Horror in Chinese city after knife-wielding attacker slashes bus passengers and pedestrians, killing at least two


At least two people were killed today after a knife-wielding man launched an attack on a bus in a Chinese city.

After getting off the bus, the suspect carried on stabbing pedestrians on the street in a provincial capital, according to Chinese media.

Eight other people were seriously wounded. The attacker has been arrested.

The incident occurred at 3.48pm local time in Xi’an, north-west China’s Shaanxi Province, according to local Huashang Newspaper.

Police said the suspect was taking bus no. 302 when he suddenly took a knife out of his bag and started attacking passengers.

The man apparently slashed four to five people on the bus, including the driver, before getting off, a spokesperson of the transportation company told Huashang.

The man then attacked another four to five pedestrians in front of the Mindu Shopping Plaza, said the report.

Footage of the scene, circulating on the Chinese social media, shows victims of the attack and a large crowd of spectators.

Some victims were seen lying in pools of blood while others stood with their clothing and body covered in blood.

Another video clip from Shaanxi Television Station shows a man, believed to be the suspect, being arrested by the police.

All injured people are being treated at the Number 1 Hospital of Xi’an Medical School, said the police statement.

The man has been identified by his surname Xin.

The police are yet to explain Xin’s motive.

Further investigation is under way.


Daily Mail


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