Hong Kong updates: Carrie Lam remains defiant as riot police use rubble bullets and tear gas

Demonstrators confronting the riot police in Hong Kong on Wednesday June 12.

Violent clashes erupted in Hong Kong streets on Wednesday afternoon when police started to use rubble bullets, pepper spray and tear gas against the demonstrators close to the government headquarters.

The Hong Kong government remains defiant as it labels the protesters of organizing a riot in a video released on local news programs on Wednesday night.

Civil Rights Observers have slammed the use of rubble bullets and bean bag rounds as “out of proportion” for dispelling protesters. Organizers said at least 72 people have been injured in the protests.

The city’s legislative council had been due to hold the second reading of the controversial bill Wednesday morning local time, but it was postponed. Despite the mass demonstrations, Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam has refused to withdraw the extradition bill.

Carrie Lam remains defiant as she meets the press on Wednesday afternoon.

Carrie Lam remains defiant as Hong Kong police gears up violently against the demonstrators. She said during an interview Wednesday afternoon meeting the press, “They should know that there will be severe consequences in violating the law. This is a grave concern. This is because for such an important topic in policy making, to have young people pushed to the frontlines, to perform aggressive acts, is undesirable in any civilized society. “

Carrie Lam warns young protesters of consequences as she was interviewed by local television.

Later in an interview with Hong Kong TVB, Carrie Lam again warns the young demonstrators of the consequences of radical actions as she addresses the extradition law controversy. She said, “If I were to describe my feelings right now, I am both worried and sad. I worry seeing so many young people take such actions.”

When asked “When people are urging you to step down, did you ever think whether what you are doing is right or not?”, Carrie Lam answered with tears, “I’ve never thought that I have done this against my conscience. As I’ve said, we firmly believe we have been doing the right thing from the beginning.” She refuted comments that she had sold off Hong Kong.

More riot police has been deployed to confront the street demonstrators on Wednesday.
Hong Kong police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators on Wednesday.
Hong Kong police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who threw plastic bottles on Wednesday as protests against an extradition bill.

99% of mainland Chinese are deaf over what is happening in Hong Kong as the government exercised the strictest control over all sorts of media. Anyone who dares to mention “hongkong protests” would have his or her WeChat account suspended.

The Chinese government in Beijing has accused the U.S. government of stirring up the protests in Hong Kong. Its Global Times editorial slammed so-called anti-Chinese forces overseas (mainly Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon) in planning with local pro-democratic activists to overthrow the government.

The Global Times and Xinhua have attacked U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo personally, defaming him head of a mafia-like gangsters and having an interest to show off his gun at restricted venues.

US President Donald Trump told reporters yesterday in the Oval Office, “I looked today and that really is a million people. A lot of times people talk about, they had 2,000 people but it was really 1,000 or it was 200. I see it all the time … but when you look at this demonstration, they said it was a million people. That was a million people.”

“That was as big a demonstration as I’ve ever seen, so I hope it all works out for China and for Hong Kong,” Donald Trump added.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was down 480 points (1.73%). local banks are reported as short of U.S. dollars as many lined up for withdrawals. “It’s difficult even to get 50 thousand dollars out, ” as was told.

Hong Kong pro-democratic organizations have called for Hong Kong citizens to encircle the Legislation Headquarters on Wednesday (June 12), a taxi strike on Saturday (June 15) and a general strike in the whole of Hong Kong next Monday (June 17).

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