How the CCP has tried with all efforts for the deportation of Miles Kwok back to China?


On yesterday’s whistle blow, Miles Kwok reveals a letter by the American venture capitalist Elliot Broidy to the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his deportation last year.

According to Miles, before Elliot Broidy wrote this letter on May 21 2017, he met in Malaysia with its former Prime Minister Najib Razak and Jho Low, the illegitimate son of Meng Jianzhu, then General Secretary of CCP’s Political and Legal Commission. The CCP gave US$76 million to Elliot Broidy who promised to persuade the Trump Administration to make things happen. And one day before that, Elliot Broidy had met in Shenzhen with Sun Lijun and other CCP officials to discuss related matters.

On the 23rd, Sun Lijun and other CCP officials arrived in Washington to meet with US officials for the deportation or extradition of Miles Kwok. They offered to receive 63,000 illegal Chinese immigrants in the US for the deportation or extradition of Miles Kwok, besides other terms.

At the same time, these CCP officials agreed to cooperate with the US in delivering major assistance with regard to North Korea. For Example – Kim Jong-Un and many of his family members have bank accounts and assets in Macau and China, as the letter has revealed.

Miles said, by July, the CCP officials headed by Sun Lijun had handed over the DNA files of Kim Jong-un and his family members, including their stool and urine test results, to related US government departments.

At the time when Kim was having a meeting with President Xi Jinping and entrusting the fate of North Korea in the hands of CCP officials, the CCP regime was in conspiracy to sell the interests of North Korea.

Miles Kwok hopes that North Korean leadership would wake up immediately and give up hopes with their so-called “brotherhood” with Communist China and take the side of freedom and democracy by contacting Washington directly as soon as possible.

The letter is released as follows:

To:       Attorney General Jeff Sessions
From:   Elliot Broidy
Date:   May 21, 2017
Re:     Opportunity to increase law enforcement cooperation between the United States and China.

While conducting business in Malaysia for one of my companies, a potential opportunity for the US and China to increase their law enforcement cooperation for the benefit of both parties was brought to my attention. As you known I am not a lobbyist and I am not lobbying you or the Department of Justice to act upon this. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

I was asked by my Malaysian business contacts to meet with Minister Sun Lijjun, the Vice Minister of Public Security. During the meeting that took place on May 20 in Shenzhen, China, I was told by Minister Sun that China would like to significantly increase bi-lateral cooperation with the US with respect to law enforcement including cyber security. In connection therewith, he advised me that he will be leading a small delegation from China that is coming to washington, D.C. to meet with Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce C. Swartz on May 25th. In addition to Minister Sun, the delegation includes Deputy Director of International Cooperation Zhu Yuyang, Deputy Director of Internal Security, Wang Xingen and Deputy Director of Cyber Security, Xu Jianzhuo.

In addition to meeting with Mr. Swartz, I have been told that the delegation also will be meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Matthew King and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Thomas McDermott on May 25th. On May 26th the delegation will meet with Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas D. Homan and the executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber Response, and Services Branch of the FBI, Paul Abbate.

During my conversation with Minister Sun, I asked what specifically China would be willing to do to improve law enforcement relations between the US and China. Minister Sun advised that China was prepared to do the following immediately:

  1. Cooperate with the US on the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants in the US from China and accept them back into China;
  2. Cooperate with the US in delivering major assistance with regard to North Korea. For Example – Kim Jong-Un and many of his family members have bank accounts and assets in Macau and China.
  3. Extradite two criminals that are in China that the US has asked be extradited to the US and
  4. Cooperate on cyber security issues.

According to my conversation with Minister Sun, China requested the US for the deportation or extradition of Guo Wengui as soon as possible. China claimed that Guo had cooperated with some detainees or criminal law violators, including those with kidnapping and serious financial crimes. We were told that Guo’s visa will expire next month. The Interpol has issued a Red Notice for his arrest (attachment for reference). China requested that the US will take immediate action to charge Guo of the above crimes and let him go through the normal legal process in China.

My understanding is, the Chinese ambassador to China will ask to meet with you when the delegation comes. I think it will be more efficient for you to talk with Minister Sun face to face. Minister Sun said his schedule is flexible and he would be willing to meet you at any time at your earliest convenience.

By Miles Kwok and staff writer


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