains continue into August 21st, our expectations, based on historical records, show that 60-70% of food production will be lost in the midstream and downstream areas. Only fishery will have a good harvest. If the situation continues like this for two months, it may cause as many as 10 million deaths. In case the Three Gorges Dam collapsed, which is 30-40% possibility, the consequences would be more devastating and this will rewrite history as more people will die from the flooding.”

The CCP leader said, “I think you are telling the truth. But you know, the Three Gorges Dam was not built by me or my leadership. It was not built by this government. It was built by Premier Li Peng’s government. It was a decision made by Deng Xiaoping, or even Mao Zedong. It was built under Jiang Zemin’s leadership. It has nothing to do with me. Even it caused 100 million deaths, it is none of my business.”

Warrior friends, this is the Chinese Communist Party. This is the true face of the CCP. Ordinary Chinese are both ignorant and deplorable. They have been brainwashed. That’s the law of cause and effect.

Even today, many Chinese still think the CCP is dearer than their own parents. Most Chinese hate the CCP, but almost everyone of them wants to become part of the CCP. Everyone hopes to become an official in his county, city, or province.

Like people, like government. I totally agree. Because there live such people in China, there is such a government there.

Public power cannot be privatized; private assets cannot be publicized. I totally agree. Bad people elect a bad government; good people elect a good government.

Listen to what this son of a bitch has said! As the leader of a government, he doesn’t care how many people would die in the flooding. He said it is none of his business whether 100 million or 300 million people would die in the floods.

He said the Three Gorges Dam was built in the eras of Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin; thus he takes no responsibility.

I have felt much uneasy since I heard of these words. I pray to God that the Three Gorges Dam would never collapse. I don’t want to see so many people die.

The dam has not yet collapsed. But his attitude towards the lives of ordinary people tells the evil nature of the CCP regime.

What is a government? A government serves the people and helps solve their problems. When a government can no long help solve the problems, this government must be overturned.

The Chinese are truly deplorable today. The CCP leadership does not care about their lives or deaths.

About the rescue efforts, I was told that the CCP leader said, “Are we going to save them from the floods even if we sent out the whole army? If that is the case, we have to let the people save themselves. But in the media propaganda, we must pay close attention. We must have full control over the information about the floods. This information cannot be released to foreign media. We shall never let our enemies learn about the factual number of deaths in the flooded areas, especially the US and Europe. We must do everything we can to stop the release of information.”

How deplorable! This is today’s China. This is the nature of the CCP.

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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