How the CCP Controls US Mainstream Media

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Have you ever wondered why the mainstream media giants all censor negative stories about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), about Biden, about the Democratic party, about BLM and Antifa, and sing the praises of those same entities? Did you ever wonder why they never, ever, have one positive word to say about President Donald Trump – even when it is well deserved – like when he helped normalize relationships between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain? Well as the adage goes – let’s “follow the money”.

The New York Times

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns 17.4% of The New York Times. In 2009 he lent The New York Times Co. (parent of the paper) $250M. This makes him the largest shareholder and gives him 1/3 of the voting rights at the company’s board of directors. This confers a great deal of power to Slim over the NYT – the power of failure or survival. Think this does not affect editorial decisions?

Slim is very busy signing deals with the CCP. In 2017 Slim’s “Giant Motors” JV’d with China’s JAC Motors to manufacture cars in Mexico for sale into America. “Forbes” states that the objective of this JV was to circumvent the US trade sanctions on product coming from China directly – benefiting the CCP.

Slim’s company “American Movil” is also working with the CCP’s telecom giant Huawei to sell 5G to the Latin American market. As is now well known, Huawei is working hard to overturn US legislation that would ban Huawei’s 5G, thereby actively undermining U.S. national security interests. There is also no doubt that the CCP requires all of their international companies to commit to actively participate in national security matters – Article 77 of the State Security Law sets out an obligation on organizations and individuals to assist the CCP with National Security.

So Slim is hip-deep in business with the CCP – and some that directly undermines U.S. national security. At the same time, he has a 1/3 voting majority on the board of the New York Times. Perhaps he does not sit on the board personally, but anybody who has worked at a high level in a large organization knows that the largest shareholder with that kind of Board representation carries a big stick in directing policy.

The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) owns the Washington Post. He bought it for $250 million in 2013. He laid out the new business plan for the paper, including more use of technology. More than 40% of Amazon’s products are made in China. Amazon’s products are made by Chinese workers who toil for 16 hours a day for an average of $250 per month. The CCP treats the entire Chinese economy like their personal business – a sweatshop with the top 5 CCP families skimming billions off the top every year and laundering a large part of this through Hong Kong to their offshore private accounts and residences.

Bezos is desperate to expand into the Chinese market. He supported a US-China treaty which would allow U.S. technology companies to invest more in China. Bezo’s deep ties to the CCP are evident in his paper: The Washington Post. Each issue includes an insert – “China Watch” – which is a propaganda piece produced by the CCP’s state-run propaganda organization “China Daily”. So, Bezos is accepting CCP money to distribute their propaganda!


Warner Media (WM) owns CNN. Warner Media has financial ties to the CCP. A $50 million partnership was created between WM and China Media Capital (CMC). CMC is under direct supervision by the CCP which means it will carry out the CCP’s wishes concerning censorship, foreign intelligence, and promulgating propaganda. WM considers the CCP a “partner” in economic and cinematic ventures. We can guess that the CCP sees the relationship not only as a purely economic one.

It is critical to note that when American companies work with organizations such as CMC, they are subject to China’s use of its laws to advance their global objectives, including their Cybersecurity law. This includes forced technology transfers, exposing companies and data subject to random searches from the CCP. Companies are also forced to build data centers in China, where the CCP can access the data directly. All of this poses a national security risk for the United States.

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has deep connections with the CCP. He is responsible for programming acquisitions, production, marketing, league relations and sports advertisement sales for Turner Sports, and is well remunerated for “success” in these efforts. Turner Sports works with the NBA to broadcast the game in China. Zucker, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and the NBA team owners are all desperate to expand the market in China and keep the money coming.

We saw an example of this recently when Daryl Morey, former GM of the Houston Rockets, tweeted support for the Hong Kong protesters and was sanctioned by Silver, owners and players alike. Morey has since been pressured to resign.

The network uniformly praised the CCP for their handling of the COVID pandemic – ironic considering that the CCP willfully developed and spread the virus to the World. CNN also printed a story praising the CCP’s “model of control”. It is alarming how media and political parties are gravitating towards authoritarian models of governance in the West.


