Hong Kong train derailment has been planned by CCP, says Guo Wengui


A subway train derailed in Hong Kong during morning rush hours on Tuesday, injuring at least five persons, according to local media, and frightening many in the Asian financial hub already in terror of protests. This train derailment is said to be part of the conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to drag the city into chaos so that a military crackdown could be enforced.

On September 15 New York time, CCP killer Guo Wengui said in his whistle blow, “The CCP wants to dominate the propaganda sphere globally. The CCP wants the whole world to see that Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement has turned into riots in real terms. The CCP will not only plan for subway stations to be set on fire with human injuries, it has planned for larger fires in tall buildings, damages of public service facilities, and it has also planned for a train to be derailed. We must reveal the real evil nature of the CCP as a criminal and terrorist organization. The sure success of our Expose Revolution comes from accurate information from our warrior friends, some from within the CCP leadership. They have risked their lives to send us the information. ”

These words of Guo just two days ago were spread by many now as an unbelievable prediction.

Guo said after the incident, “Wang Qishan set up a 6.9 Special Task Group in Guangdong province after the Hong Kong protests started in June. This is an intelligence agency to monitor Hong Kong’s developments of the pro-democracy movement, with a focus on the personal movements of Hong Kong’s real estate tycoons. Wang Qishan put forward seven guidelines, with creating chaos being one of the measures in his plan. Hundreds of warrior friends within the CCP leadership have risked their lives to send me the intelligence, and the timely and accurate information from them is by far the best means for us to eliminate the CCP from the inside.”

The MTR train derailment has shocked the world although it caused no severe casualties. The world once again has open eyes to the insidious brutality of the CCP who, while pursuing its political aim, never cares for the lives of innocent people. It is a common practice of the CCP to create turmoil and shift the blame on others.

After two and a half years of revelations, countless warrior friends have gathered around Guo Wengui to counter the CCP and now every movement of Wang Qishan and other traitors is under Mr. Guo’s intelligence coverage.

On September 16, Guo once again warned Hong Kongers of more violence to be used by the CCP’s armed police and PLA troops in disguise in Hong Kong streets. “Like the days before the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, the CCP has planned for something like ‘burning the body of a soldier’, attacking female workers on their way to work, or throwing burning bottles into the mass to create more chaos,” said Guo, “Hong Kongers must be very careful to protect themselves and avoid becoming the next victims of the CCP’s brutality.”

On the morning of September 17, Tanya Chan from Hong Kong made a public speech at the UN Human Rights Council condemning police brutality. Her remarks are as follows:

“Mr. Vice President. I am Tanya Chan speaking as a Hong Kong legislator, activist and lawyer. Hong Kong is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis as police brutality against supporters of the democratic movement escalates. Arrested protesters face physical abuse and humanization by the police. A female protester openly spoke of an unnecessary and degrading strip search she went through. More sexual abuse cases remain unreported. Detained protesters were denied timely access to medical and legal assistance. Use of force is excessive and indiscriminate. The police shot a beanbag round at a first aider and blinded one of her eyes. The riot police attacked innocent subway passengers whom they claimed were rioters in disguise. As of now the police has fired more than 2000 tear gas cans. The police call protesters “cockroaches”. Brutal crackdowns and pre-emptive violence against them are hence regarded as acceptable pest control to curb free speech.”

“Today marks the one-hundredth day of the movement. But there is no sign the police will exercise restraint. This is a result of lack of democracy in Hong Kong, as the government is not held accountable for its endorsement of police abuse. Will the High Commissioner support our appeal for this Council to convene an urgent session and establish a Commission of Inquiry to ensure human rights of the people of Hong Kong? Why is China sitting here as a member of this Human Rights Council? Thank you.”

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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