Both of these companies are owned and operated by NBC Universal. NBC Universal has extensive ties with the CCP. NBC signed an agreement with “Xinhua” the CCP media organization in 2010 to “establish business cooperation in international broadcast markets” – the only objective of the CCP in such an arrangement is to expand its sphere of influence and control in the West. The U.S. State Department has since identified Xinhua, and 5 other CCP media organizations, as “foreign missions”. In 2015 NBC licensed the Chinese tech company Baidu’s video network platform iQIYI (listed on NASDAQ). As with any Chinese video networking product (like Zoom), issues of privacy and confidentiality loom large. The service is advertised by NBC in Time Square.

NBC’s heavy footprint in CCP investments and partnerships means that CCP influence operations with NBC have been in full swing for at least a decade, and anytime you are heavily invested in anything you are naturally inclined to defend that investment.


The most prominent financial ties between ABC and the CCP are Walt Disney and ESPN. Both of these entities have large financial stakes in CCP-China. The $3.6 Billion Disney World theme park in Shanghai was created in 2009 with CCP-controlled Shanghai-Shendi Group controlling 57% of the venture and Disney retaining 43%.

In 2019 ESPN bowed to CCP pressure not to criticize their policy on crushing Hong Kong protest resistance. The network’s senior news director instructed staff to avoid discussing Chinese politics and Daryl Morey’s support of the protesters. This was blatant, hypocritical pandering to the CCP’s autocratic stance and an attempt to keep the money flowing from their China business deals. Tellingly, ESPN has been gushing in their support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their perceived grievances related to “systemic racism” in the US. The lesson from ABC is: human rights should be supported whenever it is supportive of the organization’s revenues. The victims of human rights abuses must be believed unless income is on the line.

It must be said, the temptations of China’s massive 1.4 billion market are nearly irresistible. What is morality, or the future of freedom in the World when compared to a monetary gain in the present? ABC and ESPN are required to appease the CCP with positive news coverage or compliance with Cybersecurity Laws to keep their programming on Chinese screens.

The cozy relationship between ABC and the CCP also translates into a favorable portrayal of China and the CCP in American products – TV series and Box office movies. US film companies like Disney censor their work to appease the CCP. It’s all about the big revenue stick that CCP wields.

ABC has nothing to do with truthful, balanced investigative journalism. That died decades ago. ABC is a profit center, and as a result, will sell its platform to the highest promotional bidder. And these days the highest bidders are the five top trillionaire CCP families. The price that this pandering extracts from journalistic integrity or the freedom of the American Republic no longer enters the equation.


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a large financial stake in China through his company Bloomberg LP. He sells Bloomberg terminals to China and helps finance Chinese companies by funneling billions of US investors funds to the Chinese bond market. Bloomberg LP financed 364 bond deals worth $150 billion. 159 of these companies were CCP controlled companies.

In 2014 Bloomberg spiked an investigation into the wealth of the CCP elites. Bloomberg used a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to silence the Beijing-based reporter and his wife. One would think that a story like this would go viral, be of immense public interest, and be very lucrative – unless of course publishing it would result in the loss of all your revenue from China.

Bloomberg himself is a loud and unabashed apologist for the CCP. He lobbied against Trump’s trade sanctions and claims President Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He unashamedly told the American public that “Xi is not a Dictator because he listens to the Chinese public and if he does not satisfy them he will not survive”. The revisionism in that statement is gargantuan. He fails to mention such trivialities as the Tienanmen massacre of 1989; the brutal treatment of Tibet, Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang or crushing Hong Kong protesters and all religious groups.

In normal commercial situations, one can understand why companies would seek the highest rent or the lowest cost structure. However, when the freedom of your country and the Western World is at stake there is no effective rationalization for the naked greed which these media companies are displaying. This is simply traitorous behavior and history will not be a kind judge – but then who cares, as long as you get your new mansion, Bentley, or yacht next week.

*Sections paraphrased from an article by Chrissy Clark in The Federalist, “Major US Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China”, May 4th, 2020 (permission granted by Joy Pullman, Executive Director of The Federalist).

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